WoF Recap: Thanksgiving 2016

Yes, I was out doing some Black Friday shopping last night, so better late than never.


On this Turkey Day, we were on “Shopping Spree”.


_ _ _ _ _ _ R

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ L T

Kristan quickly gets ELEANOR ROOSEVELT.

Kristan Stewart-Henry: UC-Berkeley PhD student in Special Education as part of joint doctoral program from Brentwood, CA

Mike Shewmake: computer systems admin. from Albuquerque

Tara Temple: art-based toy co. owner who broke a leg and her grandma’s an Internet celeb from Oakland

$2K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

P L A _ I N G
C _ _ _ A D _ S

There’s no need for Kristan to be PLAYING CHARADES.

TRIP WEDGE: Green Palm Inn in Savannah

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

Her opening letters are a $1,300 pair of N’s, two A’s, three $600 T’s, and two E’s, followed by a $650 D, two I’s, an $800 H, the last vowel of U, and $1,400 pairs of R’s and L’s. The board…

T U R _ E _ / A N D

A L L / T H E
T R I _ _ I N _ _

…we’ve had our TURKEY AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS, aa she’s earned another $6,250 in this PR, bringing her up to $9,250.


Mystery Round: WAYD?

Mike gets the Savannah trip right away w/ four N’s, buys two I’s and four A’s, but LOSES A TURN. Second, Tara calls up a $1,400 pair of G’s, buys two E’s, but duds out w/ S while on the 1/2 CAR near $600. Third, Kristan lights up a $1,200 pair of R’s, the last vowel of O via FP, a $650 D, but nothing more w/ M. Mike then puts up pairs of K’s and T’s ($600 and $650, respectively) before we see…

T A K I N G / A
_ O N G / _ A _ K
A _ T E R / D I N N E R

…he may be TAKING A LONG WALK AFTER DINNER in Savannah, so he’s on the board w/ $10K cash & trip.

DUDS: S (Tara), M (Kristan)

SOLE LaT: Mike


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Here goes Tara w/ a $700 T, four E’s, but then the LaT. Kristan secondly takes a $1,400 pair of R’s and three A’s before she goes for a quick solve…

E _ E R _ / _ A _ / _ _
A _ / A _ _ E _ T _ R E

EVERY DAY IS AN ADVENTURE for this lady, as she solves for $1,150 and a trip to the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in CABO SAN LUCAS worth $7,380.

SOLE LaT: Tara

Mike: $10K cash & Savannah/Tara: BAD LUCK/Kristan: $17,780 cash & CSL



T E _ _ _ O _ N _ / &
T A B L _ _ P _ O _ S

Mike gets out some TEASPOONS & TABLESPOONS.

Round 4: THING

But he says a quick dud of S. Second for Tara are a $1K pair of N’s, two I’s, a $1,600 pair of G’s, and a $1K pair of T’s…

_ _ _ T / _ _
_ I G _ T N I N G

…but she doesn’t remember the category, as she blows the $3,350 solve w/ FAST AS LIGHTNING. Kristan then uncovers a $1K L pair and a $600 F…

_ _ L T / _ F
L I G _ T N I N G

…the solution got to her like a BOLT OF LIGHTNING.

DQ: Tara’s blown solve

Mike: $10K cash & Savannah/Tara: GOOSEEGG ALERT/Kristan: $19,380 cash & CSL

Speed-Up: PERSON

It’s a $1,600 FS. Four T’s and two S’s in…

S T _ _ _ _ _ T – _
S T _ _ _ _ T

…it appears Kristan was a STRAIGHT-A STUDENT in school, as she’s won another $3,200 worth of icing.

Mike: $10K cash & Savannah/Tara: $1K GOOSEEGG/Kristan: $22,580 cash & CSL

GT: $33,580


$100K Bonus Round
The stopping point for Kristan is the I of AMERICA’S.

Category: PHRASE
The end letters of every word except the second are…

_ _ _ E / _ _ _
_ _ _ E / _ _ N

HCPI adds…

H _ P E / _ _ _
H _ _ E / _ _ N

HOPE YOU HAVE FUN reading this report, ma’am, but HOPE FOR is NOT gonna win you the Ford Explorer.



2 thoughts on “WoF Recap: Thanksgiving 2016

  1. ant0824 November 25, 2016 / 9:34 pm

    Thanksgiving episode wasn’t that good when it comes to BR losses. But a No Bankrupt show today was a saver

    My rating: 6.4


  2. jpgenius November 25, 2016 / 11:09 pm

    Great 🦃 episode. Only real downside? Tara got 0.

    My rating: 7


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