WoF Recap: May 17, 2017

Sorry for the late post, I’ve been very busy.



_ Y / K _ N D

_ _ / _ O W N

This was used as a PHRASE last season, and Brielle says Chicago is “MY KIND OF TOWN” (courtesy of Sinatra). Tonight’s trio consists of…

Brielle Munizzi: art director and graphic designer at an advertising agency, multi-instrumentalist, and improv/stand-up comedian from Chicago

Glen Czernik: River Forest PD officer and fan of all 5 major Chicago sports teams from Park Ridge

Stephenie Castle: credit department employee at a construction supply company, adjunct instructor at Joliet Junior College, member of board of directors of the nonprofit Connecting with Love, and former electronics technician in the Navy from Lombard


_ _ N C E

V A _ _ _ N

Stephenie knows actor VINCE VAUGHN grew up in Illinois.

FEATURED TRIP: OMNI Amelia Island Plantation Resort in FL

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

Here she goes with two $550 T’s, the same number of I’s and R’s (the latter worth $1K), and three E’s before hitting the MDW’s left side to lose $1,600. After Brielle LaTs out, Glen puts a $1,200 L pair and a $1K C duo on the board…

T R I _ L E

C _ _ C _ L _ T E

_ R _ _ _ I E

…and eats a TRIPLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE, so everyone’s on the board already.

SOLE LaT: Brielle


Glen: $2,200/Stephenie: $2K/Brielle: $1K

Crossword/Mystery Round: OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD

Brielle’s off and running with a $600 N and two O’s, but a dud of S on the MW near LaT stops her cold. Glen lights up a $550 T, two A’s, a $600 H, two E’s and the last vowel of U, a P for the Harry Caray’s gift tag (which he tried to buy), and a $650 C before trying to solve all this…

(H) —- —- (C) (_) (O) (_) (N)

(A) —- —- (A)

(T) (O) (U) (P) (E) (E)

…and wears the missing item, a CROWN, for $2,550 more (including the GT).

SOLE DUD: S (Brielle)

Glen: $4,750 cash & GT/Stephenie: $2K/Brielle: $1K

PP/Express Round: THINGS

The man picks up a ½-CAR plate with three obvious S’s, followed by two A’s, the same number of N’s worth $1,600 and D’s worth $1,400, but then a baddie in E. Stephenie picks a $650 T and three I’s, but gets her own taste of LaT. After Brielle calls a P for phooey…

_ I _ I N I S / A N D

_ _ A _ D / S _ _ _ T S

Glen takes a stab at it with BIKINIS AND BOARD SHORTScorrect (the latter are like swimsuits) for $4K and a stay at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort in OAHU.

DUDS: E (Glen), P (Brielle)

Glen: $16,598 cash & prizes/Stephenie: $2K/Brielle: $1K

$3K Tossup: WAYD?

H _ L _ I N G / A _ L

T _ _ / C A R _ S

Glen may be HOLDING ALL THE CARDS, but Brielle’s got control of the wheel.

Round 4: PHRASE

She starts out with three T’s for $1,500, a $650 H, an A and an E, followed by a $650 N, three O’s, a $700 F, a U, a $700 R, the last vowel of I, and an $1,800 K trio…

K N O _ K / I T / O U T

O F / T H E / _ A R K

…and she’s able to KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK for $4,750 more.


Glen: $16,598 cash & prizes/Stephenie: $2K/Brielle: $8,750

Speed-Up Round: OCCUPATION

It’s a $1,700 FS. Once Glen puts up five E’s…

_ E R _ S P _ _ E

E N G _ N E E R

…he solves AEROSPACE ENGINEER to seal his win with another $6,800.

AIRED DUD: T (Stephenie)


Glen: $23,398 cash & prizes/Stephenie: $2K/Brielle: $8,750

GT: $34,148


$100K Bonus Round

Glen introduces us to his wife Jackie before landing on the I in WIN.

Category: PHRASE

I know this one (and it’s a song by Dionne Warwick)…

_ _ L _

_ N / _ _

GPFO cause me to cringe…

_ _ L _

O N / _ _

…or does it – he nails “WALK ON BY” with just the obvious vowel! Too bad he has to settle for a GT of $57,398.

$5K SPIN ID: GR2583720


The hosts tour Boca Restaurant Group eateries Momotaro, Girl & the Goat, Swift & Sons, and Boka – all in Chicago.

And credit to various sources for lots of the information.

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