WoF Recap: April 18, 2017

Don’t tell me that last night’s big loss will set the tone for another skunking just like what happened w/ “Show You The World”.


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ _ _ R O
_ _ _ P T

Tom locates CAIRO, EGYPT. Meeting the man at the end first…

Tom Iland: CPA who gives speeches about autism and enjoys riding roller coasters from Santa Clarita

Sarah Giles: works for a youth-serving nonprofit (and a Disney fan like most of us) from Portland, OR

Julie Knecht: advertising agency worker who likes to try new restaurants & tried to jump a canyon once from Chicago

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

_ E _ P / _ O _ R / E _ E
_ _ / _ H _ / _ _ _ _

Sarah rightly says “KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL”.

TONIGHT’S smarTour: Spain worth $8K
Other Gift Tag of the Week: NOVICA

Round 1: FUN & GAMES

It’s all Sarah here — she calls up a $1,400 pair of T’s, a $600 H, three E’s, a FP A, two pairs of S’s and R’s ($500 and $700, respectively), a $1,650 N trio, an I, and two O’s.

R _ N N I N _ / T H E
O _ S T A _ E
_ O _ R S E

She makes it a $5,300 PR after RUNNING THE OBSTACLE COURSE, and is up to $7,300.

Crossword/Mystery Round: LOTS AND LOTS OF BOXES

N for negative is how Julie starts. Second, Tom puts up a $650 T, but the BANKRUPT next to amount bites him. Third, Sarah lights up twin R’s and turns down the two grand offer for what’s under the MW near LaT$$$. But that’s taken right back by the other normal BANKRUPT. Julie tries again w/ a $650 S, but then a bad vowel of E. On Tom‘s second turn, he lights up a $700 L, buys an I, and FPs the remaining vowels of three O’s and A’s. But after a $1,300 pair of D’s is the same BANKRUPT he got before to forfeit $1,750. Sarah’s next pickings are a $650 M but then H for hush. Julie follows w/ a C for the 1/2 CAR near $600, but the BANKRUPT near TD KOs her and Tom, costing the former $900 and the plate. Sarah doesn’t want to take any more chances…

–    –    – (M)  –    –    –  (S)
–   –   (C)(A)(R)(D)(_)(O)(A)(R)(D)
–   –     –  (I)  –    –    –   (A)
(T)(O)(O)(L) –    –     –   (_)

…she mercifully says CARDBOARD and SOAP to move up to $8,300.

DUDS: N (Julie), E (Julie), H (Sarah)
BANKRUPTS: 5 (Tom 3x, one each by the ladies)


PP/Express Round: FOOD & DRINK

Tom’s first pick of T on the WC stands for terrible. Second in Sarah’s favor are an $1,800 pair of R’s, but then the MDW’s right side. Third for Julie are a $900 S, two E’s, but then L for loss. Next from Tom’s mouth are two N’s for the 1/2 CAR near $600, an I, a $1K G pair, but then the sole dud vowel of O. Sarah then lights up a $600 P, the other two vowels, but then goofs w/ the M. As for Julie

R E _ R E S _ I N G
G U A _ A / P U N _ _

…she solves for $650 and will try some REFRESHING GUAVA PUNCH at The Verandah Resort & Spa in ANTIGUA worth $7,060.

DUDS: T (Tom), L (Julie), O (Tom)

Sarah: $8,300/Julie: $7,710 cash & Antigua/Tom: $1K


$3K Tossup: THING

P _ _ K E T
_ _ C _ _ _ _ _ R Y

Julie’s now in the lead w/ a POCKET DICTIONARY.

Speed-Up: WAYD?

$1,500 per consonant in this ugly affair. An R is revealed on the bottom late…

G _ T T _ N G / _ L L
_ R _ S S _ _ / _ _

Sarah’s GETTING ALL DRESSED UP for the BR w/ another $4,500.

Sarah: $12,800/Julie: $10,710 cash & Antigua/Tom: $1K

GT: $24,510
BANKRUPT TRASH (minus plate): $15,100


$100K Bonus Round
Don’t land on the ‘, Sarah…she actually hits the *.

Category: PHRASE
I know it already…

_ _ _ / _ _ E R
_ _ N _ E R

PGHO only adds the vowel…

_ _ _ / O _ E R
_ O N _ E R

…she loses and WAY OVER YONDER was another big amount — the $50K to be exact.

$5K SPIN ID: SR9622526



2 thoughts on “WoF Recap: April 18, 2017

  1. jpgenius April 18, 2017 / 11:39 pm

    NOT a pretty episode (like last night), but at least the contestants – especially Sarah – made it fun to watch.

    My rating: 5


  2. ant0824 April 19, 2017 / 12:47 am

    That was not a pretty good show. In fact it was very awful.

    My rating: 3


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