WoF Recap: May 12, 2017


$1K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

C I _ _ U _ T
T R A _ _ I _ G

Megan has done some CIRCUIT TRAINING. Last three ladies this week are all from California…

Megan Perkins: homeschool education adviser from Lakeside

Wajeha Chaudhry: 3rd Grade teacher at Loudon Elementary whose grandparents were professors in Pakistan from Bakersfield

Jeanne Connor: reg. nurse who’s been in the labor delivery game for 35 yrs. from Santa Maria

$2K Tossup: THING

_ O M P _ _ _ T I V E
_ D G E

Megan has the COMPETITIVE EDGE by going two for two.

LAST SPA TRIP THIS WEEK: The Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa in NY Lakes

Round 1: PHRASE

She gets that MDW right away w/ two N’s, calls up a $1,400 pair of T’s, buys two O’s and three E’s, but BANKRUPTs near TD to lose $900 and the MDW. Second, Wajeha instantly LOSEs A TURN. Third, Jeanne takes a $5K H pair, two A’s and three I’s to clean out the vowels, and a $1,200 pair of S’s before we show you…

I / H A _ E / T H I S
_ O _ N / T O
A / S _ I E N _ E

I HAVE THIS DOWN TO A SCIENCE and so does she for her first $5,700.

SOLE LaT: Wajeha


Crossword/Mystery Round: WILD _______

Wajeha’s up first w/ a FP A, but then B for bad. Jeanne secondly tries a $1K pair of T’s, a $1,300 pair of R’s, three E’s, but then the sole dud vowel of I. Third, Megan lights up three S’s for the Mario Badescu gift tag, a FP O, a $3,500 Y, but then N for no. After Wajeha BANKRUPTs near TD

(_)  –    –     (_)(_)(O)(_)(E)(R)(S)
(E) –   –    –    –    (A)
(S) –   –   –   –  –  (T)

Jeanne says the right ones of FLOWERS, TURKEYS (and) WEST for $1,800 a new total
of $7,500.

DUDS: B (Wajeha), I (Jeanne), N (Megan)



Current leader Jeanne gets going w/ three T’s for $1,500, four E’s, a $1,600 S pair, an A, a $600 N, but the LaT strikes. Megan then inserts a $2,700 R trio…

_ _ T T E R _ _ _ E S
A N _ / T R E E / _ R _ _ S

…she’ll see BUTTERFLIES AND TREE FROGS at the Crocodile Bay Resort in COSTA RICA.

SOLE LaT: Jeanne

Jeanne: $7,500/Megan: $14,970 cash & C.R./Wajeha: NO LUCK


$3K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ L _ _ _ _ R _ Y
M _ _ _ _ _

Wajeha’s still scoreless w/ BLUEBERRY MARTINI (there actually is one according to Google).

_ L _ _ _ _ R _ Y
M U _ _ _ _

Megan sweeps the Tossups w/ BLUEBERRY MUFFIN.

Round 4: WAYD?

All Megan here — she picks a $1,400 pair of N’s, one O and two E’s, four T’s for another $2,600, three I’s to wipe out the vowel shop, and four H’s for two more grand.

H I T T I N _ / T H E

H I _ H / N O T E _

…she’s HITTING THE HIGH NOTES for a PR of $5,250.

Jeanne: $7,500/Megan: $23,220 cash & C.R./Wajeha: BUPKIS

Round 5: ON THE MAP

S for sorry is how Wajeha starts. Right after that, Jeanne gets her second LaT of the game. Megan then chooses a $1,200 pair of R’s, E and four O’s, and a $1,400 pair of L’s…

_ O _ L _ E R
_ O L O R _ _ O

BOULDER, COLORADO is the place for another $2,100.

SOLE DUD: S (Wajeha)
SOLE LaT: Jeanne

Speed-Up: PLACE

Consonants pay off a $1,900 a pop. Two T’s an an S in…

_ _ _ _
S T _ _ _ T

Megan’s walking down MAIN STREET.

Jeanne: $7,500/Megan: $27,220 cash & C.R./Wajeha: $1K GOOSEEGG

GT: $35,720


$100K Bonus Round
Megan has the & envelope.

Category: PHRASE
Opening layout…

_ _ _ E
_ _ R _ _ R _

CMPO adds a little more help…

M O _ E
_ O R _ _ R _

but she couldn’t MOVE FORWARD (she only got the first word) to win the $34K.

$5K SPIN ID: RH7960612


2 thoughts on “WoF Recap: May 12, 2017

  1. jpgenius May 12, 2017 / 10:26 pm

    Megan was a pretty good player; she needed the D in the BR.

    My rating: 7


  2. ant0824 May 15, 2017 / 10:44 am

    Nothing disappointing. Good Maingame but a BR loss clinched a BR losing week but a okay one.

    My rating: 7


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