WoF Recap: April 21, 2017 — SHUTOUT ALERT #6

Even though this is our favorite theme week w/ all the clips from the international versions of the show, things are really taking a turn for the worse this week. Can someone salvage it on Lesley Sajak and Judy Friedman’s birthday?


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP (one-liner alert)

M E _ _ _ O / C _ _ Y

We say si to Mike’s response of MEXICO CITY. Trying to save this week are…

Mike Bowers: this guy from North L.A. has lived all over the nation and loves karaoke

Sara Fowler: receptionist at a technology co. from San Diego (orig. from Kalamazoo)

Candi Gauff: former scholarship athlete at Florida State who’s the learning coach of a 13-yr.-old tennis player from Delray Beach, FL

$2K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ R _ S P _

G A R L I _ / _ _ E _ D

Sara gets a piece of some CRISPY GARLIC BREAD.

FINAL smarTour OF THE WEEK: Greece worth $8K

Round 1: WAYD?

It’s all Sara — she calls up a $650 N, a $700 G, an I, four T’s for another $2,800, an E, three O’s, a $600 S, and the other two vowels.

_ U T T I N G / _ _
_ E S T / _ O O T

_ O _ _ A _ _

I’m PUTTING MY BEST FOOT FORWARD and so does she for another $3,500.



Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Candi’s off to a bad start w/ T on the MW near $650. Second, Mike’s lit up two N’s for the Luggage Factory gift tag, an A, a $1,200 pair of D’s, two E’s an an O, after which he says a $600 R, but then M for mistake. Sara then takes a $1K pair of C’s, an $800 V, a U, and a $1,400 pair of K’s before she…

_ E K _ N _
A N D / C O V E R

…wins another $2,950 in a little game of PEKING DUCK AND COVER.

DUDS: T (Candi), M (Mike)

Candi: NOTHING/Mike: $1K/Sara: $8,450



First on Mike’s list are a $900 S, but then T for terrible. Sara secondly also duds out w/ N. Third in Candi’s future are three R’s for $1,950, two E’s, an A, three O’s, and two C’s before she goes aboard the EXPRESS.

Current Bank: $3,200
Next Choices: three L’s and two F’s to clean out the consonants

C O L O R F _ L
C O R A L / R E E F S

…she’s won her first $8,200 and will see the COLORFUL CORAL REEFS at The Westin ST. MAARTEN Dawn Beach Resort worth $8,365.

DUDS: T (Mike), N (Sara)

Candi: $16,565 cash & trip/Mike: $1K/Sara: $8,450


$3K Tossup: THING

_ R A V E _
H A I R / D R Y E R

Mike gets out a TRAVEL HAIR DRYER to quadruple up.

Round 4: EVENT

Next from his mouth are a $700 S, a $650 T, three A’s, but then a worthless E buy. Second for Sara are three N’s for $2,400, the last vowels of O and three I’s, but then C for crud. After Candi goofs w/ L, Mike puts up the $1,400 H pair…

_ I N I S H I N _
A / _ A _ A T H O N

…he solves FINISHING A MARATHON for $2,250.

DUDS: E (Mike), C (Sara), L (Candi)

Candi: $16,565 cash & trip/Mike: $6,250/Sara: $8,450

Speed-Up: PERSON

$1,900’s the last FS of the week. The D appears on the bottom…

P _ R T – T _ M _
_ T _ D _ N T

Mike makes the $3,800 solve of PART-TIME STUDENT.

Candi: $16,565 cash & trip/Mike: $10,050/Sara: $8,450

GT: $35,065


$100K Bonus Round
Candi almost hits that E of GAME, but it hangs on to the **.

Category: THING
Opening layout…

_ L _ _ _ E R _ N _
_ _ L _

CDGO will NOT do much besides the obvious G…

_ L _ C _ E R _ N G
_ _ L _

The FLICKERING BULB in her head…has burned out, so we’ve been SKUNKED for the fourth time this season (my fears of this week becoming a carbon copy of “Show You the World” were realized)…

























































…AND ADDING INSULT TO INJURY, SHE’S THE OTHER $100,000 LOSER THIS WEEK — THAT’S THE FIFTH TIME IN HISTORY WE HAVE TWO SUCH LOSSES IN A SINGLE WEEK (previous was S29’s Big Money Week in March 2012 w/ the big losses on Tues. and Fri.). Get out the Advil again, people.

$5K SPIN ID: CP8674357



5 thoughts on “WoF Recap: April 21, 2017 — SHUTOUT ALERT #6

  1. ant0824 April 21, 2017 / 9:22 pm

    If this is the disastarous week, then let it be. WORST. EPISODE. AND. WORST. WEEK. EVER. 2 $100K losses puts us in danger of tying the record of $100K losses of 11.

    My rating: 4
    Weekly Rating: 1


  2. colin roley April 21, 2017 / 9:30 pm

    I Agree Especially Larina McCoy From Last Night 1 Away from winning the million and missing out on winning $100,000 was painful and that hurts bad,


  3. jpgenius April 21, 2017 / 10:12 pm

    OK, that was just PAINFUL.

    My rating: 5


  4. Starrtasia Jackson April 22, 2017 / 12:30 am

    2 $100,000 losses in two weeks. Worst bonus round and episode ever. Next week, we cannot have another losses. This will and cannot happen again.


  5. Jared Ford April 23, 2017 / 4:24 am

    And the essence of Julian Batts lingers on…


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