WoF Recap: November 30, 2016


$1K Tossup: PEOPLE

_ _ N _ _ / A N D
_ _ _ _ _ _

Debby & Ray solve AUNTS AND UNCLES. In order, Wednesday’s duos…

Debby Peck & Ray Linford: Ray’s from Orem, UT while she’s from Kenmore, WA; they both remember their mom lasting the full three days on the daytime version

Heather Pryor & Joetta Allen (sisters): Heather’s a realtor & nail specialist while Joetta’s a registered nurse from Lake Mary, FL

Christopher & Anne Martinez (son/mom): he’s the owner of a home furnishings store in Santa Fe while she’s a retired teacher married to a Cuban husband for 57 yrs.

$2K Tossup: THING

_ / L _ _ _ _ _ –
_ _ O _ _ / _ _ C T

Debby & Ray triple up w/ A LITTLE-KNOWN FACT.

Round 1: SHOW BIZ

It’s all D & R — they call up four T’s for $2,800, four E’s, A, two $600 R’s, a $700 G, three O’s, and four I’s to clean out the vowels, after which come three N’s, two M’s and three S’s all at $500 apiece.

M O M E N T S / I N
T E _ E _ I S I O N
_ I S T O R _

They’ve seen some GREAT MOMENTS IN TELEVISION HISTORY for $7,700 and $10,700 overall. PR.


Crossword/Mystery Round: FAMILY _____

The sisters lead of w/ an $1,100 pair of N’s, two E’s, three R’s for the Sears SS, four I’s, two $700 D’s, and an A, followed by a $500 S, the other two vowels, and a $1,300 pair of T’s. We have…

.  _ O R T R A I T
.             I           I
.             _       _ E U D
D I N N E R      S

PORTRAIT, FEUD, DINNER, TIME and TIES result in another PR and a $12,050 payoff for that team.

D & R: $10,700/Sisters: $12,050 cash & SS/Martinezes: $0


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Now that we finally get to hear from the Martinezes, they start us off w/ a $900 T, E, a $900 H, and an A, followed by a $900 R, but then D for dud while on EXPRESS. D & R secondly GO ABOARD after selecting two N’s…but they bomb out on the next pick of B. The sisters are third in line w/ a $650 G, three I’s, a $500 F, and the other two vowels, but they repeat the T while on the gift tag. The Martinezes then light up a $1,650 L trio…

L I _ I N G / I N
T H E / L A _
O F / L U _ U R _

…they’ll be LIVING IN THE LAP OF LUXURY on a trip to that Rincon Beach Resort in PUERTO RICO worth $11,600; they’re on the board w/ $15,450 cash & trip.

SOLE DQ: T recall by sisters

D & R: $10,700/Sisters: $12,050 cash & SS/Martinezes: $15,450 cash & trip


$3K Tossup: RHYME TIME

_ _ _ _ _ – G R _ T _ Y

We’re coming down to the NITTY-GRITTY, as the sisters solve to be $400 off the lead.

Speed-Up: WAYD?

Oh, this is truly the NITTY-GRITTY — we have a $6K FS! After the twin M’s pop up…

M _ _ T I N G / M _

D _ _ D _ I N _

D & R were MEETING MY DEADLINE, so they’ve won $18K and a ticket to Bonusland.


D & R: $28,700/Sisters: $15,050 cash & SS/Martinezes: $15,450 cash & trip

GT: $59,200

Sisters’ SPIN ID: MQ7695878 (Matt Q.)
: CB1088432 (Carla B.)


$100K Bonus Round
D & R land on the G spot.

Category: THING
I think I know, but I’m not sure…

_ / _ N _ _ _ E
_ _ _ _ E

HGMO doesn’t do much good…

_ / _ N _ _ _ E
_ O _ _ E

It’s really too bad they don’t have A UNIQUE VOICE to solve this puzzle (they thought MOVIE), because…







































…THEY’RE THE SECOND $100,000 LOSERS THIS SEASON (and it’s the first team $100K loss since the WORLDWIDE HIT trainwreck in May 2012 of S30).

FINAL SPIN ID: SP7215744 (Sucha P.)



WoF Recap: November 29, 2016



_ R _ _ _ S S I O N _ L
G E N _ A L O _ I S T

Rhonda & Brittany blow it w/ PROFESSIONAL GYNAECOLOGIST.

