WoF Recap: April 3, 2017

On the week of my 30th birthday (this Saturday), it’s time for another Disney Grand Adventures week this season (this was taped all the way back in August).


$1K Tossup: PLACE

S _ _ _ _ _
M O _ _ T _ I N

I’ve been to this attraction and I’m NOT a fan of getting wet, but Tami & Greg flub w/ SMOKEY MOUNTAIN.

S P _ _ S H
M O _ _ T _ I N

Robert & Julie correctly ID SPLASH MOUNTAIN. First three couples to kick off April…

Robert & Julie Smith (married 17 yrs.): she retired from the USPS while he’s also retired and is a 12-yr. liver transplant survivor and minister; they’re from Albuquerque

Tami & Greg Bonds (married 39 yrs.): he’s a banker & title agent; they’re from Hugoton, KS

Melody & Brent Hamaker (married 9 yrs.): he works in logistics while she’s a Cal State student and office assistant at plumbing agency (also a former six-yr. drill instructor for the Army); they’re from Bakersfield, CA

$5K SPIN ID: EB00321

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

W _ _ N I _ G
T H _ / _ _ C E

Tami’s WINNING THE (Tossup) RACE.

WEEK-LONG TRIP WEDGE: all four WDW parks (just to remind you, it’s $9,421)
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: RICARDO

Round 1: THINGS

The Bondses get the MDW right away w/ two S’s, but then dud out just as quick w/ the R. Second, the Hamakers call up a $1,300 pair of T’s, a $700 H, three A’s, four $650 L’s, but then a negative of G on the WC. Third, the Smiths take a $500 M, two I’s, a $600 N, an E, a $5K K pair, and the other two vowels before they try to solve…

_ L O U _ S / T H A T
L O O K / L I K E

…they see CLOUDS THAT LOOK LIKE ANIMALS for $5,100 and $6,100 overall.

DUDS: R (Bondses), G (Hamakers)


Mystery/Crossword Round: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The Hamakers strike out on the spot w/ L. The Smiths secondly pick off a $550 N, a FP A, a $500 C, two E’s, and an K for the RICARDO gift tag; those are followed by a $1,500 S trio, a T for that WDW trip, a $500 R, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to wipe out $14,221 cash & prizes. The Bondses then put up a $550 P, a $600 G, the last vowel of I, and a $700 F before they attempt to complete this grid…

–  –   (C) –    –   –  (G)
–   –  (A) –    –    (_)(I)(S)(_)
–   –  (K) –    –     – (F)

…they make a WISH for the $2K minimum.

INSTA-DUD: L (Hamakers)

Bondses: $4K/Hamakers: ZIP/Smiths: $6,100


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

It’s all the Smiths — they say three T’s for $1,500, a $1,200 pair of S’s, two O’s, an I, an $800 H, a $700 G, and a $1K D pair.

_ _ / _ O _ _ D / G _ T
_ S _ D / T O / T H I S

WE COULD GET USED TO THIS — them winning $4,700 and a DISNEYLAND trip (w/ a “Frozen” experience) worth $6,840.


Bondses: $4K/Hamakers: ZILCH/Smiths: $17,640 cash & Disneyland


$3K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

_ _ C _ R E !
_ _ C _ _ _ !

The Bondses say “ENCORE! ENCORE!” to get to seven grand.

Speed-Up: PEOPLE

The first FS from Pat this week is magical — $6K per consonant! An L is said midway…

_ O _ _ O _ S / _ N D
_ O _ _ _ R L S

…Woody and Jessie would be proud of the Smiths (though they didn’t say the C’s or W’s) — they solve COWBOYS AND COWGIRLS for $12K more.

Bondses: $7K/Hamakers: $2K GOOSEEGG/Smiths: $29,640 cash & Disneyland

GT: $38,640
BANKRUPT TRASH: $14,221 cash & prizes


$100K Bonus Round
Julie takes the BW to the S of AMERICA’S.

Category: WAYD?
If it’s what I think it is, a similar bonus puzzle was used in January 2007 and was NOT solved for $50K…

_ _ R _ _ N _ / _ _ T
T _ E / _ _ N _ S

DCPO only gives them the vowel…

_ O R _ _ N _ / O _ T
T _ E / _ _ N _ S

but Julie comes through in WORKING OUT THE KINKS for the $34K and a final total of $63,640 cash & Disneyland.


2 thoughts on “WoF Recap: April 3, 2017

  1. jpgenius April 3, 2017 / 11:35 pm

    Nice job Smiths.

    My rating: 7


    • ant0824 April 4, 2017 / 3:26 pm

      And that resulting in its fifth BR win in a row.


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