WoF Recap: October 12, 2016


$1K Tossup: THINGS

C _ S _ _ D I _ G
_ A T E _ F _ _ _ S

Nancy would love to see CASCADING WATERFALLS, or maybe these opponents…

Nancy Altman: retired hospice nurse after 37 yrs. & massage therapist who also plays the marimba as part of a musical group (her 94-yr.-old grandma loves going to casinos) from Santa Fe

Andrew Fischer: Retail sales consultant for large communication co. from Staten Island

Nikki Robinson: occasional skydiver & SCUBA diver marred to Adam (she also once rode an elephant in the jungle in Cambodia) from Scituate, MA

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

R _ _ _ N _
_ H _ / _ _ _ R Y

Andrew thinks he’s RIDING THE FERRYcorrect.

TRIP WEDGE: Sund’s Lodge in British Columbia

Round 1: SHOW BIZ

His first moves are a $1K pair of T’s, two E’s, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to lose $750. Second, Nikki calls up a $2,400 S trio, three A’s, two N’s for the WC, two I’s, four $550 C’s, and the other two vowels. We have…

_ A N T A S T I C
_ O C A _ / _ U S I C

…she nearly blows the solve w/ FANTASTIC VOCAL MUSIC SCENE, but she corrects herself to the right one of FANTASTIC LOCAL MUSIC SCENE for $4,600.


Mystery/Crossword Round: OOH BABY!

Pat said this was the best new thing in game shows this year. LOL. Anyway, Nikki starts us off w/ T for the Cabela’s gift tag, but then the LaT. Second in Nancy’s path are a $500 N, E and two A’s, but then H for hush. Third, Andrew lights up a $2,400 R trio, buys four I’s, but then LaTs out. Nikki resumes her play w/ two P’s for the 1/2 CAR near $900, a $500 C, a U, but LaTs out again. Nancy follows w/ a $500 D, the last vowel of O, and a B while on the MW near LaT. Her $250 flip is worth…NOTHING. Andrew then puts up the final consonants of a FP Y, and a $700 S. The crossword board…

/    /    /    /    /  (O) /     /  (R)
/    /     /    /    /  (Y)  /    /   (I)
/    /   /     /     /   (S)  /   /   (B)(U)(R)(P)

He wins another $3,350, and Pat takes off his jacket before the next break.

SOLE DUD: H (Nancy)
LaTs: 3 (Nikki 2x, Andrew)

Nikki: $4,600 WC/Nancy: $1K/Andrew: $5,350


PP/Express Round: EVENT

Nancy‘s off and running w/ an $1,800 T trio, three E’s and A’s, an $800 H, and the rest of the vowel shop. Next up are a $1,300 pair of R’s, a FP F, a $7K pair of G’s, an $1,100 pair of D’s, a $1,300 pair of L’s, and a $700 W to finally complete the board.

A / G U I D E D
T O U R / O F / T H E
G R E A T / W A L L

She’s won $13,250 and will get that on her Viking River Cruise of CHINA worth $9,800 (this is provided by cheapoair.com).


Nikki: $4,600 WC/Nancy: $24,050 cash & cruise/Andrew: $5,350


_ R C A S / A N D
G R _ _ / _ H _ L E S

Andrew spots these ORCAS AND GRAY WHALES.

Speed-Up: PHRASE

Here’s another $1,600 FS. The D’s are said by a lady…

_ / D _ T _ / W _ T H
D _ _ T _ _ _

Nancy will have A DATE WITH DESTINY, but it’s Nikki who solves for $8K.

INSTA-DUD: R (Andrew)

Nikki: $12,600/Nancy: $24,050 cash & cruise/Andrew: $8,350

GT: an even $45K


$100K Bonus Round
Nancy takes that BW to the E of AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
This column of letters get her started…

_ _ S _ _
_ _ T _

GYPO is totally useless…and she flunks her BASIC MATH to lose $34K.



One thought on “WoF Recap: October 12, 2016

  1. jpgenius October 13, 2016 / 12:02 am

    Except for the BR, nice episode. BTW Pat took off his jacket just to show off his muscles alongside the buff Andrew. 😄

    My rating: 7


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