_ R _ _ _ S S I O N _ L
G E N _ A L O G I S T

Otto & Olivia solve PROFESSIONAL GENEAOLOGIST. The team in the middle will  be interviewed first…

Otto & Olivia Huber (siblings and 4th-gen. “WHEEL” Watchers): he’s an unclaimed property examiner while she’s a worship minister at Lakeside Christian Church; they’re from Springfield, IL

Anita & Josh Henderson (mom/son): she is from Ocala and runs an online resale store while he’s an engineer from Largo

Rhonda & Brittany Scott (sisters): Rhonda’s a fiscal analyst while Brittany’s an attorney

$2K Tossup: THING

C _ _ P I N G
P E _ M _ T

Olivia gets a CAMPING PERMIT.

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

It’s all the Hubers — they call up a $1,500 T trio, three E’s, four A’s, a $1K pair of S’s, a $700 P, two I’s, a $1,400 C pair, a U, and a $600 M.

_ _ _ – T I E
P A S T A / _ I T _
C _ E A M / S A U C E

Some BOW-TIE PASTA WITH CREAM SAUCE is worth another $4,200 and a PR; they’re up to $7,200.


Mystery Round:  BEFORE & AFTER

The Hendersons can’t capitalize on TD w/ N. Second, the Scotts spin up a $600 R, a $700 S, four O’s, an A, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to lose $800. Third, the Hubers come up w/ an $1,800 T trio, but then a baddie of I. The Hendersons then FP the last vowel of U, but they and the Scotts get that same normal BANKRUPT. The Hubers follow w/ an $1,800 F trio, and a $1,200 pair of H’s.

F O O _
F O R / T H O U _ H T

…they have the FAST FOOD FOR THOUGHT for $4,550.

DUDS: N (Hendersons), I (Hubers)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Scott sisters 2x, Hendersons)

Hubers: $11,750/Everybody else: $0 each


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

The Scotts are GOING ABOARD the EXPRESS after starting w/ a G.

Next Choices: two N’s…three I’s…two A’s…two S’s…D…three L’s…two T’s…H…four E’s (NMV)…F…Y…BIG CRASH w/ V (they lose $13,250)

E _ _ _ A _ I N G

T H E / I S L A N D

…the Hubers will be EMBRACING THE ISLAND LIFESTYLE while at the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort in OAHU worth $14,696.


Hubers: $26,446 cash & trip/Everybody else: $0 each


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

_ H Y / _ I D _ ‘ T / _
T _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ H _ T ?

Otto asks “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?” and they’re still perfect.


They start w/ a $1K pair of R’s, but it’s S-U time…

_ _ _ _ R _ _ _
_ _ _ R _ / _ _ _ _ _

…and the remaining consonants are worth $1,700 apiece. After those siblings buy two E’s for free…

F _ _ _ R _ T E
_ _ _ R D / _ _ M E S

…they’ve won $4,400 and have SWEPT THE MAINGAME w/ their FAVORITE BOARD GAMES!

DUDS: N (Scotts; repeated by the Hendersons), L (Hubers)

Hubers: $33,846 cash & trip/Everybody else: $2K LUMP OF COAL EACH

GT: $37,846

Scotts SPIN ID: DC5730927 (Denise C.)
Hendersons SPIN ID: SD7286676 (Sherri D.)


$100K Bonus Round
Olivia lands on the I of AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
The last letter(s) of each word is/are…

_ _ _ E
_ _ _ _ _ _ T

GCMO gives them…

_ _ G E
_ _ C _ _ P O T

…unfortunately, they don’t score the TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP. But they didn’t really hit a HUGE JACKPOT, because it was $34K.

FINAL SPIN ID: JS5375144 (Jean S.)


WoF Recap: November 28, 2016 — START OF SSS ’16


$1K Tossup: PEOPLE

_ _ P P _
_ _ _ _ _ R E N

We would love to give away lots of stuff to some HAPPY CHILDREN like Shiela & Rebekah. First three family pairs this week…

Shelia & Rebekah Payne (mom/daughter): former orig. from Owensboro, KY and Louisville, latter from Jacksonville, FL

Maurice & Veronika Williams (son/mom): he’s a human resources coord. for a transportation co. in Seattle while she’s a retired human resources mgr. for a large corporation

John & James Tweedie (bros.) John’s a chiropractor from Bolivar, MO while James writes & does acting

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

E N J _ _
_ O _ R / _ T _ Y

The Paynes stare into space, but they blow it anyway w/ ENJOY YOUR CITY.

E N J O _
_ O _ R / _ T _ Y

ENJOY YOUR STAY on this show, Williamses. As expected, the $7,500 SS and GT from sears are on the wheel for this two-week period.

Round 1: WAYD?

