WoF Recap: March 15, 2018

Somebody on YouTube posted video of this, so I want to thank him for the help.


We’re on the “Winter Hideaway” set.

$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

G _ _ _ Y S B _ _ G

This is a Pennsylvania city, and Megan has located GETTYSBURG. She’s the only female from this panel…

Megan Horne: champion care ambassador who serves as the internal concierge for senior living facilities (she also cans approx. 50 lbs of pickles every summer) from Milwaukee

Colby Hilken: business intelligence analyst for a large sneaker brand who’s ran 3 full marathons (and he’s about to finish his 40th 1/2 marathon) from Costa Mesa, CA

Joe Ridgeway: aerospace machinist from Lakewood, WA (grew up in Culver City)

$2K Tossup: PLACE

_ T H _ E _ _ C
_ L _ B

Joe has control w/ ATHLETIC CLUB.

FEATURED PRIZE: McGee’s Inn courtesy of bedandbreakfast.com

Round 1: PHRASE

Here he goes w/ a $650 S, the purchase of three I’s and E’s, four N’s for that Canada trip, buys of two A’s and three O’s, but next is the BANKRUPT near TD to lose $7,650 cash & trip. Over to Megan who puts in seven T’s for the Cabela’s gift tag, two U’s, a $600 D, and a $1,600 R pair before we see this…

D O N ’ T / E _ E N
T H I N _ / A _ O U T
S T A  _ T I N _
_ I T H O U T / _ E

…she says “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT STARTING WITHOUT ME” for $6,450 cash & GT.


Joe: $2K/Megan: $7,450 cash & GT/Colby: $0

Mystery/Crossword Round: LET THERE BE LIGHT

All Megan here — she picks three R’s for $1,500, four E’s, two N’s for the 1/2 CAR next to $600, a single A, an $800 D, the other three vowels, a $3,500 G, and a $1,400 T pair.

.       G R E E N
.                     E     R
U _ T R A _ I O _ E T
.                     N    D

ULTRAVIOLET is the remaining color for $6,950 — PR.

Joe: $2K/Megan: $14,400 cash & GT 1/2 CAR/Colby: NIL

Repeating Classic Bonus Puzzle: SHORT CIRCUIT (loss)

PP/Express Round: THING

Now that we finally get to hear from Colby, he starts with a $900 R, a couple E’s, and an S on EXPRESS before he GOES ABOARD.

Current Bank: $1,650
Next Choices: O…C for CRASH (he loses $1,400)

Second, Joe captures a $900 N, A and I singles, a $3,500 T, a single H and double D’s ($900 each for those three letters). On Vanna’s board…

_ O _ D E R _
_ H _ T E / S A N D

In addition to another $6,600, he’ll feel the POWDERY WHITE SAND near the Amsterdam Manor in ARUBA worth $6,300.


Joe: $14,900 cash & Aruba/Megan: $14,400 cash & GT/Colby: NADA

$3K Tossup: RHYME TIME

_ E A _
T H _ / _ E _ L

Colby’s able to SEAL THE DEAL in not going home w/ the pity $1K.

Round 4: WAYD?

All Colby here — he picks a $1,200 N pair, I and E singles, $2,600 from four T’s, four A’s, and a $600 S.

S T A N _ I N _ / A T
T _ E / A _ T A _

He’s STANDING AT THE ALTAR for $3,650 more — PR #2.

Joe: $14,900 cash & Aruba/Megan: $14,400 cash & GT/Colby: $6,650


Consonants are worth $1,500 apiece.

Chosen Letters: T…S…two R’s…G…B

S _ B _ R _ _ _
T _ G _ R

Megan tames a SIBERIAN TIGER for $3K more and the win.

$14,900 cash & Aruba/Megan: $17,400 cash & GT/Colby: $6,650

GT: $38,950
BANKRUPT TRASH: $9,050 cash & Ottawa

Three generic categories for Megan to choose from…

-THINGS (that’s the first time this season the plural form’s been offered)

She goes for PERSON.

$100K Bonus Round

Megan lands on the *. Muhammad Ali is one prominent example of this…

_ _ _ T _ R _ _ _ S
_ _ _ E R

DMPA KOs her out of the game completely, so she doesn’t win the keys to the Jeep Compass from this VICTORIOUS BOXER.



Tonight’s Recap to be Delayed

Circumstances are beyond my control and this is the time of the year that I’ve been pre-empted in my area due to March Madness for Thursday and Friday of this week and also said two days of next week. It appears that Bobby McBride’s been pre-empted tonight as well, so I’ll be posting this report tomorrow w/ some help from various sources.

WoF Recap: March 14, 2018


It’s the “Wheel Across America” set.

