Hello! My name is Andy Nguyen and I’m the host of this site. I’m currently a sales associate living in Houston, TX. I’ve been watching this show w/ my grandma since I was age 2 and learned to spell Pat’s name. Every day, I will be giving you daily recaps of America’s Game. I will be using help from sources such as gameshownewsnet.com and Game Show Kingdom (hosted by Bobby McBride; I’m a fan of his site). I will also be providing statistics on how a season went. I may also provide recaps form past seasons.

Back in September 2010, the Wheelmobile came to my previous location of Chicago and I decided to apply to be a contestant. Well, NO LUCK whatsoever. Fast forward to June 2017 in Houston, TX at Memorial City Mall. This time, I got lucky! I was called in the final game of the day on June 10. Even though I didn’t solve the puzzle, I still got a couple nice prizes including a travel mug, and a T shirt! My second audition was held on June 29 at the hotel near the mall. After a three week wait, I got my letter and I was finally accepted to be on the show!

My first call to go to a taping was back in September 2017. It was for “Show You the World”, but I couldn’t go, because my family was committed to vacation. In the February of the next year, I got another call to go to a taping, and this time I accepted it. I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people on my taping day of February 22nd. Now, I was hoping to be one of the early episodes for “California Coast” week, but I was actually playing on the sixth and final taping of the day. Talk about a long wait! I was a little nervous in the beginning during filming, but I handled it just fine. I became the big winner of my episode w/ a total of $22,600 cash & trip to Bahamas! I could’ve added a new Camaro in the BR if I had solved my final puzzle of WRAPAROUND PORCH (that first word is NOT used very often), but at least I won’t have to pay a lot of taxes.

Anyway, this has been a whirlwind experience. It was so awesome meeting Pat and Vanna as well as Jim the announcer. I hope to keep this site strong for many years to come!


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  1. mcclellandryan184 June 14, 2018 / 5:33 pm

    Andy, I’m really sorry for posting all this nonsense crap on your site so from now on, I’ll try not to post any more nonsense comments on your site and thanks for the info.


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