WoF Recap: May 25, 2023


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

W _ / A _ M
_ O / _ L E _ _ E

Gwen knows WE AIM TO PLEASE, as does Amara and the rest of tonight’s pairs (the grandkids are collegians)…

Amara Rose (Belton, TX) & Gwen Evans (North Carolina): Gwen’s married to retired military man Jesse and has six kids, 15 grandkids (inc. Amara), and 11 great-grandkids; Amara’s a freshman and nursing major at the University of Mary Hardin-Belton who wants to be a travel nurse

Pat McNeese (female, Milner, GA) & Wanda Long (Virginia Beach): Pat’s been married for almost 21 years and has a blended family of seven kids, 28 grandkids (inc. Wanda), and no great-grandchildren); Wanda’s a psychology major who enjoys modeling, reading, and spending time in nature

Bella & Gary Coonis (Acton, CA): Gary’s a relief pitcher usher at Dodger Stadium; his granddaughter Bella’s a nursing major; they enjoy camping and going to George Strait concerts

$2K Tossup: ON THE MAP

V _ _ _ _ E
_ _ A _ Y

Bella pinpoints VENICE, ITALY.


Round 1: PLACE

Coonises: a $500 M, two T’s for $1,300, two O’s, a $600 N, sole dud vowel of U

A & G: a V for FRANCE, one I, three E’s, MDW’s left side (Gwen kisses the trip goodbye)

P & W: a $600 H, a $900 R, last vowel of two A’s, D for dud on $600

Coonises: a $900 L, baffling dud of P on the AMAZING CLUBS GT

A & G: S for sorry on $500

P & W: a B for the WC, solve for $1,750…

M O V I E / T H E A T E R
_ A L _ O N _

The non-hosting Pat sits in a MOVIE THEATER BALCONY for a $250 bonus. At the host’s prodding, she picks up the WC.

Blue-Emu Crossword/Mystery Round: [BLANK] MARK

I no-lettered the bottom horizontal word.

A & G: a Q on the MW near LaT and the clever Amara quickly flips it… $$$, a $700 N, one E, BANKRUPT near $650 ($10,450 wiped out)

P & W: an $850 S, three T’s for $2,700, sole dud vowel of A

Coonises: an $850 B, one U, other normal BANKRUPT ($600 gone)

A & G: a $600 R, two I’s, a $900 P, a $600 H, last vowel of three O’s, the $1,600 light bulb goes off for Gwen


Gwen can buy a BOOKmark with another $400, making this match a virtual three-way tie.

A & G: $3K/Others: $2K each (P & W have the WC)

In Andy’s words, gotta pick things up…

PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

P & W: three T’s for the GT, LaT

Coonises: a $700 S, three T’s for $2,100, three E’s, a $900 H, two G’s for $1,200, one A, a $900 N, one I, M for critical mistake on $600 ($5,050 at risk)

A & G: an X on TD, solve…

E X _ _ _ R I N G / T H E
G R E A T / _ _ T _ _ _ R S

After another clever pick by Amara, she and Gwen will be EXPLORING THE GREAT OUTDOORS during their $7,202 stay at the Hilton La Romana in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

A & G: $13,702 cash & D.R./Others: $2K each (P & W have the WC)

Triple Tossup: THING


_ H _ M I C _ L
E L _ M E _ T

Are these teams in their element? Bella doesn’t let Pat call on her, but she still solves CHEMICAL ELEMENT.


_ _ _ _ _ _ I _ L
_ L _ _ _ _ T

Bella falls for the PHYSICAL ELEMENT trap.

_ S _ _ N _ I _ L
_ L _ _ _ _ T

Amara & Gwen blank out.

E S _ E N T I A L
_ L _ M E N T

The non-hosting Pat finally solves ESSENTIAL ELEMENT.


_ H _ / _ _ _ _ E _ T
_ _ / _ _ _ P _ _ _ _

Amara interrupts Pat, but she’s demoed THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE throughout the game.

Speed-Up: WAYD?

After Amara hits the BANKRUPT near $650, she makes this round a $1,700 FS.