$1K Tossup: PLACE

T _ _ / S _ _ _ _ _ _ E
_ T _ _ E

Karen knows that FL is THE SUNSHINE STATE. This lady at the end will be interviewed first…

Karen Lomeli: development coord. at Metro Christian Academy from Broken Arrow, OK (orig. from Chicago)

Courtney Oehlert: former 911 dispatcher & music fan (especially Michael Jackson) from Rosharon, TX (orig. from Wichita)

Jeremy Sager: Army Warrant Officer from Angier, NC (orig. from MN)

$2K Tossup: PERSON

A _ _ _ E U _
A S T _ O _ O _ _ R

Courtney misses by two letters w/ AMATEUR ASTROLOGER.

A _ _ _ E U _
A S T _ O _ O _ E R



Round 1: 80’s SONG LYRICS

His first pickings tonight are a $1,200 pair of S’s, three A’s, two I’s, a $650 T, but then a dud vowel of E. Second, Karen calls up two W’s for $1,300, three N’s for another $1,500, two O’s to clean out the vowels, a $600 M, and a $1,400 L pair. We have…

I / W A S / _ O _ N / I N
A / S M A L L / T O W N

…she exactly recites “I WAS BORN IN A SMALL TOWN” (from John Mellencamp in ’85) for a new total of $5,550.

SOLE DUD: E (Jeremy)

Mystery/Crossword Round: I’VE GOT GOOD JEANS

Karen strikes out right away one the 1/2 CAR near $600 w/ S. Second, Courtney picks up the other 1/2 CAR w/ two T’s, buys a single E, but then duds out w/ N for negative. Third, Jeremy lights up three L’s on the MW near LaT and under that is…$$$. He follows up w/ three B’s for the New England trip (that’s from American Cruise Lines and worth $7,100), three O’s, U and A singles to clean out the vowels, a $1K M pair, but then the BANKRUPT near big money to throw away $18,850 cash & river cruise — ouch. Karen then puts up two G’s for the BB&B gift tag…

.  B A G G _
.  L                             M
.  U                             O
B E L L – B O T T O M

BAGGY jeans means another two grand is added to her winnings and she has $7,550 now.

DUDS: S (Karen) & N (Courtney)

NOTE: The river cruise is the exact same one that was offered on that dreadful Nov. 10 episode of last year. Now that we know its value according to Pat, I’ve adjusted the BANKRUPT trash accordingly on that episode and for the season so far.

PP/Express Round: EVENT

Courtney makes quick work of this — three T’s for $1,800, triple E’s, a $900 H, and two O’s.

T H E / T O _ _ / O _
_ / _ _ _ E T _ _ E

In addition to her first $2,200, she’s going on THE TOUR OF A LIFETIME (I thought it was gonna be TRIP) to Guatemala & Honduras from caravan.com — PR.

Courtney: $8,200 cash & tour/Jeremy: $2K/Karen: $7,550 cash & GT

$3K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

E _ _ _ R T _ _ N M E N T
N E _ _

Karen’s back in first w/ ENTERTAINMENT NEWS.

Round 4: PHRASE

Next from her mouth are two F’s for $1,400, a $1,300 R pair, two O’s, a $900 M, but the E is no good this time. Courtney then requests three T’s for $2,100 and a $500 N…

F R O M / _ T _ R T
T O / F _ N _ _ _

She’s been here in this game FROM START TO FINISH and she’s now back in the lead by the cost of a vowel.

SOLE DUD: E (Karen)

Courtney: $10,800 cash & tour/Jeremy: $2K/Karen: $10,550 cash & GT


Courtney first takes a $500 T, but the E fails her too. Second for Jeremy are two FP O’s, but then the LaT. After Karen misses w/ S, Courtney inserts a $1,500 N trio, and a $500 M before she…

M O _ N T _ _ N
L _ _ O N

…captures a MOUNTAIN LION for another $2,250.

DUDS: E (Courtney) & S (Karen)
SOLE LaT: Jeremy

Speed-Up: THINGS

Consonants are worth $1,500 each. The W is said late…

K N _ _ S / _ N D
_ L _ O W S

Jeremy locks in KNEES AND ELBOWS for $7,500 extra.

AIRED DUDS: T (Karen), H (Karen) & R (Courtney)

Courtney: $13,050 cash & tour/Jeremy: $9,500/Karen: $10,550 cash & GT

GT: $33,100
BANKRUPT TRASH (all by Jeremy): $18,850 cash & river cruise

Here are Courtney’s BR category choices…


F&G is what she wants.