A $500 R starts them off, but the BANKRUPT near $650 takes that amount right back. Second, the Tweedies get the exact same fate. Third, the Paynes call up a $7,500 N trio, three I’s, four A’s, an O, a $1,200 pair of G’s, and the last vowel of two E’s. They follow w/ a $500 S, a $1,400 T pair, two H’s for the SS, and a $1,200 pair of D’s before they see…

_ I G H T I N G
_ A N D _ E S / O N / A
_ I R T H D A _ / _ A _ E

…winning $11,800 plus that spree was like LIGHTING CANDLES ON A BIRTHDAY CAKE.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (other pairs)

Williamses: $2K/Tweedies: $0/Paynes: $20,300 cash & SS


Mystery/Crossword Round: LET’S DECORATE

The bros are off to a $10,500 start w/ three T’s, followed by an O, but then a bad I buy. Second, the Paynes take a $1,200 pair of S’s, three E’s, and the same number of A’s to clean out the vowel shop, but the other normal BANKRUPT cleans them out of $700. The Williamses then put up a $1,950 R trio and a $1K pair of N’s before they try to solve…

.     T                   S
. O R N A _ E N T S
.     E                   A
_ R E A T _         R

TREE, ORNAMENTS, WREATH & STAR are correct for $2,950.

SOLE DUD: I (Tweedies)

Williamses: $4,950/Tweedies: ZIP/Paynes: $20,300 cash & SS


PP/Express Round: SONG LYRICS

T for trap is how the Paynes start. Second for the Williamses are a $650 R, five E’s, and three N’s while on EXPRESS before they GO ABOARD.

Current Bank: $3,400
Next Choices: four S’s…two D’s…O…F…three A’s…C…three M’s…three L’s (vowels remaining)

_ / C A N / S E E
F O R / M _ L E S
A N D / M _ L E S
A N D / M _ L E S

…they solve The Who’s “I CAN SEE FOR MILES AND MILES AND MILES” for $16,900 plus the caravan.com PANAMA TOURS for a total of $27,900 that round.

INSTA-DUD: T (Paynes)

Williamses: $32,850 cash & tours/Tweedies: ZILCH/Paynes: $20,300 cash & SS


$3K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ I C H
D _ S _ E R T

The Paynes get a RICH DESSERT.

Round 4: THINGS

Next on their list are a $600 S, a $1,950 T trio, E, three A’s, a $500 R, but then the LaT. The Williamses then put up a $1,200 C pair…

A _ C _ E _ T
A R T _ _ A C T S

…they solve ANCIENT ARTIFACTS for an $800 bonus.

SOLE LaT: Paynes

Speed-Up: ON THE MAP

$1,500 per consonant here. The H is established as the second letter of the answer…

P H _ _ N _ _
_ R _ _ _ N _

…and the Tweedie bros. locate PHOENIX, ARIZONA for their only three grand on the night.

AIRED DUDS: T (Williamses), C (Williamses), D (Tweedies), F (Williamses)

Williamses: $34,850 cash & tours/Tweedies: $3K/Paynes: $23,300 cash & SS

GT: $61,150

Tweedies SPIN ID: AA2084480 (Andrew A.)
Paynes SPIN ID: CV5637000 (Carol Ann V.)


$100K Bonus Round
The car for this year’s SSS is a 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI 4dr hatchback. Maurice lands on the ‘.

Category: PHRASE
The RSTLNE can only provide…

_ _ _ _
_ T / _ _

CPDI gives them…

_ _ C _
I T / _ P

…they fall for the PICK IT UP and PUNCH IT UP traps, but they quickly BACK IT UP to nearly double their total to $68,850 cash & tours.

LAST SPIN ID: KR7786277 (Kathryn R.)


Week 11 Stats

Total this Week: $225,912

Total for the Season: $2,603,740

BR Win Record: 18-37 (.33)

Car Wins

-Ford Fiestas: 4

-BR Car: 8 (2 Ford Escapes, 2 Ford Explorers, 1 Ford C-MAX, 1 Jeep Compass, 1 FIAT 500x, 1 GMC Terrain)

Prize Wedge Wins: 19

Gift Tag Wins: 17

Mystery Wedge Wins: 2

Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 21-5

MW Flip was $10K-Bankrupt: 12-9

$10K MW was next to LaT: 10

$10K MW was next to $650: 16

Express was Played-Passed: 17-2

-Successes: 9

-Crashes: 8

Wild Card Usages

-Maingame: 2 (1 on $2,500, 1 on $3,500)

-BR: 8

FP Vowels/Consonants: 32/21

5-Round Games: 14

6-Round Games: 2


Gooseegg Victims: 10

Red Winners: 12

Yellow Winners: 24

Blue Winners: 19

This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $12,500

Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $316,050 + three trips of unknown value

