WoF Recap: January 6, 2016


$1K Tossup: THINGS

_ E N
K I L _ _ _ _ _ R S

Veronique solves TEN KILOMETERS. Your midweek panel goes by these names…

Veronique Blostein: marketing specialist for an international manufacturing/testing co. who’s a (fantasy) football fan from Pine Beach, NJ
Jen Anderson: RN currently at a small surgery center for 16 yrs. from Fargo, ND
Jordan Sugar: project manager for a software company in Santa Monica married to a lady w/ the exact same name from L.A.

$2K Tossup: PLACE

H E A _ _ H / S _ A

Jen solves HEALTH SPA for control.

TRIP WEDGE: Tanque Verde Ranch in AZ

Round 1: SAME NAME

Jen‘s off to a bad start w/ T. Second, Jordan calls up two $2,500 N’s, buys two E’s and A’s, but can’t capitalize on TOP DOLLAR again w/ a dud of M. Third, Veronique also strikes out w/ P. Jen’s second round of letters is made up of two $800 S’s, but then a bad I buy. Jordan then says a $500 R, the last vowel of O, two H’s and a B at $500 a pop, a $600 W, and two $600 L’s. Here’s the board right now…

_ L E _ E L A N _ / &

…he solves CLEVELAND & HASH BROWNS for $8,050.

DUDS: T (Jen), M (Jordan), P (Veronique), I (Jen)

Jordan: $8,050/Veronique: $1K/Jen: $2K

Mystery Round: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

The early leader gets going w/ $650 G and N singles, E and A buys, two $650 T’s, and two S’s for the Arizona trip. But after two I’s is F for flunk. Veronique also misses w/ R while she’s on the DICK’S sporting goods gift tag. Jen then Free PLAY’s three O’s, picks up the (1/2 CAR) near the orange $900 w/ two B’s, and lights up a $1,950 trio of M’s. We have…

B O O S T I N G / M _

M E T A B O _ I S M

…she’s BOOSTING MY METABOLISM for $2,950.

DUDS: F (Jordan), R (Veronique)

Jordan: $8,050/Veronique: $1K/Jen: $4,950 1/2 CAR

Prize Puzzle/Express Round: FOOD & DRINK

Veronique starts this crucial round w/ two $550 T’s, two E’s, and three obvious H’s for the same 1/2 CAR. But after a couple of A’s, is the MDW’s left BANKRUPT to lose $2,100 and her plate. Jen then spins up a $1K pair of C’s…

_ _ E _ H / C A T C H
_ _ / T H E / _ A _

…she’s got her FRESH CATCH OF THE DAY — a trip to the Si Como No in COSTA RICA worth $6,928.


Jordan: $8,050/Veronique: $1K/Jen: $12,878 cash & trip

$3K Tossup: PERSON

N A _ U _ A L
A T _ _ E _ E

Veronique solves NATURAL ATHLETE.

Round 4: PHRASE

She wastes a spin w/ the BANKRUPT near $650. Second for Jen are four T’s for $3,200, two A’s, two $5,000 H’s, two E’s, but then a costly purchase of O to leave $12,450 on the table. Jordan also strikes out w/ S. Veronique then picks a $500 R, the other two vowels, an $800 N, two $700 G’s, and two $500 P’s. The near-complete layout…

G E T / T H A T
H E A R T / P U _ P I N G

…another $3,200 should GET THAT HEART PUMPING for her.

DUDS: O (Jen), S (Jordan)

Jordan: $8,050/Veronique: $7,200/Jen: $12,878 cash & trip

Round 5: FUN & GAMES

Jen instantly duds out w/ R. Second for Jordan are a $900 T, E and A buys, but it’s Speed-Up time

_ _ _ _ _ _

A / _ _ T E

…and the remaining consonants are worth $1,600 each. He then chooses the N…

_ _ _ _ N _
A / _ _ T E

…and solves FLYING A KITE.

SOLE DUD (before FS): R (Jen)

FINAL SCORES                                                                                             :
Jordan: $10,050/Veronique: $7,200/Jen: $12,878 cash & trip

GT: $30,128

BANKRUPT TRASH (plate withheld): $2,100

Bonus Round                                                                                 

I was wrong on what trim level the Jeep Compass was — it was the Latitude one rather than the Sport SE. Anyway, Jen has spun the G.

Category: THINGS
The starters…

_ / _ _ N _ _
_ _ / _ _ _ _ E S

GDPO does for her…

_ / _ _ N _ _
O _ / _ O P _ E S

…but she won’t be making A BUNCH OF COPIES of her potential $33K check.

$5K SPIN ID: SL9051536