WoF Recap: November 8, 2016

Believe it or not, the powers that be did something that they’ve never done before — air a first-run episode like this one in some markets last night and replay it in the next night (this tells me that we’ll get to see the one on Saturday, if that’s the case).


$1K Tossup: WAYD?

T A _ I _ _
A / _ _ M E _ T

David was wrongly TAKING A TIMEOUT. George then got the money, so we were TAKING A MOMENT in meeting these people.

George Kanthura: second-yr. law student who was in the Navy for seven yrs. from San Diego

David Searfoss: trumpet player who was in the Army & a member of their band from Santa Monica

Brenda Gallagher: sr. caretaker & hometown comedian who was in the A.F. & in their honor guard from Vegas

$2K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ _ C A R _ N I
_ A _ A D

Brenda ate some MACARONI SALAD.

Other GT of the Week: Furniture of America


She opened up w/ an $1,800 T trio, four E’s, two A’s, an N for the WC, a $600 D, an an I, then she picked a $2,500 H, four R’s courtesy of the WC, and four $550 S’s before she tried to solve…

T H E / S T A R S
A N D / S T R I _ E S
_ _ R E _ E R

“THE STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER” is the patriotic song for $16,850, and $18,850 overall!



Crossword/Mystery Round: HIGH _____

George couldn’t capitalize on $3,500 w/ T. Second, David chose an S and took the obvious gamble for what’s under the MW near $650$$$. But that’s taken right back by the BANKRUPT near $650. Third, Brenda called up a $1K pair of C’s, bought three O’s, but that same BANKRUPT got her and George, costing the lady $750. After David LOST A TURN, Brenda lit up a $700 L, bought the E, but she too ran into LaT. George then rattled off a $1,600 pair of H’s, three I’s, an $800 R, two FP N’s, and a FP V before we finally showed you…

(C)(H)(A)(I)(R)  /   /  (N)
/     /    /    /  (I)   /   /   (O)
/     /    /    / (S)(C)(H)(O)(O)(L)
/  (_)(I)(V)(E)  /    /   (N)

…he missed that bottom across word w/ DIVE. David then uncovered the $650 F and solved for the house minimum.

INSTA-DUD: T (George)
LaTs: 2 (David & Brenda)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole panel)
SOLE DQ: George’s one-letter missolve

David: $1K/Brenda: $18,850/George: $1K


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

David kicked off w/ a $700 S, E, an $800 R, three A’s, but then C for crud. Brenda secondly spun the LaT again. Third, George took a $650 T, but then a baddie of I. David then lit up $2K worth of four D’s, the last vowel of O, and an N for the FoA gift tag. We have…

S T A N D – _ _
_ A D D _ E _ O A R D

…he solved for $4,250 cash & GC and would need a STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD for his trip to The Buccaneer in ST. CROIX worth $9,400.

DUDS: C (David), I (George)
SOLE LaT: Brenda

David: $14,650 cash & prizes/Brenda: $18,850/George: $1K


$3K Tossup: EVENT

F E _ _ _ _ L
_ O L _ _ A _

Brenda knew that this coming Friday is an example of a FEDERAL HOLIDAY.

Speed-Up: PHRASE

$1,500 was the FS here. The backloading G showed its face, but Brenda just missed w/ RIPE FOR THE PECKING. Two P’s later…

R _ P _ / F O R
T H _ / P _ C _ _ N G

George won another $7,500 that was RIPE FOR THE PICKING.

SOLE DUD: S (George)
DQs: 2 (David’s N repeat, Brenda’s missolve)

David: $14,650 cash & prizes/Brenda: $21,850/George: $8,500

GT: $45,000 even


$100K Bonus Round
Brenda got the M envelope of AMERICA’S.

Category: PHRASE (this was her favorite topic)
Like Monday’s final puzzle, two letters in the bottom to start..

_ _ / _ _ _ _ _
_ L _ _ E

MYDA gave her…

M Y / _ A _ _ Y
_ L A _ E

I’m in MY HAPPY PLACE to tell you that she got it even w/o the triple P’s, so she left w/ $55,850.



One thought on “WoF Recap: November 8, 2016

  1. jpgenius November 9, 2016 / 11:56 pm

    Go Brenda!

    My rating: 7


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