WoF Recap: May 26, 2017 — SHUTOUT ALERT #8



S _ M U _ L / _ D A _ S

A.J. solves SAMUEL ADAMS. Which of these Bay Staters will save us?…

A.J. Dolan: this man from Sandwich was once struck by lightning while in Cape Cod

Kianesha Dennis: intensive care coord. from Roxbury (orig. from Lynn)

Brittany Rocheleau: student success coach at MCPHS University who’s also danced for 20+ yrs. and was a former rugby player from Lynn

$2K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

T R _ C K
_ _ _ / _ I E L D

Kianesha solves TRACK AND FIELD.

TRIP WEDGE: Tanque Verde Ranch in AZ

Round 1: PLACE

Her first four choices all come in threes — T’s for $1,800, E’s, H’s for $1,950, and S’s for the Jordan’s Furniture. Next up are an A, two FP O’s, an R for the WC, but then the sole critical purchase of I to leave $6K cash & GT on the table. Brittany then calls up a $500 L, a $700 M, and the last vowel of U…

T H E / H U _ / O _ / T H E
S O L A R / S _ S T E M

…she locates THE HUB OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM for the house minimum.

SOLE DUD: I (Kianesha)


Crossword/Mystery Round: ______ CREAM

Brittany’s up first w/ a $700 S, but she LaTs out almost as quick. A.J. secondly takes a $7K pair of C’s, two E’s and I’s, a $1K pair of N’s, but the sole dud vowel of A stops him cold. After Kianesha LaTs out, Brittany puts up a $900 T, the other two vowels, an R for the MDW, and an $800 L. Grid…

(I)  –    –  (S)
(E)  –    – (U)
–   –    (_)(R)(I)(N)(_)(L)(E)

…she puts on some WRINKLE cream to keep that MDW and another $1,900.

LaTs: 2 (ladies)

Brittany: $2,900 MDW/A.J.: $1K/Kianesha: $2K WC


PP/Express Round: PHRASE (w/ an ! at the end)

A.J. leads off this crucial round w/ a $600 N, four T’s for another $2,200, an E, two O’s, four A’s, but the LaT nails him too. Kianesha hops aboard the EXPRESS after plugging in two H’s.

Next Choices: B…two S’s…M…two I’s…R…P…U…and W

She literally says this for $8,500…

I / J U S T / W O N
A / T R I P / T O
T H E / B A H A M A S !

…and she’ll be going to the SuperClubs Breezes worth $7,900.


Brittany: $2,900 MDW/A.J.: $1K/Kianesha: $18,400 cash & trip WC


$3K Tossup: EVENT

R E _ _ A _ S A L
_ _ N N _ _

Kianesha’s solved REHEARSAL DINNER to be over the $21K mark.

Round 4: WAYD?

The next letters she rattles off are a $1,200 pair of N’s, two I’s, a $1,300 pair of T’s, an E, a $650 H, but here comes the S-U bells…

_ _ _ _ I N _ / _ _ _ _
T H E / _ _ _ T _ I N

…and we have a $1,500 FS. Two L’s are later chosen by the other lady…

_ _ L L I N G / _ _ _ _
T H E / _ _ R T _ I N

….Brittany’s PULLING BACK THE CURTAIN for $4,500.

DUDS (both in S-U): S (Kianesha) and D (A.J.)

Brittany: $7,400/A.J.: $1K/Kianesha: $21,400 cash & trip WC

GT: $29,800


$100K Bonus Round
Kianesha lands on the M in GAME.

Category: PHRASE
Almost half of the board already…

_ E _ _ R E
_ _ _ N

MHC aren’t there, but her vowel of A and her WC pick of D are…

_ E _ _ R E
D A _ N

Does she give us a BR win BEFORE DAWNYES and her reward’s the ’17 Camaro 2LT worth $33,290; that gives her a final total of $54,690 cash & prizes.

$5K SPIN ID: VT6843833



3 thoughts on “WoF Recap: May 26, 2017 — SHUTOUT ALERT #8

  1. ant0824 May 26, 2017 / 11:32 pm

    Finally, ending a 5 day BR Skid and also Avoiding a Skunk this week in the BR. Kianesha BR win resulted in its 70th BR win and a Good episode to end the week.

    My rating: 7


  2. jpgenius May 27, 2017 / 1:28 am

    THANK GOODNESS for the WC. And thanks to Kianesha!

    My rating: 7


  3. ryan adrian mcclelland June 21, 2017 / 6:20 pm

    For the second night in a row, another gentlemen in the yellow podium failed to win any more money after the opening toss-up but at least didn’t end up getting the pity $1k


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