WoF Recap: November 10, 2016

Though tonight was actually the Thursday episode, let us say Happy Veterans Day to those who served our country.


$1K Tossup: THING

_ R E _ E _ _ _ _ S
_ O U R _ G _

Mark had some TREMENDOUS COURAGE, as do these opponents…

Mark Ellenz: financial systems analyst who was in the Army from Springfield, IL

Eric Livingston: has his own law in practice and was in the USMC from ’87-’91 from Chesterfield, VA

Tennia Smith: eyelash artist who spent four yrs. active duty in the Navy from Allen, TX

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

_ H _ / B _ _ _ / I N
_ _ E / B U S _ N _ _ S

If Eric reads this report, I’m sure he’ll compliment me as THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS.

TRIP WEDGE: The Inn of the Patriots Bed and Breakfast Hotel in Grover, NC

Round 1: PHRASE

An $1,800 T pair got him started, but the LaT stopped him in his tracks. Second, Tennia called up a $1,400 pair of N’s, two E’s, a $1K pair of D’s, a $650 Y, four A’s, and three O’s to wipe out the vowel shop. Board…

A N O T _ E _ / D A Y
A N O T _ E _ / D O _ _ A _

…she replied “ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DOLLAR” for $3,300.

SOLE LaT: Eric


Mystery Round: FOOD & DRINK

Tennia’s first actions were five T’s for $2,750, a couple E’s, but then the LaT. Second, Mark spun his way to a $1,600 pair of H’s, a $7K N duo, an I, five O’s, but then the MDW’s left side to lose $8,100. Third, Eric dug up a $1,200 C pair, but the same MDW BANKRUPT nailed him. Tennia then picked up the NC trip w/ two R’s and bought the last vowel of U before we looked at…

C O R N / O N / T H E
C O _ / _ I T H / _ O T _
O _ / _ U T T E R

CORN ON THE COB WITH LOTS OF BUTTER earned her $3,250 and the NC trip worth $7,158.

SOLE LaT: Tennia
BANKRUPTS: 2 (men)

Mark: $1K/Eric: $2K/Tennia: $13,708 cash & trip

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (November 16, 2004 from Philly): TITLE
GHCI gave this female family pair…

_ I E _

but they squandered an easy $25K for not coming up with “THE VIEW”.


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

This crucial round began w/ Mark calling a $600 N, three $550 T’s, two E’s and A’s, two FP O’s, two H’s for the 1/2 CAR near $900, but then R for roadblock. Eric’s next w/ a $700 G, but then S for sorry. Tennia then lit up a $1,600 pair of L’s and bought two I’s…

_ O I N G
T H E / L I _ _ O
A T / T H E / L _ A _

…she got the chance to be DOING THE LIMBO AT THE LUAU in HAWAII at the Hilton Waikoloa Village worth $7,014.

DUDS: R (Mark), S (Eric)

Mark: $1K/Eric: $2K/Tennia: $22,072 cash & trips


$3K Tossup: WAYD?

E _ _ R E S S I _ G
G _ A _ I T _ D E

Mark was EXPRESSING GRATITUDE about earning more money.

Speed-Up: ON THE MAP

Oh my, it’s a $6K Final Spin! Tennia lit up the hot consonant of five S’s early on, but couldn’t make the $30K solve. Mark then uncovered the frontloading J…

J _ _ _ S _ N
_ _ S S _ S S _ _ _ _

…and pinpointed JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI for $12K.

SOLE DUD: R (Eric)

Mark: $16K/Eric: $2K/Tennia: $22,072 cash & trips

GT: $40,072


$100K Bonus Round
Tennia landed on the P.

Category: PHRASE
I knew already…

_ _ _ N T
_ T / _ _ T

DHPA added just this consonant…

P _ _ N T
_ T / _ _ T

…but it was all she needed to POINT IT OUT and they pointed her to get in the ’17 Explorer XLT worth $40,540 ($400 more than the one from Shopping Spree)! ! Final take: $62,612 cash & prizes.

We learned that Vanna’s dad was in the military and he just turned 91.


(Final Notes: According to Bobby McBride, this Explorer had package #202A, EcoBoost and a moonroof. The other one had white metallic paint, #202A and XLT Technology package.)


One thought on “WoF Recap: November 10, 2016

  1. jpgenius November 11, 2016 / 11:03 pm

    Good work Tennia! And happy Vets Day!

    My rating: 8


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