WoF Recap: November 22, 2016


We’re on the B&B set.

$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ _ _ U _ _ _ _ _ _ E
_ _ _ / M _ _ _ C _

Isaac locates ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO. Tuesday’s trio…

Isaac Comelli: worker at CSU athletic dept. from Bakersfield, CA

Julie Olimpio: Exec. assistant from Littleton, CO

Ann Richardson: retired educator and has an autographed handkerchief collection (6K+) that was started by her grandma in the ’30s from Hutchinson, KS

$2K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

M O V _ E
S _ _ N _ _ _ A _ K


Crossword Round: SUPER ____

She starts the search w/ a $2,500 T, E, two $700 R’s, a $650 S, and three A’s, after which she says a $900 N, a U, a $650 M, a $500 L, the last vowel of O, but then D for dud while on the $10K slots wedge. Ann then puts up a $600 B and a $1K pair of W’s before we see…

/     /    /    /    /     /  (B)
(M)  /    /    /     /  (_)(O)(W)(E)(R)(S)
(A)   /    /    /     /    /  (W)

She solves BOWL, POWERS, NATURAL, MAN for $1,600.

SOLE DUD: D (Julie)

Julie: $2K/Ann: $1,600/Isaac: $1K


Mystery Round: SONG TITLE

It’s all Ann — she picks three $550 T’s, three O’s, two I’s, two $900 N’s, three $550 W’s, a $900 K, two A’s, a $600 H, and the last vowel of E.

I / W A N T / T O
K N O W / W H A T
_ O _ E / I _

…she solves Foreigner’s “I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS” for $5,600.


Julie: $2K/Ann: $7,200/Isaac: $1K

Classic Bonus Puzzle (’91): THING
CDHA was of limited help…

N _ _ H T _ _ _ N

…but NIGHTGOWN was solved.


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Here goes Isaac w/ three T’s for the Perfumania gift tag, three O’s, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to toss away $2,250 cash & perfume. Second, Julie calls up a $700 N, four E’s, a $3,500 H, an M as in MDW, and four A’s before getting the same BANKRUPT to forfeit $3,700 and the MDW. Ann then goes aboard the EXPRESS after picking an L.

Next Choices: V…D…I…Y…U, R and C to complete the board.

Ma’am, you’ve won $5,500 and you can…

L E A V E / Y O U R
C O A T / A N D / T I E
A T / H O M E

…because you’re off to the Napili Kai Beach Resort in MAUI worth $9,300..

BANKRUPTS: 2 (those not named Ann)

Julie: $2K/Ann: $22K cash & HI/Isaac: $1K



_ R _ G _ T
_ K Y _ I _ _ T

Isaac spots the BRIGHT SKYLIGHT.

Speed-Up: FOOD & DRINK

$1,700’s the consonant value. Early on, Ann uncovers the C, but goofs w/ CRISP CRANBERRIES. One F later…

F R _ _ _
C R _ N _ _ R R _ _ _

…we’re about to eat some FRESH CRANBERRIES this Thursday and Isaac has solved for another $3,400.

SOLE DQ: Ann’s missolve

Julie: $2K/Ann: $22K cash & HI/Isaac: $7,400

GT: $31,400
BANKRUPT TRASH (MDW not factored): $5,950 cash & GT


$100K Bonus Round
Ann lands on the M in GAME.

Category: THING
Some end letters to start this one…

_ _ _ L
_ _ _ _ E T

DCHO gives her…

_ O O L
_ _ C _ E T

…unfortunately, we have our second post-buzzer solve in three shows, so the keys to the Jeep Compass Latitude will stay inside this WOOL JACKET.



2 thoughts on “WoF Recap: November 22, 2016

  1. colin roley November 23, 2016 / 4:05 am

    I Love The Synchronized Greeting Part On The Show


  2. jpgenius November 23, 2016 / 10:46 pm

    Another late BR solve? That’s sad. But Ann sure seemed happy.

    My rating: 6


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