WoF Recap: December 6, 2017



_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ S
_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

Anthony’s trying to pull a Santoli and says “JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS”sorry.

S _ _ _ E _ / _ E L _ S
S I L _ _ _ / _ _ L _ _

Loren has the right ones of SILVER BELLS, SILVER BELLS”. Let’s start the interviewing w/ this man at the end…

Loren Inderbitzin: shift mgr. at a casino from Everett, WA

Calli Holley: healthcare consultant & animal shelter volunteer who finished her MBA at NYU from NYC

Anthony Williams: office coord. at a digital studio & writer who also goes to church at Central Ave. in Glendale from L.A. (orig. from Tyler)

$2K Tossup: THINGS

_ W A R D _ / A N _
_ _ R T _ _ I C _ T E S

Anthony’s correct this time w/ AWARDS AND CERTIFICATES.

Round 1: WAYD?

Here he goes w/ a $1,400 pair of N’s, an I, four E’s, the obvious $600 G, a single O, a $500 T, and three A’s to clean out the vowels. But after an H for the WC is the MDW’s right side to lose $2K and the WC. Second, Loren BANKRUPTs next to TD. Third, Calli calls up a $1,400 pair of R’s, a $900 S, but the other normal BANKRUPT takes away $2,300. Anthony then fills in the rest of the consonants w/ a $650 D, a $1,400 pair of P’s, a $550 W, an $800 C, and a $1K pair of L’s. This is what he’s doing for $4,400…

T H E / L O C A L

…he now has $6,400 to his credit.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (everybody)

Mystery/Crossword Round: GET OVER IT

Loren first says S for sorry on the 1/2 CAR near $600. Calli secondly takes a $1,300 pair of R’s, a $550 N, E and O singles, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to give back $1,350. Anthony thirdly gets the same MDW BANKRUPT he got before. After Loren LaTs out, Calli puts up a $1,400 pair of L’s, but she also gets that LaT. Anthony then puts up a $700 T, I and A singles, a $550 B, a W for the $10K prize wedge, and the last vowel of U before he tries to complete this grid…

.           _        T
.     R A I N B O W
.            L        _
_ U R _ L E

HURDLE, HILL and TOP…are right for $11K.

INSTA-DUD: S (Loren)
LaTs: 2 (Loren,Calli)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Calli, Anthony)

Calli: NIL/Anthony: $17,400/Loren: $1K

PP/Express Round: PLACES

Calli gets going w/ a $1,650 trio of R’s, but the BANKRUPT near TD strikes again (that’s her third one tonight). Second for Anthony are a $2,100 T trio, three E’s, a single A, a $1,300 pair of C’s, four I’s, and the last vowel of U. Next up are a $900 F and L singles, but that same MDW BANKRUPT nails him for the third time tonight and costs him $4,200. After Loren LaTs out…

_ I C T U R E –
_ E R F E C T
_ I _ I _ _ / T R A I L _

Calli will see some PICTURE-PERFECT HIKING TRAILS on her trip to the Peace Lodge/Lapaz Waterfall Gardens in COSTA RICA worth $6,100.

SOLE LaT: Loren
BANKRUPTS: 2 (everybody else)

Calli: $6,100 trip/Anthony: $17,400/Loren: $1K


S I _ _ _ R
_ _ S H / _ R _ _ _ N

Anthony IDs SINGER JOSH GROBAN and is up to $20,400.

Speed-Up: PHRASE

Consonants will be worth $1,650 each. Two F’s show their faces (one to begin each line)…

F _ R S T / _ N _
F _ R _ _ _ S T

FIRST AND FOREMOST, Loren makes the $6,600 solve.

Calli: $6,100 trip/Anthony: $20,400/Loren: $7,600

GT: $34,100
BANKRUPT TRASH (minus WC): $11,500

Calli SPIN ID: DL1921873 (Dottie L.)
Loren SPIN ID: GP1099215 (Gloria P.)

Anthony will try to break our seven-episode losing streak w/ one of these topics…


He’s going for my favorite of OtM.

$100K Bonus Round

The C envelope is where Anthony stops on. I know this one already (and it’s the birthplace of legendary Disney voice actor Jim Cummings)…

_ _ _ N _ S T _ _ N
_ _ _ _

HGPI adds a little more help…

_ _ _ N G S T _ _ N
_ H I _

To the people watching in YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO tonight…I wish he chose the O’s, but he’s ended the skid to leave w/ $55,400.

LAST SPIN ID: ER6615180 (Elsie R.)



5 thoughts on “WoF Recap: December 6, 2017

  1. jpgenius December 6, 2017 / 11:29 pm

    Despite the bad luck, everyone (especially Anthony) did great. And there goes our losing streak! 👍🏾👍🏾

    My rating: 7


  2. ant0824 December 7, 2017 / 1:09 am

    About Time. Thank God for Anthony for Winning the BR to end our 7 day Skid and No Skunks

    My rating: 7.5


  3. wheelfan December 7, 2017 / 5:58 am

    Despite the bankrupt fest, at least we finally


  4. Elsie R. Cibbarelli December 7, 2017 / 7:52 am

    I thought I was the Spin ID Winner I have the same name Elsie R. But the id number was different. Oh well better luck next time.


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