$100K Bonus Round

Replacing the Winnebago is a Ford Focus Electric. Courtney lands on the N of WIN. Only two letters in the top to start…

R _ _ _ N _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

CDMO doesn’t add much…

R _ D _ N _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ C _

Calling the obvious I’s and G’s would helped here; alas, she’s NOT gonna be RIDING PIGGYBACK or commanding the Focus Electric.


WoF Recap: March 13, 2018


We’re on the generic set for “Delicious Destinations”.

$1K Tossup:ON THE MAP

V I _ _ I N _ A

John pinpoints VIRGINIA BEACH. In order, we meet him and the ladies…

John Willoughby: technical support rep for a large communications firm & DJ from Orlando (orig. from New Haven, CT)

Ashley Gutierrez: account mgr. for a small logistics & freight forwarding co. (she and her boyfriend are trying to visit ALL the U.S. states) from Puyallup, WA

Ellen Gaudenzi: commercial property mgr. from Hazlet, NJ

$2K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

S P _ R _ _
B L O O P _ _ S

If you watch the “Not Top 10” segment on ESPN’s “Sportscenter”, you’ll get your dose of SPORTS BLOOPERS and John has tripled up.

Gift Tag: Cabela’s

Round 1: WAYD?

But he instantly LaTs out. Second, Ashley calls up two S’s for the WC, a single E, two N’s for that MDW, an O, three FP I’s, and three A’s to wipe out the vowel shop. Those are followed by a $500 G, seven T’s for $4,900 more, a $600 H, a $650 K, and a $1,600 R pair before she’s…

T A K I N G / T H A T
I _ _ O R T A N T
_ I R S T / S T E _

TAKING THAT IMPORTANT FIRST STEP towards the ultimate payoff w/ her $8,500 solve.


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Ashley gets going w/ three R’s for $1,950 R trio, two E’s, but then a worthless dud vowel of I. Second, Ellen says N for negative on the Italy trip (this is the Agriturismo Marciano in Tuscany). Third, John grabs the 1/2 CAR near $600 w/ an S, buys four A’s to clean out the vowels, but the BANKRUPT near TD steals his plate and the other half of his $500. After Ashley misses again w/ L, Ellen lights up three H’s on the other 1/2 CAR, a $500 K, and a $3,500 C, but the other normal BANKRUPT nails her for $5,500 and that plate. Back to John who puts up two M’s on the MW near $650 before he goes for hopefully five times the $2K buyout…it’s there

H A M M E R H E A _ / &
C A R _

…and he wins it w/ HAMMERHEAD & CARD SHARK, bringing him up to $13K.

$10K SPIN ID: MM2950223

DUDS: I (Ashley), N (Ellen) & L (Ashley)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (John & Ellen)

Classic Bonus Puzzle (Fall 2007 during College Road Trip Week): PHRASE

Carolyn Radcliffe of the Univ. of Illinois picked YMGO…

S _ O _ / Y O _ R
S T _ _ _

…because you didn’t SHOW YOUR STUFF, Carolyn, you lost $50K.

PP/Express Round: PHRASE

The N fails Ellen again right from the get-go. John secondly picks off a $1,400 T pair, but then a dud vowel of O. Third in Ashley’s favor are a $1,400 S pair, two I’s, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to give up $1,150 and both her cardboard pieces. After Ellen spins up the other normal one, John fills in two H’s for $1,200, three A’s, the last vowel of E, and a $500 P…

T H I S / P _ A _ E
H A S / I T / A _ _

Not only does he win another $2,350, THIS PLACE HAS IT ALL – he’s off to the Grand Palladium JAMAICA Resort & Spa worth $6,800.

DUDS: N (Ellen) & O (John)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

John: $22,150 cash & trip/Ashley: $8,500/Ellen: NO LUCK


_ _ _ _ _ _
B _ – _ _ E P

Nice try Ashley, but I’ve never heard of somebody named BETTY BO-PEEP.

_ _ _ _ _ _
B _ – P _ E P

John’s up over $25K+ w/ LITTLE BO-PEEP.

Speed-Up: PEOPLE

Look out, it’s a $6K FS! After that man lights up an N early…

_ R _ _ N _ S
_ _ R / _ _ _ _

John’s FRIENDS FOR LIFE will be happy seeing him end up over $31K in maingame winnings.


John: $31,150 cash & trip/Ashley: $8,500/Ellen: $1K GOOSEEGG

GT: $40,650
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $6,900

Here are John’s possible topics…


He’s going for PHRASE.

$100K Bonus Round

The BW stops on the M of GAME. The last two letters of each word…

_ _ _ _ L E
_ _ E R

DCFO only gives him the vowel…

_ _ _ _ L E
O _ E R

He will NOT BUBBLE OVER (it means to be very enthusiastic) on winning $35K.


