WoF Recap: October 17, 2016

Ugh, I really didn’t want this theme week to show its ugly head (JP alerted me to this), but let’s get this over with…


$1K Tossup: THING

_ A R M
H O S _ I _ _ _ I T Y

Davo & these people are here to give us some WARM HOSPITALITY

Davo Hall: quality assurance auditor from District Heights, MD

Karen Brown: healthcare exec. from Bakersfield, CA

Clarissa King: RN at a long-term care facility from Selma, AL


C _ _ I O U S
_ _ _ _ _ _

Davo catches CURIOUS GEORGE.

B&B TRIP WEDGE: Bernerhof Inn in Glen, NH
LIKELY GIFT TAG ALL WEEK LONG: bedandbreakfast.com

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

He starts us off w/ a $600 N, but then R for roadblock. Second, Karen calls up a $900 D, three A’s, and six O’s, followed by four $600 C’s, three $800 S’s, two E’s, and two P’s for the gift tag. We have…

P _ A _ E S / O _
C O O _ _ E S / A N D
C _ P S / O _ / C O C O A

…some PLATES OF COOKIES AND CUPS OF COCOA worth $6,950 cash & GT.

SOLE DUD: R (Davo)

Clarissa: $0/Dayo: $3K/Karen: $6,950 cash & GT


Crossword/Mystery Round: FIRST ___

Early leader Karen leads off w/ a $1,300 pair of S’s, three E’s, two A’s, but then L for loss. Second, Clarissa picks a $700 R, FPs triple I’s, but then loses the 7 Benjamins to the BANKRUPT near TD. Third, Davo digs up three $700 N’s, the last vowel of O, three $550 M’s, but then the other normal BANKRUPT to forfeit $3,500. Karen then puts up a $1,400 pair of T’s, and a $1,300 pair of D’s…

/   /   (A)(I)(D)
/   /     /    /  (A)(M)(E)(N)(D)(M)(E)(N)(T)
/   /     /    /  (T)

She solves AID, AMENDMENT, IMPRESSION, DATE for $3,500.

SOLE DUD: L (Karen)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (other players)

Clarissa: NIL/Dayo: $3K/Karen: $10,450 cash & GT


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Clarissa‘s next chance to score begins w/ three $500 S’s, two S’s for the 1/2 CAR near $600, an $800 R, three E’s, and an A, but next is N for no while on TD. Davo‘s second in line w/ a $1,300 pair of L’s, two I’s, a $700 V, and the other two vowels, but here comes the MDW’s left side to take away $1,250. Afterwards…

I / _ O U L _
U S E / S O _ E
T R A V E L / T I _ S

…Karen says “I COULD USE SOME TRAVEL TIPS” for a trip to the Grand Solmar Land’s End in CABO SAN LUCAS for $7,300.

SOLE DUD: N (Clarissa)

Clarissa: NADA/Dayo: $3K/Karen: $17,750 cash & prizes


$3K Tossup: SONG TITLE

T A K _ / _
_ H _ N C _ / O _ / M E

Davo sweeps ’em w/ ABBA’s “TAKE A CHANCE ON ME”.

Round 4: FUN & GAMES

Here he goes w/ a $1,200 pair of N’s, two A’s, a $650 G, a $700 L, and three I’s, followed by a $550 R, two E’s to clean out the vowels, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to clean him out of $2,350. Second for Karen are a $1K pair of D’s, but then the exact same black wedge. Third in Clarissa‘s direction are a $1,400 C pair, but the other normal one. Davo next takes a $600 B…a $500 Y…but then S for stop. Karen then SPINGLES for the $500 M…

R I D I N G / A
_ A N D E M / B I C Y C L E

…she’s RIDING A TANDEM BICYCLE for the house minimum.

SOLE DUD: S (Davo)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole gang)

Clarissa: BAD SHAPE/Dayo: $6K/Karen: $18,750 cash & prizes


Speed-Up: ON THE MAP

It’s a $6K FS! The S is said by a lady…

L _ _ _ S _ _ L L _
_ _ N T _ _ _ _

Clarissa pinpoints to LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY rather than Gooseegg Central.

SOLE DUD: R (Clarissa)

Clarissa: $6K/Dayo: $6K/Karen: $18,750 cash & prizes

GT: $30,750


$100K Bonus Round
They’ve got a Jeep Compass this time. Karen lands on the ***.

Category: WAYD?
Pairs of this to start…

_ _ R _ _ _ N _
_ R _ _ N _

DCPA is a very good combo…

P A R A D _ N _
A R _ _ N D

…don’t go PARADING AROUND in this Jeep Compass Latitude ($27,965) you’ve just won, ma’am; that gives her $46,715 cash & prizes to take home.


2 thoughts on “WoF Recap: October 17, 2016

  1. jpgenius October 18, 2016 / 12:06 am

    Whew, thank goodness for Karen.

    My rating: 7


  2. colin roley October 18, 2016 / 4:40 pm

    in a way she deserve to win a car on the show


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