WoF Recap: December 2, 2016

I think we may crack the $400K mark after tonight ($346,296 won so far).


$1K Tossup: PEOPLE

B _ _ M _ N G
P A _ _ N _ S

Karen & Bailey are incorrect w/ BOOMING PARENTS at the time’s up signal.

B E _ M _ N G
P A _ _ N T S

Maggie & Louise have BEAMING PARENTS. Final three teams this week…

Maggie Good & Louise Hernandez (sisters): Maggie’s from Burbank while Louise’s from Yorba Linda and a short story writer; they’re involved in community service

Karen & Bailey Landon (mom/son): she’s a project mgr. at Western Governors University while he’s an audio engineer and member of a local Indie Blues band who also longboards and helps on an urban farm; they’re from Tacoma, WA

Charles & Rick (last name unknown) (bros.): they run a local nonprofit

$2K Tossup: PLACE

_ _ _ _ _ L
A G _ N C _

The sisters could be contacting a TRAVEL AGENCY if they win tonight’s PP.

Round 1: TITLE

Their letter rundown is made up of a $1,400 T pair, four E’s, two A’s, two H’s for the SS, and a $1,200 R pair before they go for a quick solve…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
A _ _ / T H E
T H R E E / _ E A R _

…”GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS” is the story for a total of $10,600 cash & sears, and $13,600 overall.



Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

The Landons waste a turn w/ the MDW’s right side. Second, the brothers call up a $1,950 R trio, two A’s, a $600 S, and three E’s, followed by a $1K T pair and an L while on the MW near LaT before they gamble $3,050…$$$. Next up are  $600 B, a $2K pair of C’s, and a $1K pair of H’s before they see…

S _ _ T H E R _
C H A R _

…this SOUTHERN CHARM BRACELET is worth $16,650 to these men!

INSTA-BANKRUPT: Karen & Bailey

Bros.: $16,650/M & L: $13,600 cash & SS/Landons: ZERO


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

The men lead off w/ a $1,300 R pair, four E’s, an $1,800 pair of T’s, an $800 H, but then A for awful. Second in M & L’s direction are a $1,950 N trio, three I’s, and two O’s to clean out the vowels. On Vanna’s board…

T H E / _ O _ T
I N _ R E _ I _ _ E
_ N O R _ E _ I N _

…they’ve won another $1,450 and will do THE MOST INCREDIBLE SNORKELING near the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel in HAWAII worth $14,174.

SOLE DUD: A (guys)

Bros.: $16,650/M & L: $29,224 cash & prizes/Landons: ZILCH



_ _ N / _ _ _ M _ R

Maggie says the right answer, except she’s after the time’s up signal.

_ _ N / W _ _ M E R

Charles & Rick get the money w/ BUN WARMER.

Round 4: THING

They BANKRUPT near TD right out of the gate. Second for M & L are a $550 N, but then a bad E buy. Third, the Landons also have a negative result w/ a T request. C & R try again w/ a $1K pair of R’s, two A’s, four O’s, a $600 B, and the last vowel of I, after which come a $900 W and a $650 C before they…

A / R A I N B O W
O _ / C O _ O R _

…see A RAINBOW OF COLORS for $2,400 more.

DUDS: E (M&L), T (Landons)

Bros.: $22,050/M & L: $29,224 cash & prizes/Landons: BUPKIS


Speed-Up: WAYD?

Uh oh — it’s another $6K FS! After somebody puts up the twin C’s on top…

C R _ N C H _ N G
T H _ / N _ _ _ _ R S

…we’re CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS and the sisters have BROKEN THE TEAM MAINGAME RECORD w/ their $36K solve!!!

Bros.: $22,050/M & L: $65,224 cash & prizes/Landons: $2K LUMP OF COAL

GT: $89,274

C & R’s SPIN ID: SR8515620 (Susie R.)
Landons’ SPIN ID: AH9358546 (Angela H.)


$100K Bonus Round
Maggie takes the BW to the G; I highly doubt the big one would be in the same spot for two out of three episodes, but you never know.

Category: THING
Decent RSTLNE help…

_ N / _ N _ _ _ N _
E _ _ _ R T

CGDO gives them at least the first two words…

_ N / O N G O _ N G
E _ _ O R T

…in AN ONGOING EFFORTthey come through w/ about two seconds to spare to leave w/ $99,224 cash & prizes!

LAST SPIN ID THIS WEEK: TK2561171 (Terrell K.)

MY RATING: 9 (would’ve been another 10 had they gotten something else other than the $34K)

5 thoughts on “WoF Recap: December 2, 2016

  1. ant0824 December 2, 2016 / 8:30 pm

    What a great team week we have. Great show with another $6K final spin and a BR win resulting in tonights show to give away over $123K and over $470K this week. 3 wins (including a $100K win and Maggie & Louise BR win ($99,224)) and 2 losses(including a $100K loss).

    My rating: 10
    Weekly rating: 10 (thanks to a new season weekly high of over $470K)


    • adamnugraha569 December 3, 2016 / 3:14 am

      Me too, I hope for the next week was three $100K wins in a row.


  2. jpgenius December 2, 2016 / 10:10 pm

    This was a FANTASTIC follow-up to last night’s big win!

    My rating: 10!


  3. agusgokil1681 December 3, 2016 / 1:32 am

    I’m surprised were not ended with budget closing like california coast week.


  4. adamnugraha569 December 3, 2016 / 3:13 am

    Three Big Wins In A Row (despite of two $100K hits).

    My ratings: Perfect 10! (thanks to yesterday’s $100K hit)


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