WoF Recap: March 12, 2018

The last AG Week went very badly, but let’s see how much better this one is.


We’re starting this AG Week on the “Disney Sea & Shore” set.

$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

R _ P _ _ / C I _ Y
S _ _ _ H / D _ K O _ A

Joel & Kimberly locate RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA. Tonight’s teams…

Joel & Kimberly Gutowsky (10 yrs.): she’s a physical therapist while he’s a school administrator at Logos Prep Academy in Sugarland; they’re from Houston

Jon & Natasha Coleman (also 10 yrs.): he’s a 4th Grade teacher in Lancaster, CA while she’s a licensed realtor

Brandon & Emma Bryant (1 yr.): from Sanford, FL

$2K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

F _ I _ _
O Y _ T _ _ S

Jon has some FRIED OYSTERS.

Gift Tag: Skyway Luggage

Crossword Round: DOWN ON THE FARM

The Colemans get the Disney Bahamas cruise right away w/ S, followed by a single A, a $1,400 R pair, a single E, but then F for flunk. Second, the Bryants FP a single I, light up a $1,400 N pair, but LaT out. Third, the Gutowskys hit the MDW’s right side…and so do the Colemans, so the middle couple must give up $10,683 cash & cruise. Back to the Bryants who put up the first letter of their last names for that MDW, a $1K C pair, $700 H and K singles, the last vowel of two O’s, and a $700 M to complete the grid…

.          C H I C K E N
.  M O O
.          R

…and solve for $4,250.

SOLE DUD: F (Colemans)
SOLE LaT: Bryants
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Gutowskys & Colemans)

Mystery Round: ’80s SONG LYRICS

The Bryants are up first w/ an $1,800 T pair, a $500 S, but then for negative. Second, the Gutowskys have lit up an R on the MW near LaT and obviously go for it…no good. Third, the Colemans say a not-so-good consonant of G. The Bryants try again w/ an $800 L, but next is a worthless I buy. After the Gutowskys say P for phooey, the Colemans dig up a $600 C, but then buy the other dud vowel of this board (A). On the Bryants’ third try, they FP triple E’s, but then say M for mistake. The Gutowskys follow suit w/ a FP B, but then the BANKRUPT next to $650 to give back the 5 Benjamins. The Colemans then put up a $550 D, and a $700 D…

E _ E R _ B _ D _ / C _ T
F _ _ T L _ _ S E

…they mercifully recite “EVERYBODY CUT FOOTLOOSE” (by Kenny Loggins from ’84) for the $2K minimum and are just $250 behind the blue team.

DUDS: N (Bryants), G (Colemans), I (Bryants), P (Gutowskys), A (Colemans), M (Bryants)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (both by the Gutowskys; three for them so far tonight)

PP/Express Round: PHRASE

The Gutowskys instantly LaT out. Second for the Colemans are a $1,400 T pair, two E’s, a FP A, but then the same normal BANKRUPT to lose $1,150. Third in the Bryants’ future are a FP O, a $1,300 N pair, but then the same pesky BANKRUPT to give up $1,300 and their MDW. The Gutowskys then fill in a $1,400 M pair, and two I’s to clean out the vowels…

N O T / I N / M _
_ I _ _ E _ T / _ _ E A M _

…they’ve won $1,150 and a trip to a place that’s NOT IN MY WILDEST DREAMS — that Aulani Resort in OAHU.

SOLE LaT: Gutowskys
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Colemans & Bryants)

Gutowskys: $8,460 cash & HI/Colemans: $4K/Bryants: $4,250

$3K Tossup: THINGS

B _ _ I _ _ _ _
_ _ D / _ N D _ S T _ Y

BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY are solved by Joel.


Consonants are worth $1,500 apiece in this ugly affair. Three L’s are lit up late…

S T _ L _ S H
T H R _ W / _ _ L L _ W S

…the Bryants grab some STYLISH THROW PILLOWS for $7,500 and the win by just $290.

Gutowskys: $11,460 cash & HI/Colemans: $4K/Bryants: $11,750

GT: $27,210
BANKRUPT TRASH: $13,633 cash & cruise

The category list for the Bryants looks like this…


They pick PLACE.

$100K Bonus Round

Brandon picks up the E in GAME for his team. Here’s the last letter(s) of each word…

_ _ _ _ E N
_ _ _ E

MHDA will give them…

H _ D D E N
_ _ _ E

only the first word, and they don’t spot the HIDDEN COVE for $35K. Furthermore, this taping day was also a TOTAL WASHOUT.


