WoF Recap: March 28, 2017



_ O _ / _ O G
_ _ _ _ _ _

Kathleen nails HOT DOG VENDOR. Like last night, we start in the middle for the interviewing…

Kathleen Hutson: works at a nonprofit focused on advocating for & defending children’s rights from Charlotte, NC

Nic Pope: Sequoia Church pastor who proposed to Katie on top of the Empire State Building from Fresno, CA

Cassie Bradley: steel drum player & sports mgmt. worker from Chicago

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

_ _ _ K _ N _ / F _ R
M _ / _ E _ S

I’m NOT actually LOOKING FOR MY KEYS, but Cassie has solved for control.

Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: Mrs. Prindables

Round 1: PERSON

It’s all Cassie — she calls up a $1,300 pair of T’s, a $600 S, two E’s and A’s, five N’s for the NYC trip (this one is from collette), and four O’s.

A / _ A N / _ _ O
N E E _ S / N O
_ N T _ O _ _ _ T _ O N

I’m A MAN WHO NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION, and this lady has solved for $3,650 and that NYC trip worth $7,798.


Cassie: $13,448 cash & NYC/Kathleen: $1K/Nic: $0


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Kathleen’s up first w/ three L’s for the 1/2 CAR near $600, two A’s, a $900 N, a $550 T, and vowel singles of E and I, then she says an M for the other 1/2 CAR, the last vowel of O…a $600 S…and a $1,300 pair of C’s before she goes for the big solve…

M A T I N _ / &

She sure had one of the latter, didn’t she? MATING & CLOSE CALL wins her $19,340 in cash & Fiesta!

PR #2

Cassie: $13,448 cash & NYC/Kathleen: $20,340 cash & Fiesta/Nic: $0


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Now that we finally get to hear from Nic, he opens w/ three T’s for the WC, two A’s, a $1K H pair, and an E, followed by an $1,800 R pair, two I’s, a $650 P, the other two vowels, and two W’s while on EXPRESS before he GOES ABOARD.

Current Bank: $5,700
Next Choices: N…S…two L’s…D…F…Y

He asks that burning question for $12,700…

W H A T / A I R P O R T
S H O U L D / W E / F L Y
I N T O ?

…and he’ll be flying into the one near The Westin Ka’anapali in MAUI worth $10K.


Cassie: $13,448 cash & NYC/Kathleen: $20,340 cash & Fiesta/Nic: $22,700 cash & HI WC


$3K Tossup: PLACE

_ A _ _ / L O _ B Y

Up over $16K Cassie goes, because she’s solved MAIN LOBBY.

Speed-Up: THING

Look out, it’s a $6K FS! Late in this round, the A is bought for free, but Kathleen goofs w/ REALITY COMPETITION. Nic then buys the twin I’s…

_ E A L T _ _
C O M _ E T I T I O N

…I was hoping he would say the H’s instead, but he was truly a part of some HEALTHY COMPETITION and has solved for another $18K!

DUDS: S (Cassie), R (Kathleen), D (Cassie)
SOLE DQ: Kathleen’s missolve

Cassie: $16,448 cash & NYC/Kathleen: $20,340 cash & Fiesta/Nic: $40,700 cash & HI WC

GT: $77,488!


$100K Bonus Round
Nic lands on the I of SPIN.

Category: PHRASE
Two letters on the bottom to start…

_ _ _ _
_ N / T _ _

PBHO and G will give him at least the entire bottom line…

B _ _ _
O N / T O P

but it was the B that helped him get BACK ON TOP, and he just won the Passat SE (technology pkg. included) worth $29,265, giving him a final total of $69,965 cash & prizes! BTW, that’s the first time in over three yrs. when two different players have won an automobile.

$5K SPIN ID: TN5248899



4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: March 28, 2017

  1. jpgenius March 28, 2017 / 11:35 pm

    GREAT episode.

    My rating: 9


    • ant0824 March 29, 2017 / 12:07 am

      Especially with 3 Perfect rounds, no bankrupts, and $6K final spin. Plus all 3 players won in 5 digits as Cassie won $16K including NYC, Kathleen $20K plus a Ford Fiesta and Nic won $40K which including a trip to Hawaii and then added a $29K BMW thanks to the BR win giving Nic almost $70K. Over $116K given away in one show. Top-Notch

      My rating gets a big 10

      Liked by 1 person

  2. colin roley March 29, 2017 / 5:22 am

    What A Great Show And $130,703 Given Away For This Week Tonight After $23,950 Given Away On Yesterday And $106,753 Given Away Tonight And I Hope More Money In The Main Game Total Given Away From The Contestants


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