WoF Recap: May 26, 2023


$1K Toss-Up: EVENT

A / _ _ _ _ T / _ N
_ _ _ / T _ _ _

Debbie & Sarah want to win enough money for A NIGHT ON THE TOWN and/or these other teams to wrap up this week…

Debbie Pilgrim & Sarah Hunt: both from Pocatello, ID; Debbie’s widowed w/ another granddaughter who’s 15 years old and a son who’s 21 years old while Sarah’s a 10th grader in her school’s show choir who loves to sing, dance and perform

Javier Alba & Sonny Bounds: Javier from Phoenix served in the Navy while Sonny from Hesperia, CA is in his high school’s Air Force Junior ROTC

Isaiah Richards & Gloria Harmon: Gloria from Glendale, WI was a fisher person who got Isaiah the grandson (from Las Vegas) into that hobby

$2K Toss-Up: FUN & GAMES

_ A T C H _ _ _
H _ M _ / M _ V I E S

Gloria could be WATCHING HOME MOVIES about her team’s appearance on the show; right now, they’re spinning first. And the prize wedges all week long won’t be provided by railbookers…

FEATURED PRIZE: sponsored by the movie “80 For Brady” (now on Digital and Blu-Ray), a trip to Boston worth $7,575 (marked 80 FOR BRADY)

Round 1: PHRASE

I & G: two N’s for MDW, loses it right back to BANKRUPT near $650

D & S: LaT right away

J & S: one G for 80 FOR BRADY prize, $500 L, $1K T pair, two E’s, $500 S, $900 R, P for PAINFUL DUD on $2,500

I & G: same BANKRUPT

D & S: SPINGLE for $500 M, solve…

G R E _ T / M _ N _ S
T _ _ N _ / _ L _ _ E

They solve GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE for the $2K minimum.

Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

D & S: surprising dud of T

J & S: same BANKRUPT again

I & G: three N’s for $1,950, buys of two E’s, sole dud vowel of A

D & S: $1,100 pair of L’s, four I’s, L repeat on WC

J & S: W for worthless on ZENNI gift tag

I & G: other normal BANKRUPT (lost $1,450)

D & S: one G on MW near $650 and risks $850…oops

J & S: $1,400 R pair, $2,100 F trio, two O’s and three U’s (NMV), T repeat

I & G: $7K C pair, $1,800 P trio (just got out of trouble), $900 B, solve…

F O R / P U B L I C
_ U P P L I E _

Gloria’s not RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE SUPPLIES, but her team has banked $9,700.

D & S: $3K/J & S: ZERO/I & G: $11,700

PP/Express Round: THING

J & S: quick dud of L on WC

I & G: back to BANKRUPT near $650 they go

D & S: $1,500 T trio, $1,500 H trio, two E’s, $500 F, one O, $550 S, G for goof

J & S: $600 N (not quite to EXPRESS), $650 R, G repeat

I & G: SPINGLE for $650 M, solve…

T H E / _ _ R M T H
O F / T H E / S _ N

They would feel THE WARMTH OF THE SUN on their railbookers trip to ALASKA worth $9,999.

D & S: $3K/J & S: ZILCH/I & G: $22,349 cash & AK

Triple Toss-Up: WAYD?


_ _ _ _ _ N G
_ / _ _ _

Need someone to pick you up? Here are three things you might do, but Debbie’s a letter short w/ TAKING A NAP.

A / _ A B

We almost got another TRIPLE STUMPER, but Gloria’s somehow HAILING A CAB.


_ I _ C H _ N G
A / _ I _ _

Ugh, Debbie, CATCHING A FISH has no chance of fitting when there’s an I in the second position of the first word. -__-

H I _ C H I N G
A / R I _ E



_ _ _ U _ _ T _ N G
A _ / _ B E R

You won’t believe this, but Debbie blows every single answer in the Triple Toss-Ups w/ HITCHING AN UBER — good grief, lady! -__- I think that’s a first in WoF history.

_ E _ U E S T _ N G
A N / _ B E R

Javier’s REQUESTING AN UBER to get on the board.


Javier has spun the $1,500 minimum.

J & S: N (DUD)
I & G (Isaiah tried to spin): P (WHA?!)
D & S: T
J & S: L (DUD)
I & G: F (DUD)
D & S: S
J & S: 3 R’s
I & G: H
D & S: D (DUD)
J & S: 5 E’s

_ E / T H E R E
_ R / _ E / S _ _ _ R E

Javier tells us to “BE THERE OR BE SQUARE” for $4,500.

Round 1P (J & S)D & S2 (I & G)
Round 2T (D & S), W (J & S), A (I & G)3 (everybody)2 (D & S’s L repeat, J & S’s T repeat)
Round 3L (J & S), G (D & S)I & G for nothingJ & S’s G repeat
Round 4 (aired)N, L (J & S)
P, F (I & G)
D (D & S)

D & S: $3K/J & S: $6,500/I & G: $26,349 cash & AK

Wow, I’m surprised I & G won a lot even w/ this big mess of a game…

GT: $35,849
BANKRUPT TRASH (excl. MDW and MW $): $2,300

I don’t know if things are gonna get any better after I & G pick from…


Oh brother, Gloria unfortunately goes for WAYD?. -___-

$100K Bonus Round

Isaiah’s mom watches as Gloria lands on the & for the team. Stingy RSTLNE help…

_ _ _ N _ / _
_ _ _ / _ _ _ _

MGDEA doesn’t add much besides the obvious…

A _ _ N G / A
_ _ _ / _ _ _ _

They’re not even close to ACING A POP QUIZ (Isaiah thought the first word was AGING) for $40K. And that’s the first cash minimum sweep all season long.



4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: May 26, 2023

  1. Friendship Feed May 26, 2023 / 7:30 pm

    The midsection is surely the “final nail in the coffin” in terms on another rocky week, but at least the Blue family won something big to make up. And yep, that also expected the end of a drought of a BR Minimum sweep.

    Our rating: 4 😦


  2. JL323 May 26, 2023 / 8:43 pm

    Sheesh, this end-of-week episode was a very messy one with all those penalties that occurred in the maingame. And wow, I can’t believe Debbie flubbed every single response in the Triple Toss-Ups.

    I, too, was surprised that I & G won big after that huge onslaught of penalties.

    The BR didn’t fare any better as they go for the second-worst BR category and get another forced-loss puzzle clinching a 1-4 week and our first minimum sweep all season long (and likely only one of this season).

    My Rating: 4 (F+)


    • Friendship Feed May 26, 2023 / 9:46 pm

      In contrast, the Margaritaville week may also likely only one we have no BR car landings this season (not counting those weeks without cars like this one)


  3. jpgenius May 27, 2023 / 12:52 pm

    This episode was just as chaotic as the last one. 😳

    My rating: 5


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