Week 26 Stats

Total This Week: $305,698

Total for the Season: $6,331,422

BR Win Record: 46-84 (.354)

Car Wins

-Nissan Versas: 3

-BR Car: 15

  • 2 Chevy Equinoxes
  • 2 maZDAs (one CX-3, one CX-5)
  • 5 MINIs (4 Convertibles, 1 Hardtop)
  • 2 Mercedes-Benz (1 CLA sedan, 1 GLA SUV)
  • 2 VW Tiguans
  • 1 Toyota RAV4
  • 1 BMW 320i

Prize Wedge Wins: 31

Gift Tag Wins: 29

Mystery Wedge Wins: 15

Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 46-14

MW Flip was $10K-Bankrupt: 25-21

$10K MW was next to LaT: 24

$10K MW was next to $650: 30

Express was Played-Passed: 20-4

-Successes: 15

-Crashes: 5

Wild Card Usages

-Maingame: 14 (2 on $2,500, 10 on $3,500, 2 on $5,000)

-BR: 16

FP Vowels/Consonants: 96/54

5-Round Games: 41

6-Round Games: 4


Gooseegg Victims: 29

Red Winners: 47

Yellow Winners: 42

Blue Winners: 41

This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $17,250

Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $63600 + 3 trips of unknown value

Biggest Bankrupt: $18,310 (Oct. 23)

Top Winning Totals: $93,954 (March 8), $92,770 (Nov. 20), $79,740 (Oct. 24)

Lowest Winning Totals: $11,268 (Nov. 21), $10,250 (Nov. 22), $9,550 (Feb. 22)

Highest Maingame Winnings for One Night: $68,520 (Nov. 20)

Season-High Week: $323,729 (Halloween Week)

Season-Low Week: $145,337 (AG Week #2)


Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0

BR Shutouts: 4

MDBRs: 14


PERSON (or PEOPLE): 9/42; 2-7

PLACE: 10/26; 3-7

THING(S): 8/57; 4-4

PHRASE: 9/35; 2-7

CHARACTER(S): 6/10; 2-4

EVENT: 10/25; 6-4

OCCUPATION: 3/7; 2-1

SHOW BIZ: 4/14; 1-3


ON THE MAP: 9/19; 4-5

FOOD & DRINK: 11/17; 4-7

FUN & GAMES: 6/23; 3-3

IN THE KITCHEN: 8/20; 2-6

LIVING THING(S): 8/41; 1-7

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?: 11/18; 2-9



$35K: 25/79


$45K: 3/7

$50K: 3/4

$100K (or $1M): 0/7

CAR: 15/33

WoF Recap: March 9, 2018


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ E N _ _ _ / A S
A / L _ M B

David says he’s GENTLE AS A LAMB. Last players this week…

David Adams: IT guy for 37yrs from Richmond, TX

Iris Joy Dichupa: nurse anesthetist from Martinez, CA

Kelsi Gard: video editor of 12yrs from Milwaukee


T _ _ _ _ R
S _ _ F T

Iris Joy IDs country-turned-pop star TAYLOR SWIFT.

Round 1: SHOW BIZ

Here she goes w/ a $1,300 pair of T’s, a single A, but then the sole dud vowel of E. Second, Kelsi wastes a spin w/ the BANKRUPT near $650. Third, David takes a $1,200 pair of S’s, one I and two O’s, but he then LOSES A TURN. Back to Iris Joy who fills in a $1,400 L pair, a the last vowel of U, two N’s for that MDW, and a FP D before she says…

I / D O / A L L / _ _
O _ N / S T U N T S

“I DO ALL OF MY OWN STUNTS” for $2,450 and a new total of $4,450.

SOLE DUD: E (Iris Joy)
SOLE LaT: David

Mystery/Crossword Round: DECISIONS, DECISIONS

Kelsi’s up first w/ a $1K S pair, a $650 T, but the E proves to be sole dud vowel of a puzzle once again. Going to David who says a $1,950 N trio, two A’s, an L for the Panama tour (not sure why the wedge was marked CARIBBEAN), an $1,800 P pair, a single O, and two U’s before he takes a stab w/ this grid…

.       S P L _ T     _
.       N                 A
U N A N _ _ O U S
.       P                 _

He thinks the remaining words are SPLIT, UNANIMOUS and RASHnailed it for $9,500 cash & tour.

SOLE DUD: E (Kelsi)

David: $10,500 cash & Panama/Iris Joy: $4,450 MDW/Kelsi: NIL

PP/Express Round: EVENT

Trying to add onto his lead, David starts this crucial round w/ a $1,200 pair of T’s, two E’s and O’s, a $600 S and an singles, but the sole dud vowel of I stops him. Over to Iris Joy who uncovers a $1,300 R pair, two A’s, a $7K M pair, a $700 D, and a single U before she says a CRITICAL DUD of G on the 1/2 CAR near $600 to throw away $8,500…

_ O U R N E _ / T O

…and Kelsi will be taking the $10,590 JOURNEY TO AMSTERDAM courtesy of Emerald Waterways.

