WoF Recap: November 30, 2016


$1K Tossup: PEOPLE

_ _ N _ _ / A N D
_ _ _ _ _ _

Debby & Ray solve AUNTS AND UNCLES. In order, Wednesday’s duos…

Debby Peck & Ray Linford: Ray’s from Orem, UT while she’s from Kenmore, WA; they both remember their mom lasting the full three days on the daytime version

Heather Pryor & Joetta Allen (sisters): Heather’s a realtor & nail specialist while Joetta’s a registered nurse from Lake Mary, FL

Christopher & Anne Martinez (son/mom): he’s the owner of a home furnishings store in Santa Fe while she’s a retired teacher married to a Cuban husband for 57 yrs.

$2K Tossup: THING

_ / L _ _ _ _ _ –
_ _ O _ _ / _ _ C T

Debby & Ray triple up w/ A LITTLE-KNOWN FACT.

Round 1: SHOW BIZ

It’s all D & R — they call up four T’s for $2,800, four E’s, A, two $600 R’s, a $700 G, three O’s, and four I’s to clean out the vowels, after which come three N’s, two M’s and three S’s all at $500 apiece.

M O M E N T S / I N
T E _ E _ I S I O N
_ I S T O R _

They’ve seen some GREAT MOMENTS IN TELEVISION HISTORY for $7,700 and $10,700 overall. PR.


Crossword/Mystery Round: FAMILY _____

The sisters lead of w/ an $1,100 pair of N’s, two E’s, three R’s for the Sears SS, four I’s, two $700 D’s, and an A, followed by a $500 S, the other two vowels, and a $1,300 pair of T’s. We have…

/  (_)(O)(R)(T)(R)(A)(I)(T)
/    /    /    /   (I)  /   /    /  (I)
/    /    /    /   (_)  /    (_)(E)(U)(D)
(D)(I)(N)(N)(E)(R) / /   (S)

PORTRAIT, FEUD, DINNER, TIME and TIES result in another PR and a $12,050 payoff for that team.

D & R: $10,700/Sisters: $12,050 cash & SS/Martinezes: $0


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Now that we finally get to hear from the Martinezes, they start us off w/ a $900 T, E, a $900 H, and an A, followed by a $900 R, but then D for dud while on EXPRESS. D & R secondly GO ABOARD after selecting two N’s…but they bomb out on the next pick of B. The sisters are third in line w/ a $650 G, three I’s, a $500 F, and the other two vowels, but they repeat the T while on the gift tag. The Martinezes then light up a $1,650 L trio…

L I _ I N G / I N
T H E / L A _
O F / L U _ U R _

…they’ll be LIVING IN THE LAP OF LUXURY on a trip to that Rincon Beach Resort in PUERTO RICO worth $11,600; they’re on the board w/ $15,450 cash & trip.

SOLE DQ: T recall by sisters

D & R: $10,700/Sisters: $12,050 cash & SS/Martinezes: $15,450 cash & trip


$3K Tossup: RHYME TIME

_ _ _ _ _ – G R _ T _ Y

We’re coming down to the NITTY-GRITTY, as the sisters solve to be $400 off the lead.

Speed-Up: WAYD?

This sure is truly the NITTY-GRITTY — we have a $6K FS! After the twin M’s pop up…

M _ _ T I N G / M _

D _ _ D _ I N _

D & R were MEETING MY DEADLINE, so they’ve won $18K and a ticket to Bonusland.


D & R: $28,700/Sisters: $15,050 cash & SS/Martinezes: $15,450 cash & trip

GT: $59,200

Sisters’ SPIN ID: MQ7695878 (Matt Q.)
: CB1088432 (Carla B.)


$100K Bonus Round
D & R land on the G spot.

Category: THING
I think I know, but I’m not sure…

_ / _ N _ _ _ E
_ _ _ _ E

HGMO doesn’t do much good…

_ / _ N _ _ _ E
_ O _ _ E

It’s really too bad they don’t have A UNIQUE VOICE to solve this puzzle (they thought MOVIE), because…


































…THEY’RE THE SECOND $100,000 LOSERS THIS SEASON (and it’s the first team $100K loss since the WORLDWIDE HIT trainwreck in May 2012 of S30).

FINAL SPIN ID: SP7215744 (Sucha P.)



4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: November 30, 2016

  1. ant0824 November 30, 2016 / 11:46 pm

    What Can I say? Ouch.

    My rating would had been a 1 but all 3 score big and the 5K speed up improves my rating.

    My rating for this episode: 6.5


  2. jpgenius November 30, 2016 / 11:46 pm

    Aw, that’s a bummer. Like Tiffani Thorne from last season, after a great game, they got the COAL.

    My rating: 7


  3. Antony Johnson November 30, 2016 / 11:56 pm

    Another $100,000 LOSS?!!! Man this sucks!!!


  4. colin roley December 1, 2016 / 4:07 am

    I,m Sorry That Ray Linford And Debby Peck Didn’t Win $100,000 Just Like Dustin Dumovich From October But Missing Out On Winning $100,000 Especially To Whitney Shields Missing Out The $1,MILLION On The Bonus Round Since Season 32 Of Wheel of Fortune Since 2015 Really Disheartening That Hurts


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