WoF Recap: January 20, 2017



_ U _ H / _
L O V E L _ / _ _ A _ E

“Hotel California” is best described as this, but Dawn can’t get the bottom line in time.

_ U _ H / _
L O V E L _ / _ L A _ E

Steph recites “…SUCH A LOVELY PLACE”. On the day that Trump has officially became our 45th president of this country, here are…

Steph Leung: business analyst for insurance co. w/ six nieces & nephews all under the age of five from Boston

Aaron Espinoza: ophthalmic tech from Denver

Dawn Kau: human resources worker at a blueberry plant nursery who also has a romance book blog & does some bodybuilding from Eugene, OR

$2K Tossup: PERSON

E _ R _ _
A D _ P T _ R

Steph falls for the EARLY ADAPTER trap.

E _ R _ _
A D O P T _ R

Turnabout is fair play for Dawn who solves EARLY ADOPTER.

CC WEDGE: Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo


She starts w/ an $1,800 S trio, but then R for roadblock. Second, Steph calls up a TD T, and buys all four of the non-U vowels in one fell swoop. She follows w/ $500 K and N singles, the SL bonus of four $700 B’s, but then the LaT to leave $6,300 on the table. Aaron then puts up a C and two L’s at $650 a pop…

B I K I N I S / &
B E A C _ / B A L L S

… he solves BOATS, BIKINIS & BEACH BALLS for the $1,950, and everybody’s on the board just like that.

SOLE DUD: R (Dawn)
SOLE LaT: Steph


Mystery Round: MOVIE TITLE

First up for Steph are five T’s for the 1/2 CAR near $600, four E’s, O, a $900 R, two H’s for that MDW, a W for the CC wedge, and four A’s, after which come three N’s for the M.J. gift tag, two I’s to clean out the vowels, and two F’s while on the MW near LaT. No surprise she’s taking the money for those letters (and for good reason, too). But after a $700 D, she painfully BANKRUPTs near $650 anyway to lose $8,800 cash & shades plus the trip and her extras. Doggone it. Aaron then FPs triple S’s…

F A N T A S T I _
_ E A S T S / A N D
W H E R E / T O
F I N D / T H E _

…he solves “FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM” for a new total of $3,450.



PP/Express Round: WAYD?

That man says an instant dud of R. Second, Dawn digs up four $650 N’s, three I’s, but then the same BANKRUPT to hand over the $2,350 remainder. Steph then goes aboard the EXPRESS after lighting up a G.

Next Choices: four S’s…A…D…two O’s…three T’s…F…H…last vowel of two E’s…M…Y and K

This lady then reads…

S I N K I N G / M Y
T O E S / I N / T H E
S O F T / S A N D

…and she’s won $13,250 plus a $6,100 trip to the Viva WYNDHAM V Heavens in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

INSTA-DUD: R (Aaron)

Dawn: $2K/Steph: $20,350 cash & D.R./Aaron: $3,950



D E S E R _
_ _ _ T O _ S E


Round 4: EVENT

Next from her mouth are three $700 T’s, an E, three $700 R’s, but it’s S-U time…

T R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T
R E T _ R _

…w/ a $1,500 FS. She then puts up the twin N’s…

T R _ _ _ _ _ _ N T
R E T _ R N

…she just made a TRIUMPHANT RETURN for $6,950.


Dawn: $11,950/Steph: $20,350 cash & D.R./Aaron: $3,950

GT: $36,250
BANKRUPT TRASH (excl. extras): $11,150 cash & GT plus CC wedge


$100K Bonus Round
Last chance right now to try and give away a Winnebago. Steph has the C envelope.

Category: PHRASE
Not much RSTLNE help…

_ _ _ _ L _ N _
_ N / _ _ _ _ _

PGHO only gives her the obvious G’s…

_ _ _ _ L _ N G
_ N / _ _ G _ _

…she’s NOT DABBLING IN MAGIC at all, so she loses the $40K. And that’s six straight seasons we’ve gone without a Winnebago winner.

$5K SPIN ID: AC7272178





3 thoughts on “WoF Recap: January 20, 2017

  1. jpgenius January 20, 2017 / 11:33 pm

    Steph may have had some terrible luck, but she sure recovered nicely with the Prize Puzzle.

    My rating: 6


  2. ant0824 January 20, 2017 / 11:45 pm

    Disappointing result by Steph losing the MDW, trip, GC and 1/2 car and $7,800. However she rebounded to win but failed miserably in the BR.

    My rating: 6. (Needed to call A B C D in the BR)
    Weekly rating: 7


  3. colin roley January 21, 2017 / 7:58 am

    I Don’t Want The Million Dollar Wedge Lost To A Bankrupt On The Next Weeks Show


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