DUDS: I (David) & G (Iris Joy)

David: $10,500 cash & Panama/Iris Joy: $4,450 MDW/Kelsi: $10,590 cruise

$3K Tossup: THING

_ A _ A Z I N _
_ U _ S _ R I _ T _ O N

David has a MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION and is back in first.


All David here — he picks a $1,200 N and T pairs, two E’s, an $1,800 R trio, two U’s and an I, and a $1,600 F pair.

_ _ N _ _ R _ F T E D

He’s won another $5,050 towards buying some HANDCRAFTED FURNITUREPR.

David: $18,550 cash & Panama/Iris Joy: $4,450 MDW/Kelsi: $10,590 cruise

Speed-Up: PEOPLE

Iris Joy is gonna like this — consonants are worth $6K for the third and final time this week! After the hot consonant of three F’s pop up…

F A _ _ _ T _
& / S T A F F

The FACULTY & STAFF at whatever school Kelsi went to will be happy to hear that she just won $24K and the championship!

SOLE DUD: N (Iris Joy)

David: $18,550 cash & Panama/Iris Joy: $4,450/Kelsi: $34,590 cash & cruise

GT: $57,590

What will Kelsi pick from this list?


I figured she’d go for OtM.

$100K Bonus Round

She lands on the N of WIN. Speaking of N’s, only two of them appear in this answer…

_ _ _ _ _ / _ N _
_ _ _ _ _ N _

CDMI does some good…

I D _ _ _ / _ N D
_ _ _ M I N _

She locates IDAHO & WYOMING for $35K and a final total of $69,590 cash & cruise.


WoF Recap: March 8, 2018


$1K Tossup: THING

D _ _ B L _
R _ _ N _ _ W

Adam sees a DOUBLE RAINBOW. In order, bios on he and the ladies…

Adam Leeger: loan officer at a mortgage firm in Boulder engaged to Sonya (and they’re Cubs fans) from Rollinsville, CO

Heidi Summers: former piano player on “The Lawrence Welk Show” from Pasadena

Shonda Andrews: graphic designer & wrestling aficionado from Upper Marlboro, MD


C O L _ E C T _ O N

My family owns a fairly big DVD COLLECTION (but we have a whole lot more blu-rays) and Shonda will be the first spinner this evening.

FEATURED TRIP: Qamea Resort & Spa in Fiji

Round 1: 80’s MOVIE TITLE

But she wastes a turn w/ the BANKRUPT near $650. Second, Adam calls up two T’s for $1,200, four E’s (I knew it at this point), a $650 H, and four O’s before LOSING A TURN. Third, Heidi takes four N’s for $2,600 but then R for roadblock. Shonda then inserts a $7,500 trio of D’s…

_ N D _ _ N _
_ O N E _ / _ N D
T H E / T E _ _ _ E
O _ / D O O _

…she IDs “INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM” for a new cash total of $9,500.

SOLE DUD: R (Heidi)
SOLE LaT: Adam

Mystery/Crossword Round: BACK ______

But Adam quickly gets into trouble w/ the other normal BANKRUPT. Heidi secondly gets a $550 B, an N for the 1/2 CAR near $900, and pairs of A’s and E’s, but the MDW’s left side takes away the $550 and her plate. Shonda thirdly picks up the Fiji trip w/ four R’s, buys the U and I, but the latter is the sole dud vowel of this puzzle. Returning to Adam who tacks on a T and obvious goes for what’s under the MW near LaT…OOPS. Heidi follows w/ two $1K S’s, the last vowel of two O’s, a $600 D, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to forfeit $2,350. That opens the door for Shonda…

.             S         D
B U R N E R     O
.             A         O
S _ R A T _ _ E R

…she gets a SCRATCHER for $1,500 and that $10,064 trip.

SOLE DUD: I (Shonda)
BANKRUPTS: 4 (two each by the other players)

Adam: $1K/Heidi: NIL/Shonda: $21,064 cash & Fiji

Classic Bonus Puzzle (1999): PHRASE

YGMI was said by this lady…

I / _ N E _

I KNEW IT but she surprisingly lost.

PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

The scoreless Heidi spins her way to a $600 R, three E’s, two A’s, but then S for sorry. Shonda’s second in line w/ two C’s for the Hunter gift tag, the last vowel of I via FP, and three N’s on EXPRESS before she GOES ABOARD.

Current Bank: $5K
Next Choices: two F’s…two H’s…M…P…G

In addition to another $12K, she’ll have some…

F I N E / F R E N C H

…on this Emerald Waterways cruise through FRANCE worth $12,690.

