WoF Recap: May 4, 2017


$1K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ O _ _ _
P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N G

Jeannine goofs w/ GOING PARASAILING.

G O I _ G
P _ _ _ L _ _ _ _ _ D _ N G

Paul gives an even worse answer w/ GOING PUDDLEJUMPING.

P A _ D L E B O _ _ D I N G

Cindy might be GOING PADDLEBOARDING or maybe this opposition…

Cindy Hill: Navy vet who now does patient billing at a local hospital from Hagerstown, MD

Jeannine Rajan: PhD candidate in higher education administration at Univ. of Toledo & data analyst consultant in the higher education field who walks 5Ks instead of running them from Kent, OH

Paul Wunsch: Navy vet & greenskeeper at golf course who lost the use of his legs when he was aged 6-10 due to a rare disorder from San Diego

$2K Tossup: THINGS

P E A R _
E _ _ _ _ _ _ S

Jeannine is correct this time w/ PEARL EARRINGS.

TONIGHT’S HI TRIP: Hilton Waikoloa Village

Crossword Round: DREAMS

She opens w/ a $550 T, three E’s, an $800 S, two A’s, a W as in the WILD CARD, and the last vowel of I, but she then duds out w/ L. Second, Paul calls up a $650 R, $600 singles in M, C and N, but then B for bad. Third, Cindy spins her way to a $600 Y, a $500 D, but then a not-so-victorious call of V on the Perfumania gift tag. Jeannine then completes the grid w/ a $1,600 pair of P’s…

(D) –      –   (P)
(Y)  –    –     (P)
–    –  (S)(W)(E)(E)(T)

…and reads them for another $2,700.

DUDS: L (Jeannine), B (Paul), V (Cindy)


Mystery Round: EVENTS

Here goes w/ Paul w/ four T’s for $2,600, three E’s, but then R for roadblock. Cindy secondly takes a $650 H, buys A and I singles, but then BANKRUPTs near $650 to lose the $150 remainder. Jeannine thirdly uncovers a $500 L, the other two vowels, a $600 F, and four S’s for another $3,200. We have at this moment…

T H E / _ O S T
_ E A U T I F U L
S U _ S E T S

Too bad this is NOT designated the Prize Puzzle, but she solves THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS for another $3,800.

SOLE DUD: R (Paul)

Paul: NIL/Cindy: $1K/Jeannine: $8,500 WC


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

Cindy’s path here is made up of a $1,200 pair of N’s, two I’s, the obvious twin G’s for $1,600, but then a baddie in O. Second for Jeannine are two T’s for the gift tag, six A’s, but then the LaT. Third in line, Paul wastes a turn w/ the BANKRUPT near $650. Cindy’s second turn ends quickly w/ the other normal BANKRUPT to lose $2,300. Jeannine next hits the same BANKRUPT Paul got to forfeit $1,750 and her WC. That man follows w/ his second straight BANKRUPT (MDW’s left side). After Cindy LaTs out, Jeannine says two C’s and boards the EXPRESS.

Next Choices: Z…two S’s…E (last vowel)…L…P…two D’s…M…R to complete the board.

This lady reads this for $10,750…

G A Z I N G / A T

…she’ll be doing that on an Emerald Waterways EUROPEAN RIVER CRUISE worth $8,300.

SOLE DUD: O (Cindy)
LaTs: 2 (ladies)
BANKRUPTS: 4 (Paul 2x, one each by the ladies)

Paul: NADA/Cindy: $1K/Jeannine: $27,550 cash & cruise


$3K Tossup: PLACE

M I _ _ Y / W _ Y
_ _ _ _ X Y

They used this as a bonus puzzle at the start of Teen Best Friends Week 2005 in Philadelphia, and Paul is finally on the board w/ MILKY WAY GALAXY.

Speed-Up: PHRASE

It’s another $1,700 FS. An L pops up on top…

_ ‘ M / _ _ L _ _ N G
_ N / _ _ R

Excluding the first word, this was also used as bonus puzzle — Paul rightly says “I’M WALKING ON AIR” for $5,100.

DUDS: T (Paul), S (Jeannine)

Paul: $8,100/Cindy: $1K/Jeannine: $27,550 cash & cruise

GT: $36,650
BANKRUPT TRASH (minus WC): $4,200 cash & perfume


$100K Bonus Round
We’re not landing on the P again — it’s actually the G.

Category: THING
For starters…

_ _ / _ _ _ _ R _ T E
_ _ N _ _ _ _

GMPO is good for…

M _ / _ _ _ O R _ T E
_ _ N _ _ _ G

only the first two words. I don’t have MY FAVORITE HANDBAG and neither does she, so she’s the second $34K loser this week.

$5K SPIN ID: GG9006371



2 thoughts on “WoF Recap: May 4, 2017

  1. jpgenius May 4, 2017 / 11:39 pm

    R3 was NOT pretty, but Jeannine did pretty good. But yet another BR loss? Sigh…

    My rating: 6


  2. Marvin Cohen May 5, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    What are the odds of the following sequence in the same round? Lose a Turn, Bankrupt, Bankrupt, Bankrupt, Bankrupt, Lose a Turn, Express

    That’s bizarre!


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