Biggest Bankrupt: $13,600 + $9K+ trip (Sept. 22), $14,850 (Sept. 20), $12,000 (Sept. 13),

Season-Worst Bankrupt Trash for One Night: $32,800+ (Sept. 22), $18,700 (Sept. 20), $12,200 (Sept. 13)

Top 3 Winning Totals: $84,969 (Oct. 18), $83,960 (Sept. 14), $71,700 (Nov. 16)

Lowest Winning Totals: $14,450 (Oct. 28), $11,600 (Sept. 22), $10,740 (Sept. 30)

Highest Maingame Winnings for One Night: $56,250 (Nov. 16)

Season-High Week: $299,303 (Teachers Week)

Season-Low Week: $177,789 (National Parks)


Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0

BR Shutouts: 1

MDBRs: 4


$34K: 8/26

$40K: 1/6

$45K: 0/2

$50K: 1/1

$100K (or $1M): 0/1

CAR: 8/19

WoF Recap: November 25, 2016


The last set for this week is “Pacific Northwest”.

$1K Tossup: PLACE

T _ _ / _ V _ _ G _ E E N
S T _ _ _

Lindsay knows that Washington’s nickname is “THE EVERGREEN STATE”. Before she does some Black Friday shopping, let’s play the game w/…

Lindsay Ihrig: HS Spanish teacher for 10 years and coaches the freshmen cheer and pom teams from Edmond, OK

Danielle Bercovicz: HS special ed teacher at Mt. Pleasant Academy who got her Master’s in urban education from Providence, RI (orig. from NJ)

Uzor Ogbu: involved w/ biotech research from L.A.

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

P_ T / O N / Y _ U _

T _ I N K I N _ / _ _ P

PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAP, Lindsay — you’ve tripled up and will spin first.

TRIP WEDGE: Tanque Verde Ranch in AZ

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

But she wastes a spin w/ the MDW’s right side. Second, Danielle calls up three T’s for $2,400, three E’s, a couple R’s for the WC, and three A’s, followed by a $550 N, three U’s, a $1,300 pair of S’s, a $600 H, a $650 B, and the last vowel of I. Next up are a $600 D and Q singles, a $900 C…but then P for PAINFUL DUD on a $600 wedge to leave $7,600 on the table. Uzor then lights up a TD M…

C A R A M E _ I _ E D



Uzor: $2,500/Lindsay: $3K/Danielle: WC

Round 2: SAME NAME

Danielle’s road to redemption begins w/ a $550 T, two E’s, two S’s, for the Arizona trip, ana an A, followed by two L’s for the ticketmaster gift tag, two O’s, but then F for flunk while on the MW near LaT. Uzor secondly lands on the MDW’s left side. Over to Linsaay w/ the calling of three N’s for $2,400, an I, a $500 C, a $550 H, a $550 V, and an M while on the other MW to complete the board…

C O N V E N T I O N / &

…and she’s risking $3,700, much to Pat’s surprise. If the $10K is under there, she’ll have a real big lead… NO. Danielle then reads the answer for $9,090 cash & trip.

SOLE DUD: F (Danielle)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (everybody else)

Uzor: $2,500/Lindsay: $3K/Danielle: $9,090 WC


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

Uzor instantly LOSES A TURN. Second for Lindsay are a $10,500 T trio, three E’s, two A’s and I’s, but then the sole dud vowel of O. Going to Danielle now w/ three R’s for the 1/2 CAR near $600, the last vowel of U, and an $1,800 pair of N’s (she fell a little short of the other 1/2 CAR). We have…

T A _ I N _
U N _ E R _ A T E R
_ I _ T U R E _

…in addition to another $3,050, she’ll be TAKING UNDERWATER PICTURES at the Holiday Inn Resort in Montego Bay, JAMAICA (caribbeanhi.com) worth $7,492.

Uzor: $2,500/Lindsay: $3K/Danielle: $19,632 cash & prizes WC


$3K Tossup: THINGS

D_ U B L _
C O _ P _ N S

Lindsay redeems some DOUBLE COUPONS for the Tossup sweep.

Round 4: WAYD?

Look out — it’s a $6K FS!

Chosen: N, three G’s, H, two T’s (Lindsay wiffs w/ GOING DOWN TO THE GYM), L (DUD), S (DUD), M, R (DUD), C

G _ _ N G / _ _ C _ / T _
T H _ / G _ M

Uzor will be GOING BACK TO THE GYM w/ another $12K in hand.

DUDS: L (Danielle), S (Uzor), R (Danielle)

Uzor: $14,500/Lindsay: $6K/Danielle: $19,632 cash & prizes WC

GT: $40,132


$100K Bonus Round
Danielle lands on the W.