SOLE DUD: S (Heidi)

Adam: $1K/Heidi: NIL/Shonda: $45,754 cash & trips

$3K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

S _ _ _ B _ _ L
_ E A _ _ E

Adam has a hit w/ SOFTBALL LEAGUE.

Speed-Up: PHRASE

Consonants will be worth $1,600 apiece. Two S’s, a T, and two H’s in…

_ _ _ ‘ T / _ _
_ _ S H _ – _ _ S H _

DON’T BE WISHY-WASHY Shonda — you’ve won another $3,200.

Adam: $4K/Heidi: $1K GOOSEEGG/Shonda: $48,954 cash & trips

GT: $53,954
BANKRUPT TRASH (minus plate): $2,900

Super Shonda will select from…


PLACE is her pick.

$100K Bonus Round

She lands on the I in AMERICA’S. Almost half the letters already…

_ _ S T
_ _ R E _ _ _ S E

She slowly goes for PFHA…

_ A S T
_ A R E H _ _ S E

What this lady will be taking from Harry’s VAST WAREHOUSE of goodies is $45K and she’s your NEW S35 LEADER w/ $93,954 cash & traveling!


WoF Recap: March 7, 2018



_ _ _ A R C _
_ _ _ _ _ R _ _ Y

Lathiell captures a MONARCH BUTTERFLY. He’s not the only man from this midweek panel…

Lathiell Simpson: hospitality service trainer from Lakewood, CO

Rachel Robinson: public defender whose husband’s an attorney in law school from Arlington, VA (orig. from Houston)

Jeremy Johnson: grocery store checker who’s a Seattle sports fan from Silverdale, WA

$2K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ N O _ V I L L E
_ E N _ E _ S E _

Lathiell locates KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE.

FEATURED TRIP: tour of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

Round 1: WAYD?

His first moves are three FP I’s, but then the LaT. Second, Rachel calls up three N’s for $2,700, the obvious $1,100 G pair, two A’s, a $1,500 T trio, double S’s for $1,400 more, and two E’s. But after a single H is the sole dud vowel of O. Jeremy next picks up the AZ trip w/ two R’s, buys the last U, and lights up an $1,100 M pair before he tries to solve…

S _ I M M I N G
A G A I N S T / T H E
_ U R R E N T

He’s not gonna be SWIMMING AGAINST THE CURRENT in AZ, as he gets on the board w/ $9,884 cash & trip (the prize was worth $8,134)

Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

All Rachel here — she says a $600 T, a $900 R, two E’s and four A’s, an $1,800 L trio, a single I, and a $1,600 P pair.

_ A _ _ E T _ A L L
P L A _ E R
P I A _ _

She could’ve gone one more time for the B’s, but she solves  BASKETBALL PLAYER PIANO for a PR of $4,150.

PP/Express Round: THING

This round’s all Jeremy — he picks three T’s for $2,700, two E’s, a $500 S, an A, a $1,600 R pair, two I’s, and two FP U’s to wipe out the vowel shop.

S T U _ _ I _ _
A R _ _ I T E _ T U R E

In addition to another $4,050, he’ll be seeing the STUNNING ARCHITECTURE on an Emerald Waterways cruise through HUNGARY worth $10,990 — PR #2.

Rachel: $4,150/Jeremy: $24,924 cash & trips/Lathiell: $3K

$3K Tossup: EVENT

C A T _ _ E D
L U N _ _

Rachel doesn’t know it, but Jeremy does get CATERED LUNCH.

Round 4: PHRASE

Next on his hit list are $900 T and H singles, three E’s, a single O, but then R for roadblock. Second for Lathiell are a $2,700 N trio, but then S for sorry on TD. Going down Rachel’s road third are a $500 M, a single A, but then the LaT. Back to Jeremy who inserts the last vowel of two I’s, a $500 B, two K’s for double his last spun amount, and a $650 L. The near-complete board…

L I K E / M O N E _
I N / T H E / B A N K

Him winning another $3,200 is LIKE MONEY IN THE BANK.

DUDS: R (Jeremy) & S (Lathiell)
SOLE LaT: Rachel

Rachel: $4,150/Jeremy: $31,124 cash & trips/Lathiell: $3K

Speed-Up: FOOD & DRINK

We have a $6K FS for the second time this week! After an early null cycle, the F and L show their faces…

_ / S L _ _ _ / _ F
_ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _

Jeremy has A SLICE OF CHEESECAKE (why he didn’t go for the C’s is beyond me) for said FS amount.

