WoF Recap: February 9, 2017


$1K Tossup: THINGS

F _ R _ _ – _ L _ S S
T I C K _ _ _

Colleen probably won’t be getting FIRST-CLASS TICKETS if she wins the PP Round, but let’s meet her first…

Colleen Miller: works in communications for an insurance co. from Western Springs, IL; she and hubby Pat are planning a trip to Ireland (and their parents are from there)

Tim Sheldon: delivers chicken-grams while dressed up as a singing chicken from Rancho Santa Margarita (orig. from NY and Chicago)

Janet Acker: singing bartender pursuing Bachelor’s in psychology from Rock Hill, SC

$2K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ L _ _ _ _ G
P O _ O

Tim solves PLAYING POLO.

Round 1: PHRASE

His first moves are a $1,300 T pair, four FP E’s, but then BANKRUPT near $650. Second, Janet wastes a turn w/ the other normal BANKRUPT. Third, Colleen calls up a $1,300 R pair, three A’s and an I to clean out the vowels; she follows w/ a $1,300 G pair, two S’s to add $1,800, but then the MDW’s left side to forfeit $3,900. Tim tries again w/ a $650 V, but he then runs into the same BANKRUPT Janet got. Said blue player then inserts an $1,800 N trio, and three H’s to throw in $2,400…

T H I N G S / H A V E
H A _ _ E N E _

STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED, but she’s on the board w/ $4,200.

BANKRUPTS: 4 (Tim 2x, one each by the ladies)


Crossword/Mystery Round: _______ FREE

Janet strikes out right away w/ an H. Colleen secondly picks off a $3,500 R, buys an A, but here comes the other MDW BANKRUPT to take away $3,250. Tim thirdly misses w/ M. Janet next digs up a $650 D, an I, two $900 Y’s, an O, a $700 N, but then P for phooey on the MW near LaT. Colleen follows suit w/ a $1,300 T pair, two U’s, a $650 G, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to lose $1,700 this time. After Tim spins up the same MDW BANKRUPT, Janet plugs in a $1,300 pair of L’s…

/  (T)   /  (D)(A)(I)(R)(Y)
/  (O)  /  (U)
/ (L)   / (Y)

…she IDs the bottom across word as GLUTEN for $3,950 and a new total of $8,150.

DUDS: H (Janet), M (Tim), P (Janet)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Colleen 2x, Tim; they each have three now)


PP/Express Round: FOOD & DRINK

Colleen’s off and running w/ a $650 T, an E, three A’s, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to give back $150. Second for Tim are a $1,300 pair of L’s, three $600 S’s, two I’s, a $650 D, two O’s, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to hand over $3,250. Afterwards…

_ L A _ O _ _ _ L
_ O S T A / _ I _ A _
D I S _ E S

Janet will enjoy the FLAVORFUL COSTA RICAN DISHES at the Lapaz Waterfall Gardens/Peace Lodge.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Colleen & Tim; they each have four to their credit)

Colleen: $1K/Tim: $2K/Janet: $14,250 cash & C.R.


$3K Tossup: WAYD?

_ _ A _ _ _ _ G
_ Y / _ _ N G _ R S

Tim doesn’t have anything.

_ _ A _ P I _ G
M Y / _ I N G E R S

I’m SNAPPING MY FINGERS for somebody to solve and Janet now has $17,250.


Consonants are worth $1,700 a pop. Three N’s are said by somebody…

_ N _ _ S T M _ N T
_ _ N _ _ R

Tim’s won another $5,100 from an INVESTMENT BANKER.


Colleen: $1K/Tim: $7,100/Janet: $17,250 cash & C.R.

GT: $25,350


$100K Bonus Round
We assure you that there’s nothing bad on the BW; Janet has the one from the * wedge.

Category: PHRASE
1/3 of the answer…

_ _ _ E
_ L _ N _

PGCI just adds this…

_ _ _ E
_ L _ N G

…does she somehow MOVE ALONGno, she said BIKE ALONG and she isn’t the third straight $34K winner.

$5K SPIN ID: TY8980772


2 thoughts on “WoF Recap: February 9, 2017

  1. jpgenius February 9, 2017 / 11:37 pm

    BANKRUPT needs a good time-out, but tonight’s 3 players got lucky.

    My rating: 5


    • ant0824 February 10, 2017 / 12:47 am

      I Agree. Tomorrow BR could either Make it and secure a Winning BR Week or Break it and secure a Losing BR week


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