Category: THING
Let’s see some letters, Vanna…

_ _ R / T _ _
_ R _ _ R _ T _

She doesn’t need her WC choice of C, because PHGO will do it for her…

O _ R / T O P
P R _ O R _ T _

OUR TOP PRIORITY of having a BR winner is fulfilled, and this will be in her garage — the 2017 GMC Terrain SLE-1 from Martin GMC worth $28,225. Final Total: $47,857 cash & prizes.


WoF Recap: Thanksgiving 2016

Yes, I was out doing some Black Friday shopping last night, so better late than never.


On this Turkey Day, we were on “Shopping Spree”.


_ _ _ _ _ _ R

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ L T

Kristan quickly gets ELEANOR ROOSEVELT.

Kristan Stewart-Henry: UC-Berkeley PhD student in Special Education as part of joint doctoral program from Brentwood, CA

Mike Shewmake: computer systems admin. from Albuquerque

Tara Temple: art-based toy co. owner who broke a leg and her grandma’s an Internet celeb from Oakland

$2K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

P L A _ I N G
C _ _ _ A D _ S

There’s no need for Kristan to be PLAYING CHARADES.

TRIP WEDGE: Green Palm Inn in Savannah

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

Her opening letters are a $1,300 pair of N’s, two A’s, three $600 T’s, and two E’s, followed by a $650 D, two I’s, an $800 H, the last vowel of U, and $1,400 pairs of R’s and L’s. The board…

T U R _ E _ / A N D

A L L / T H E
T R I _ _ I N _ _

…we’ve had our TURKEY AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS, and she’s earned another $6,250 in this PR, bringing her up to $9,250.


Mystery Round: WAYD?

Mike gets the Savannah trip right away w/ four N’s, buys two I’s and four A’s, but LOSES A TURN. Second, Tara calls up a $1,400 pair of G’s, buys two E’s, but duds out w/ S while on the 1/2 CAR near $600. Third, Kristan lights up a $1,200 pair of R’s, the last vowel of O via FP, a $650 D, but nothing more w/ M. Mike then puts up pairs of K’s and T’s ($600 and $650, respectively) before we see…

T A K I N G / A
_ O N G / _ A _ K
A _ T E R / D I N N E R

…he may be TAKING A LONG WALK AFTER DINNER in Savannah, so he’s on the board w/ $10K cash & trip.

DUDS: S (Tara), M (Kristan)
SOLE LaT: Mike


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Here goes Tara w/ a $700 T, four E’s, but then the LaT. Kristan secondly takes a $1,400 pair of R’s and three A’s before she goes for a quick solve…

E _ E R _ / _ A _ / _ _
A _ / A _ _ E _ T _ R E

EVERY DAY IS AN ADVENTURE for this lady, as she solves for $1,150 and a trip to the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in CABO SAN LUCAS worth $7,380.

SOLE LaT: Tara

Mike: $10K cash & Savannah/Tara: BAD LUCK/Kristan: $17,780 cash & CSL



T E _ _ _ O _ N _ / &
T A B L _ _ P _ O _ S

Mike gets out some TEASPOONS & TABLESPOONS.

Round 4: THING

But he says a quick dud of S. Second for Tara are a $1K pair of N’s, two I’s, a $1,600 pair of G’s, and a $1K pair of T’s…

_ _ _ T / _ _
_ I G _ T N I N G

…but she doesn’t remember the category, as she blows the $3,350 solve w/ FAST AS LIGHTNING. Kristan then uncovers a $1K L pair and a $600 F…

_ _ L T / _ F
L I G _ T N I N G

…the solution got to her like a BOLT OF LIGHTNING.

DQ: Tara’s blown solve

Mike: $10K cash & Savannah/Tara: GOOSEEGG ALERT/Kristan: $19,380 cash & CSL

Speed-Up: PERSON

It’s a $1,600 FS. Four T’s and two S’s in…

S T _ _ _ _ _ T – _
S T _ _ _ _ T

…it appears Kristan was a STRAIGHT-A STUDENT in school, as she’s won another $3,200 worth of icing.

Mike: $10K cash & Savannah/Tara: $1K GOOSEEGG/Kristan: $22,580 cash & CSL

GT: $33,580


$100K Bonus Round
The stopping point for Kristan is the I of AMERICA’S.

Category: PHRASE
The end letters of every word except the second are…

_ _ _ E / _ _ _
_ _ _ E / _ _ N

HCPI adds…

H _ P E / _ _ _
H _ _ E / _ _ N

HOPE YOU HAVE FUN reading this report, ma’am, but HOPE FOR is NOT gonna win you the Ford Explorer.