DUDS: T (Rachel), R (Jeremy) & N (Lathiell)

Rachel: $4,150/Jeremy: $37,124 cash & trips/Lathiell: $3K

GT: $44,274

Jeremy’s category list…


Time to go ItK.

$100K Bonus Round

He lands on the N in WIN. Opening layout…

_ _ _ S
_ N _ / _ _ _ S

I think I know it, but the question is…what order? DPCA is good for…

_ _ _ S
A N D / C _ P S

only those last two words, so the keys to the 2018 maZDa MX-5 Miata are left behind in these MUGS AND CUPS.


WoF Recap: March 6, 2018

You’re NOT gonna believe what happens at the end of this maingame…


$1K Tossup: THINGS

_ E _
B _ G I N _ _ N _ S

Mary knows that we have NEW BEGINNINGS at this time of the year. Bios on her and everybody else…

Mary Walters: nanny and an aspiring flight attendant from Lafayette, LA

Ricardo Cepeda: history teacher & football/baseball coach at Garden Grove HS from Garden Grove, CA

Margaret Niebling: grocery store mgr. & dog treat maker from Tenino, WA

$2K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ _ _ I C _ L
_ _ A _ _ _

Mary nails MUSICAL CHAIRS to triple up.

FEATURED TRIP: Oahu sponsored by “JUMANJI: Welcome to the Jungle” plus blu-ray of movie worth $6,040

Other Gift Tag this Week: VISA card courtesy of Hunter Fan

Round 1: PHRASE

She opens w/ three T’s for $1,950, four E’s, a $1K pair of R’s, and double A’s, followed by an $800 H, a single I, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to lose $3K. Second, Ricardo requests a $700 S, the last vowel of O, a $1,300 N pair, and three G’s four the Hunter GT. But after a $700 L is C for CRITICAL DUD to leave $4,950 cash & card on the table. After Margaret spins up the other normal BANKRUPT, Mary SPINGLES for a $500 D…

T H E / D A _ S / A R E
G E T T I N G / L O N G E R

…and that money doubles after she says “THE DAYS ARE GETTING LONGER”.

SOLE DUD: C (Ricardo)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Mystery/Crossword Round: SPRING _______

Ricardo’s off and running w/ twin R’s for the WC, triple E’s, two O’s, a $1,400 L pair, but then A for awful. Second, Maragaret digs up a $1,200 F pair, an $800 v, a $700 W, and the last vowel of I before she tries to complete this grid…

F E V E R        _
.            O         I
.            L         _
.         F L O W E R _

She correctly gets TIME, but she’s been DQed for leaving out the S in FLOWERS. Mary then puts up the $550 S (another unnecessary SPINGLE)…

F E V E R        _
.            O         I
.            L         _
.         F L O W E R S

…and gets the TIME for a $450 bonus.

SOLE DUD: A (Ricardo)
SOLE DQ: Margaret’s S omission

PP/Express Round: EVENT

T for terrible is how Margaret starts. The other M lady secondly LaTs out. Going down Ricardo’s road third are three R’s for $2,700, three E’s, a $900 S, three I’s, a $1,200 C pair, and a U. But he decides to keep going, so here come a $700 V…a $550 P…but then the SOLE FATAL PURCHASE of O to throw away $5,050. The light bulb comes on in Margaret’s head…

_ _ / E P I C
R I V E R / C R U I S E

…she’ll be going on AN EPIC RIVER CRUISE from Emerald Waterways through PORTUGAL worth $13,290.

DUDS: T (Margaret) & O (Ricardo)
SOLE LaT: Mary

Margaret: $13,290 cruise/Mary: $5K/Ricardo: WC


_ _ _ N _ F E R
_ _ _ _ Z

Ricardo finally has some money courtesy of J-Lo aka JENNIFER LOPEZ.

Speed-Up: SHOW BIZ

Consonants are worth $1,600 a pop. Two N’s are said midway…

T _ L _ _ _ S _ _ N
T H _ _ _ / S _ N _ S

Mary gets TELEVISION THEME SONGS for $3,200.

SOLE DUD: R (Mary)

Margaret: $13,290 cruise/Mary: $8,200/Ricardo: $3K

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the FIRST TIME EVER IN THE MDW ERA that somebody wins with just the trip — UGH.

GT: $24,490

I really don’t like Margaret’s chances, but here’s what she’ll be picking from…


She goes for my pick of OtM.

$100K Bonus Round

Hopefully the G will have lots of money. Not much help in this biggie…

_ _ L _ _ _ _ _ _
_ N _ / S _ _ _ N _ _

MHDO gives her besides the obvious D…

_ _ L _ M _ _ O O
_ N D / S _ _ _ N _ _

She only gets the first of the two Michigan cities, KALAMAZOO AND SAGINAW, so she also loses $35K.