A & G: one G
P & W: one N
Coonises: W
A & G: F
P & W: one R
Coonises: J (hmm…)


A & G: M
P & W: one S
Coonises: two T’s
A & G: H
P & W: two L’s
Coonises: C
A & G: D
P & W: one B
Coonises: two K’s (NMC)

T _ L K _ N G / _
B L _ _ / S T R _ _ K

Gary’s not TALKING A BLUE STREAK; instead, he and Bella are winning another $6,800.

ROUND 1U (Coonises), D (P & W), P (Coonises), S (A & G)A & G
ROUND 2A (P & W)A & G, Coonises
ROUND 3M (Coonises)P & W
ROUND 4 (aired)W (P & W), F (A & G), J (Coonises), M (A & G), H (A & G), C (Coonises), D (A & G)

P & W: $4K WC/Coonises: $10,800/A & G: $15,702 cash & D.R.

GT: $30,502
BANKRUPT TRASH: $21,772 cash & France (yikes)

Things are likely to go from bad to worse with THAT category trio…

  • WAYD?

…and after consulting with her grandma, Amara picks PHRASE.

$100K Bonus Round

After the winners introduce us to Gwen’s husband/Amara’s grandpa, Amara lands on the G in GAME. I know it already…

_ _ _
_ _ E R _ _ _ R _

Gwen’s CDFA combo does some good…

_ A _
_ _ E R _ _ A R D

…but she goes WAY OVERBOARD with guesses of SAY REGARD and PAY REGARD, so she and Amara miss out on an extra $40K. 

MY RATING: 4 (orig. 5)

Pat sarcastically thinks this week’s grandparents are “so relaxed… it’s like they’re sitting at home on the couch.” But Vanna claims this week has been a party so far.

Take it away, @andynwof.


5 thoughts on “WoF Recap: May 25, 2023

  1. Friendship Feed May 25, 2023 / 7:32 pm

    Welp, if you think yesterday’s Triple Stumper is an issue, this one in Bankrupts are worse. Oh boy, and that is why new themed weeks can be somewhat unlucky or can’t be trusted.

    Our rating: 4 😦 (Bankrupts that’s why)


  2. JL323 May 26, 2023 / 12:19 am

    Oh boy, what a disaster this was. -___-

    I knew we’d be in for a long night after A & G PAINFULLY BANKRUPTed twice out of that FRANCE trip and the $10K MW and we were nothing above the team house minimum assuming both opening Toss-Ups were solved.

    PP/Express Round: Just where did the Coonises think that M would go? -__-

    Speed-Up: This took too long to go through again, and what were the Coonises thinking when they called the J?! -__-

    I was honestly surprised that A & G won the game despite those two painful BANKRUPTS. And they really needed the Prize Puzzle to win, so that was bad news for the BR especially after they got slapped with that EVIL category trio for the umpteenth time this season…

    Bonus Round: …and it really showed. I had this one with the RSTLNE, but how they flubbed this one is beyond me. Furthermore, we’re on the verge of our first minimum sweep since Dec. 17, 2021.

    My Rating: 3 (F)


    • Friendship Feed May 26, 2023 / 1:26 am

      Wow, we didn’t believe it took that long since the last instance of the BR minimum sweep, and that is in contrast with a BR car envelope landing on at least once per week in all (but one so far, the Margaritaville week) the weeks that offered cars this season (which already broke S30 record), which should be in the Wild part in the Best/Worst of S40.


      • Friendship Feed May 26, 2023 / 1:30 am

        When is the last season we do not have a BR Minimum sweep? From what we know there has at least one sweep in the past 11 seasons since S29, if that is what we know.


  3. andynwof May 26, 2023 / 8:26 am

    Ugh, this was painful to watch. -___-

    After A & G lost over $20K cash & trip on their part, we were nothing above the team minimum in this case and you knew this would spell trouble for the rest of the show. After a couple head-scratching duds (one in R3 and R4), I’m also shocked that said blue team won thanks to the PP, and that is not very good news…

    BR: …and it really showed. I had this w/ the RSTLNE and that team wasn’t even close.

    My Rating: 3

    I just hope I get a strong ending to this week…


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