WoF Recap: November 23, 2016


Oh dear, it’s the National Parks set.

$1K Tossup: LANDMARK

G R A _ _ _ _ N D
M A N _ I O N

Terrai IDs the GRACELAND MANSION. Info on her and everybody else…

Terrai Ross: accountant from Boerne, TX

Lawrence Olguin: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service supporter from Albuquerque

Katy Easter: preschool teacher at childcare center from Fargo

$2K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ _ C _ E _
_ O U _ _ A M _ N T

Terrai triples up w/ SOCCER TOURNAMENT.

PRIZE WEDGE: DICK’s Sporting Goods

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

It’s all Terrai — she calls up three T’s for $1,650, four E’s, a $1,300 pair of S’s, a $700 W, two O’s and A’s to wipe out the vowels, and a $700 P.

_ A _ E _ / S W E E T


You can eat these for Thanksgiving, and Terrai knows that’s BAKED SWEET POTATOES for $3,600 and a new total of $6,600.



Crossword/Mystery Round: CAR TALK

Lawrence wastes a spin w/ the MDW’s right side. Second, Katy picks off three S’s for the 1/2 CAR near $600 w/ three S’s, two E’s, an A, two N’s for the DICK’s SS, and three I’s before she lights up two L’s and SURPRISINGLY risks $7,750 cash & SS for that’s under the MW near $650$$$! Next up are three O’s to clean out the vowels, a $500 T, a $650 R, a $650 M…but then P for PAINFUL DUD to throw away $19,300 cash & SS. Terrai then SPINGLES for the $600 H…

.  _ E  H I _ L E
.          O                 O
.          _                  L

…and adds a $400 bonus w/ VEHICLE, HONK, TRANSMISSION, OIL.


Terrai: $7,600/Everybody else: $0 each


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Trying to soften the blow of that late blunder, Katy leads off w/ a $1,200 pair of L’s, three I’s, an $1,100 N pair, five E’s, an $800 B, a $900 G, but then A for awful. Terrai’s second in line w/ a $700 T, two $900 H’s, the last vowel of O, but then M for mistake…

I ‘ L L / B E:
_ H E _ _ I N G / I N
_ O _ / T H E / _ E E _

…and Lawrence says “I’LL BE CHECKING IN FOR THE WEEK” for a trip to The Verandah in ANTIGUA worth $7,060.

DUDS: A (Katy), M (Terrai)

Katy: BAD SHAPE/Terrai: $7,600/Lawrence: $7,060 trip


$3K Tossup: RHYME TIME

_ _ U _ / &
P _ _ _ D

Terrai says the answer LOUD & PROUD for the Tossup sweep.

Round 4: SHOW BIZ

Coming out of her mouth are a $550 T, a $500 N, two O’s, but then S for sorry. Second for Lawrence are two FP A’s, but then C for crud. Both women then BANKRUPT back-to-back (the former near TD, the latter next to $650 to lose $800). After Lawrence misses again w/ D, Katy lights up a $500 R and the other non-U vowels…

_ O _ I E
_ A R A T _ O N

…she solves MOVIE MARATHON for the house minimum.

DUDS: S (Terrai), C (Lawrence)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Speed-Up: WAYD?

$1,500 per consonant here. Lawrence buys the E’s for free, but only gets the first line. One D and two L’s later…

R E _ D _ N G / T H E
S _ _ L L / _ R _ N T

Terrai’s READING THE SMALL PRINT to hold on w/ four Benjamins shy of 20 grand.

Katy: $1K/Terrai: $19,600/Lawrence: $7,060 trip

GT: $27,660


$100K Bonus Round
Terrai lands on the M of AMERICA’S.

Category: PERSON
Beethoven was one example of this…

_ _ S _ _ _ L
_ R _ _ _ _ _

CHPO gives her…

_ _ S _ C _ L
P R O _ _ _ _

Don’t tell me we have another late BR solve…no, she gets MUSICAL PRODIGY w/ about two seconds left to leave w/ $53,600.


WoF Recap: November 22, 2016


We’re on the B&B set.

$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ _ _ U _ _ _ _ _ _ E
_ _ _ / M _ _ _ C _

Isaac locates ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO. Tuesday’s trio…

Isaac Comelli: worker at CSU athletic dept. from Bakersfield, CA

Julie Olimpio: Exec. assistant from Littleton, CO

Ann Richardson: retired educator and has an autographed handkerchief collection (6K+) that was started by her grandma in the ’30s from Hutchinson, KS

$2K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

M O V _ E
S _ _ N _ _ _ A _ K


Crossword Round: SUPER ____

She starts the search w/ a $2,500 T, E, two $700 R’s, a $650 S, and three A’s, after which she says a $900 N, a U, a $650 M, a $500 L, the last vowel of O, but then D for dud while on the $10K slots wedge. Ann then puts up a $600 B and a $1K pair of W’s before we see…

.                     B
M               _ O W E R S
A                   W

She solves BOWL, POWERS, NATURAL, MAN for $1,600.

