WoF Recap: October 21, 2016


$1K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ F
_ C E _ / T _ A

Guillermo helps himself to a PITCHER OF ICED TEA. Last players this week…

Guillermo Guerrero: works in the ticket office for the Inland Empire 66ers baseball team from Rialto, CA

Sheryl Cruchfield: part-time commercial real estate consultant from Plano, TX

Ross Altenbaugh (female): dir. of homeless shelter from Flagstaff, AZ

$2K Tossup: PLACE

W A _ _ – I N
_ L _ _ _ _

Guillermo gets out of this WALK-IN CLOSET.

FINAL B&B TRIP: Woods Hole Inn in MA

Round 1: WAYD?

He’s off to a nice $5K start w/ two R’s, then he buys three A’s and an I, picks an $1,800 N trio, but then gets into trouble w/ the MDW’s left side to lose $6,300. Sheryl then puts up a $1,600 pair of R’s, three O’s, and a $1,950 trio of L’s…

T A _ I N _ / A
_ T R O L L / _ O _ N
_ _ _ O R _ / L A N _

…they should be TAKING A STROLL DOWN MEMORY LANE for next season; in the meantime, she’s on the board w/ a $300 lead over the man.



Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

All Sheryl here — she picks off a $550 T, three R’s for the 1/2 CAR near $900, an E, four A’s, three S’s for the gift tag, and two O’s to clean out the vowels.

S O A _ / O _ E R A
_ A R S

Imagine a TV series about the daily lives and events of the Jedis, as she solves SOAP OPERA “STAR WARS” for $3,800 cash & GT.


Guillermo: $3K/Sheryl: $7,100 cash & GT/Ross: $0


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Now that we finally get to hear from Ross, she’s off and running w/ a $1K pair of T’s, an A, seven E’s, an $1,100 R pair, and two I’s, followed by a $1,400 pair of N’s, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to forfeit $2,750. After Guillermo gets the exact same fate…

_ _ _ ‘ _ E / N E _ E R
_ E E N / _ A T E R
_ I _ E / T _ I _

Sheryl replies “YOU’VE NEVER SEEN WATER LIKE THIS” for a trip to that St. James’s Club Morgan Bay in ANTIGUA worth $7,150.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (opposition)

Guillermo: $3K/Sheryl: $14,250 cash & prizes/Ross: NOTHING



_ O R C H
_ _ I _ _

Sheryl isn’t relaxing on a PORCH SWING, but rather trying to make more money.

Round 4: EVENT

T for trouble is how she starts. The same goes for Ross w/ an S call. Third in line, Guillermo gets a hold of a $650 R, a $700 N, but then L for loss. After Sheryl misses again w/ H, Ross takes a $500 G, an E and two A’s, three $700 D’s, but that same BANKRUPT steals her 21 Benjamins. Guillermo then puts up a $5K B and a $700 C…

B A C _ _ A R D
_ E D D _ N G

…he solves BACKWARD WEDDING for $7,050.

DUDS: T (Sheryl), S (Ross), L (Guillermo), H (Sheryl)

Guillermo: $10,050/Sheryl: $17,250 cash & prizes/Ross: BUPKIS

Round 5: FUN & GAMES

Ross‘ next chance to score begins w/ a $1,400 pair of T’s, but that same pesky BANKRUPT nails both her and Guillermo. Sheryl next puts up a $600 R, buys three I’s and two A’s, but she too gets that same spot as everybody else. After Ross says S for sorry, Guillermo lights up a $1,200 pair of N’s, two FP P’s, and a $650 G…

A / P I _ T _ R _

…as we’re PAINTING A PICTURE, he’s solved for $2,850 and $12,900 overall.

SOLE DUD: S (Ross)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (everyone)

Speed-Up: THING

It’s a $1,500 FS to wrap up the week. Midway through, Guillermo uncovers the M but flubs the $4,500 solve w/ SURFING PERMIT when the S was already dead. A dud of F and two P’s later…

P _ R _ _ N G
P _ R M _ T

Ross gets out a PARKING PERMIT in time to win her only three grand.

DUDS: S (Ross), L (Ross), F (Sheryl)
CRITICAL DQ: Guillermo’s missolve

Guillermo: $12,900/Sheryl: $17,250 cash & prizes/Ross: $3K

GT: $33,150


$100K Bonus Round
Sheryl needs to take the E envelope from GAME.

Category: THINGS
This 15-letter answer initially reads…

_ _ _ R _ _ L E
_ _ _ _ L E S

HPCO doesn’t add much…

_ _ O R _ _ L E
_ _ _ P L E S

…whether she has ADORABLE DIMPLES on her face or not, she’s the other $40K loser this week.



3 thoughts on “WoF Recap: October 21, 2016

  1. ant0824 October 21, 2016 / 10:04 pm

    JP was right about this week. (Boos). Disappointing show to end the week. Critical did causes Guillermo to ultimately lose the game. And $40K loss was not great either.

    My rating: 5
    Weekly: 7


  2. colin roley October 22, 2016 / 8:38 am

    I Hate To Say But Someone Didn’t Expect A $50K Winner From Tuesday And A Car Winner From Monday On Wheel of Fortune And I’m Dissapointed That Nobody Picked Up The Million Dollar Wedge But That Will Happen For Wyndham Rewards Week Next Week On Wheel of Fortune So What Can I Say!.


  3. jpgenius October 22, 2016 / 12:49 pm

    This was a pretty good episode, with everyone earning something (especially Ross) and a R6. Too bad the BR had to be that hard.

    My rating: 7


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