WoF Recap: March 30, 2017


$1K Tossup: LANDMARK

G _ _ _ D / C E _ _ _ _ L
_ _ _ M _ _ _ _

This is the largest train station in NY, and Gery knows that’s GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL. Thursday’s trio go by these names…

Gery Hirsch: customer service mgr. for a utility co. from Marysville, MD

Claudia Meiling: retired English teacher, boater & women’s a capella barbershop chorus member from Tulsa

Missy Baker: English teacher at a juvenile detention facility from Grand Rapids, MI

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

_ I G H _ / O N
_ _ _ / _ _ _ E Y

Once again, Gery is RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

Round 1: FUN & GAMES

He begins the proceedings w/ a T for the WC, three E’s, a $600 H, two A’s, a $1,300 pair of S’s, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to lose $1,900 and the WC. Second, Claudia calls up an $,1800 pair of N’s, a $600 L, three O’s, a $900 C, and four I’s to clean out the vowel shop. Next are four R’s for $2,400, a $1,300 pair of D’s, but then P for phooey. After Missy wastes a turn w/ the MDW’s right side, Gery takes the $1,950 B trio…

R I D I N _ / A
B I _ E / A C R O S S
T H E / B R O O _ L _ N
B R I D _ E

…and solves RIDING A BIKE ACROSS THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE to go to $4,950.

SOLE DUD: P (Claudia)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Gery & Missy)


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Both women instantly get a penalty space (Claudia on the BANKRUPT near TD, Missy on LaT). Third in line, Gery puts up five T’s for $3,250, three R’s for the 1/2 CAR near $900, three E’s and A’s, a $1K pair of S’s, but then the sole dud vowel of I. Claudia tries again w/ two L’s for $1,100, a $500 W, two O’s, a $700 N, and two U’s, but the LaT gets her. Missy follows w/ an $800 H, a $500 D, two P’s for the Mrs. Prindable’s gift tag, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to forfeit $3,300 cash & GT. After Gery gets his first taste of LaT, Claudia picks up that MDW w/ two M’s and tries to solve all of this…

H U M P T _
D U M P T _ / S A T / O N
A / W A L L / S T R E E T
_ R O _ E R

I really don’t want to hear that HUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL STREET BROKER, but she’s successful for $1,800.

SOLE DUD: I (Gery)
LaTs: 3 (everybody)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)



PP/Express Round: PLACE

Missy’s going aboard the EXPRESS right away after starting w/ an S.

Next Choices: two T’s…two E’s…R…two A’s…CRASH w/ N ($3,500 loss)

Gery then says a $500 H and two I’s to clean out the vowel shop.

_ I _ E R S E
H A _ I T A T

He may have solved for just $250, but he’ll see a DIVERSE HABITAT at the Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort in ARUBA.


Missy: BAD LUCK/Gery: $11,290 cash & Aruba/Claudia: $1,800 MDW


$3K Tossup: PERSON

_ _ _ L _ T
D A N _ _ _

Gery’s swept those Tossups w/ a BALLET DANCER.

Speed-Up: THING

Here’s another $1,500 FS for you. The G is inserted at the end of the first word…

S T _ _ _ _ _ T _ N G
C _ N _ _ R S _ T _ _ N

Missy gets STIMULATING CONVERSATION for her only $3K.

Missy: $3K/Gery: $14,290 cash & Aruba/Claudia: $1,800

GT: a pitiful $19,090
BANKRUPT TRASH (excl. WC): $8,700 cash & GT


$100K Bonus Round
The & is what Gery must take.

Category: WAYD?
Reveal the RSTLNE legend…

_ E _ _ _ _ N _
_ _ T _ _ N S

GMCI only gives him the obvious…

_ E I G _ I N G
_ _ T I _ N S

actually, the obvious was all he needed for this $34K solve, and he’s gonna be WEIGHING OPTIONS on what to do with his final total of $49,290.

$5K SPIN ID: GM0830030





One thought on “WoF Recap: March 30, 2017

  1. jpgenius March 31, 2017 / 1:28 am

    Wow – picking the obvious in the BR actually worked. Good because the front game wasn’t pretty.

    My rating: 6


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