SOLE DUD: D (Julie)

Julie: $2K/Ann: $1,600/Isaac: $1K


Mystery Round: SONG TITLE

It’s all Ann — she picks three $550 T’s, three O’s, two I’s, two $900 N’s, three $550 W’s, a $900 K, two A’s, a $600 H, and the last vowel of E.

I / W A N T / T O
K N O W / W H A T
_ O _ E / I _

…she solves Foreigner’s “I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS” for $5,600.


Julie: $2K/Ann: $7,200/Isaac: $1K

Classic Bonus Puzzle (’91): THING
CDHA was of limited help…

N _ _ H T _ _ _ N

…but NIGHTGOWN was solved.


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Here goes Isaac w/ three T’s for the Perfumania gift tag, three O’s, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to toss away $2,250 cash & perfume. Second, Julie calls up a $700 N, four E’s, a $3,500 H, an M as in MDW, and four A’s before getting the same BANKRUPT to forfeit $3,700 and the MDW. Ann then goes aboard the EXPRESS after picking an L.

Next Choices: V…D…I…Y…U, R and C to complete the board.

Ma’am, you’ve won $5,500 and you can…

L E A V E / Y O U R
C O A T / A N D / T I E
A T / H O M E

…because you’re off to the Napili Kai Beach Resort in MAUI worth $9,300..

BANKRUPTS: 2 (those not named Ann)

Julie: $2K/Ann: $22K cash & HI/Isaac: $1K



_ R _ G _ T
_ K Y _ I _ _ T

Isaac spots the BRIGHT SKYLIGHT.

Speed-Up: FOOD & DRINK

$1,700’s the consonant value. Early on, Ann uncovers the C, but goofs w/ CRISP CRANBERRIES. One F later…

F R _ _ _
C R _ N _ _ R R _ _ _

…we’re about to eat some FRESH CRANBERRIES this Thursday and Isaac has solved for another $3,400.

SOLE DQ: Ann’s missolve

Julie: $2K/Ann: $22K cash & HI/Isaac: $7,400

GT: $31,400
BANKRUPT TRASH (MDW not factored): $5,950 cash & GT


$100K Bonus Round
Ann lands on the M in GAME.

Category: THING
Some end letters to start this one…

_ _ _ L
_ _ _ _ E T

DCHO gives her…

_ O O L
_ _ C _ E T

…unfortunately, we have our second post-buzzer solve in three shows, so the keys to the Jeep Compass Latitude will stay inside this WOOL JACKET.


WoF Recap: November 21, 2016


Our first extra episodes week begins on the set of “Teachers Week”.

$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ _ _ _ O
_ O _ _ _ / D _ K _ T A

Mike locates FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA. You think we would have an all-teaching panel tonight, but the guy we’re interviewing first is NOT one at all…

Mike Chester: financial services co. internal auditor from L.A. (orig. from Staten Island)

Nolan Draves: Kenter Canyon ES P.E. teacher & coach from L.A.

Lori Ruedi: Van Avery Prep MS English teacher from San Diego

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

_ A T C H _ _ _
_ _ _ / B I _ / _ _ _ _

I’m sure Lori will be WATCHING THE BIG GAME (the Super Bowl, that is) like most of us.

TRIP WEDGE: Lexington at Jackson Hole


She starts w/ three T’s for $2,100, three G’s to add $1,800, but then A for awful. Second, Mike calls up a $1K pair of R’s, buys two E’s, and lights up a $1,400 pair of D’s. We have…

T H _ R

T H E / _ _ D
_ _ / T H _ _ D E R

…he IDs THOR, THE GOD OF THUNDER for $2,150.

SOLE DUD: A (Lori)

Nolan: $0/Lori: $2K/Mike: $3,150


Mystery Round: FOOD & DRINK

Here goes Mike w/ a $1,400 R pair, two E’s, but then T for trouble while on the MW near $650. Second, Nolan digs up an S for the WC, an A, and three N’s while on the same MW before risking $250 and his WC…he got the wrong one. Third, Lori lights up a $650 M, two O’s, a $650 C, a $1,400 F pair, and the other two vowels. After an $1,100 pair of D’s…

_ O _ D E N
C O R N / _ R E A D

…she munches on some GOLDEN CORN BREAD MUFFINS for $3,050.

SOLE DUD: T (Mike)

Nolan: ZERO/Lori: $5,050/Mike: $3,150



Nolan BANKRUPTs next to big money right out of the gate. From here, it’s all Lori — she chooses a $2,100 T trio, three FP E’s, two A’s, a $900 P, a $1,400 pair of D’s, an I, and a $700 L.

.      _           T
A T L A _ T I _
.      _           D
D E E P       E

ATLANTIC, TIDE, DEEP & BLUE win her $4,600 and a trip to The Westin ST. MAARTEN Dawn Beach Resort & Spa worth $8,365. The gift tag retiring tonight was from ticketmaster.


Nolan: BAD LUCK/Lori: $18,015 cash & trip/Mike: $3,150



C _ _ _ _
_ ‘ B _ _ E N

Nolan IDs CONAN O’BRIEN to finally strike pay dirt.

Round 4: PHRASE

His first actions are a $900 R, three E’s, but then the R recall while on TD. Second for Lori are a $500 T, a $1,300 N pair, three A’s, and a $1K S pair before she…

E A S _ E R / S A _ _
T _ A N / _ _ N E

…admits that most games are EASIER SAID THAN DONE for $2,550.

SOLE DQ: Nolan’s R repeat

Nolan: $3K/Lori: $20,565 cash & trip/Mike: $3,150

Round 5: THINGS

Lori opens w/ an $1,300 S double, but then H for hush. Second, Mike BANKRUPTs next to big money. Third in Nolan’s direction are a $1,500 T trio, I, but then R for roadblock. Lori follows suit w/ a $500 P, but then the other normal BANKRUPT to give back $1,800. After Mike’s $650 N to leave only vowels remaining…

P _ S T – I T

N _ T _ S

…some POST-IT NOTES say that he’s won a $350 bonus.

DUDS: H (Lori), R (Nolan)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Mike, Lori)


The FS is set at $1,600. After a B pops up (the first letter of the second word)…

_ / B _ _ _ T _ _ _ _
_ _ N _

Nolan solves “A BEAUTIFUL MIND” for $3,200.

DUDS (both by Mike): S and R

Nolan: $6,200/Lori: $20,565 cash & trip/Mike: $4,150

GT: $30,915
BANKRUPT TRASH (WC not factored): $2,050


$100K Bonus Round
Lori lands on the R.

Category: PHRASE
This five-letter answer begins like this…

_ / _ _ _ E / T _
_ _ / _ _ _ E

DMPI doesn’t add much besides the obvious I…

I / _ _ _ E / T _
_ _ / _ _ M E

I HAVE TO GO HOME now and this lady will be doing said solution in her own ride instead of the Ford Escape Titanium.


Week 10 Stats

Total this Week: $297,879

Total for the Season: $2,377,828

BR Win Record: 16-34 (.32)

Car Wins

-Ford Fiestas: 4

-BR Car: 7 (2 Ford Escapes, 2 Ford Explorers, 1 Ford C-MAX, 1 Jeep Compass, 1 FIAT 500x)

Prize Wedge Wins: 17

Gift Tag Wins: 16

Mystery Wedge Wins: 2

Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 18-5

MW Flip was $10K-Bankrupt: 11-7

$10K MW was next to LaT: 8

$10K MW was next to $650: 15

Express was Played-Passed: 16-2

-Successes: 8

-Crashes: 8

Wild Card Usages

-Maingame: 2 (1 on $2,500, 1 on $3,500)

-BR: 7

FP Vowels/Consonants: 29/21

5-Round Games: 12

6-Round Games: 1


Gooseegg Victims: 9

Red Winners: 12

Yellow Winners: 21

Blue Winners: 17

This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $36,750

Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $303,550 + three trips of unknown value

Biggest Bankrupt: $13,600 + $9K+ trip (Sept. 22), $14,850 (Sept. 20), $12,000 (Sept. 13),

Season-Worst Bankrupt Trash for One Night: $32,800+ (Sept. 22), $18,700 (Sept. 20), $12,200 (Sept. 13)

Top 3 Winning Totals: $84,969 (Oct. 18), $83,960 (Sept. 14), $71,700 (Nov. 16)

Lowest Winning Totals: $14,450 (Oct. 28), $11,600 (Sept. 22), $10,740 (Sept. 30)

Highest Maingame Winnings for One Night: $56,250 (Nov. 16)

Season-High Week: $299,303 (Teachers Week)

Season-Low Week: $177,789 (National Parks)


Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0

BR Shutouts: 1

MDBRs: 4


$34K: 7/25

$40K: 1/6

$45K: 0/2

$50K: 1/1

$100K (or $1M): 0/1

CAR: 7/15