WoF Recap: September 16, 2016


$1K Tossup: FUN & GAME

C O N C E _ _ _ A T I _ N

This is a game where you have to flip all pairs of matching cards, and Jocelyn knows that’s “CONCENTRATION”. Final set of teachers this week…

Jocelyn Coltrin: 8th Grade teacher at Slater MS for about 18 yrs. who has swam since she was nine months old (and still has a school record) from Healdsburg, CA

Brennan Will: MS & HS math teacher at Odyssey Leadership Academy from Oklahoma City

Kendall Hines: MS P.E. teacher & girls’ athletics coach from Dallas who graduated from Texas A&M (and her grandfather was a three-day undefeated champ from around 1989)

$2K Tossup: EVENT

T _ _ / _ E _ _ N _ I _ G

_ F / A _ / E R _

Kendall says it’s THE BEGINNING OF AN ERA.

TRIP WEDGE: CroisiEurope River Cruise


She starts the spinning w/ three $600 R’s, two $800 N’s, two $600 T’s, an E, five A’s, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to lose $4,100. Jocelyn secondly takes a $1,200 pair of M’s, a $600 K, and a $900 C, then she…

A M E R _ C A N
A _ T _ _ R
M A R K / T _ A _ N

…IDs her favorite AMERICAN AUTHOR MARK TWAIN worth $2,700.


Brennan: $0/Kendall: $2K/Jocelyn: $3,700


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

First up for the lady at the end are three $650 N’s, an E, two I’s, but then T for trouble while on TD. Second, Brennan picks a $1,400 pair of R’s, two A’s to clean out the vowels, a $550 S, and two $800 G’s before saying a P while on the MW near $650 and risking $3,300…$$$. Unfortunately, he then requests a CRITICAL DUD of M. Kendall then puts up a B for the WC and a $550K…

_ A N _ I N G

…she does a little SPRING BREAK DANCING for $1,050.

DUDS: T (Jocelyn), M (Brennan)

Brennan: NIL/Kendall: $3,050/Jocelyn: $3,700


PP/Express Round: RHYME TIME

Brennan’s next chance to score begins w/ a $7K pair of T’s, three E’s, but then the MDW’s right side to lose the $6,750 remainder. Second, Kendall requests three $650 N’s, an O, two H’s for the Pilot Pen gift tag, but then R for roadblock. Jocelyn also strikes out w/ M. Brennan tries again w/ a $550 S, but then L for loss. Kendall next gets the MDW w/ a G, buys two A’s and I to finish off the vowels, but her turn’s finished w/ a potentially fatal dud of K. Jocelyn then puts up twin D’s for $1,400…

S _ E N D I N G
T H E / D A _
O N / T H E / _ A _

…she’ll SPENDING THE DAY ON THE BAY at the Galley Bay Resort in ANTIGUA worth $8,920.

DUDS: R (Kendall), M (Jocelyn), L (Brennan), K (Kendall)

Brennan: NADA/Kendall: $3,050/Jocelyn: $14,020 cash & trip


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

_ _ A _ / _ N
T _ U C _

Jocelyn does STAY IN TOUCH.

Round 4: WAYD?

Next on her list are a $650 N, an I, but the R fails her. Second for Brennan are a $1K G pair, twin E’s, but then A for awful. Kendall then SPINGLES for the $700 M…

_ _ E _ I N G
_ _ _ _ _ E / G _ M

…and she’s CHEWING BUBBLE GUM for a $300 bonus.

DUDS: R (Jocelyn), A (Brennan)

Brennan: GOOSEEGG ALERT/Kendall: $4,050/Jocelyn: $17,020 cash & trip

Round 5: THING

Brennan’s first picks are a $1,950 t trio, but then a bad E buy. Kendall secondly misses w/ S. Jocelyn thirdly picks a $650 Y, but it’s S-U time…

_ _ _ T _
_ _ _ _ _ T _ _ _ T Y

…w/ a $1,900 FS. Brennan uncovers the triple P’s…

P H _ T _
_ P P _ R T _ N _ T Y

…this PHOTO OPPORTUNITY is worth his only $9,300 on the night.

DUDS (before FS): E (Brennan; repeated by Jocelyn), S (Kendall)

Brennan: $9,300/Kendall: $4,050/Jocelyn: $17,020 cash & trip

GT: $30,370


$100K Bonus Round
Jocelyn lands on the R.

Category: THING
Compound word alert…

_ _ T _ _ E _ E _ R

CDMA gives her…

A C T _ _ E _ E A R

…her last second guess of ACTIONWEAR is soooo wrong; whether she owns some ACTIVEWEAR or not, she Got the answer one second too late and she is NOT the third and final Escape winner this week.



4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: September 16, 2016

  1. ant0824 September 16, 2016 / 10:06 pm

    Despite the disappointing show tonight, we still got out first winning BR week and a Great week. Kendall, solving R4 puzzle for a house minimum?

    My rating: 6
    Weekly rating: 8
    Weekly winnings: $299,303 (close to $300K)
    This week’s bankrupt trash: $33,800


  2. jpgenius September 17, 2016 / 11:31 am

    Pretty dull episode to finish off the week. And unfortunately, Jocelyn got the BR puzzle a second too late. Drat.

    My rating: 6


  3. jpgenius January 7, 2017 / 1:01 am

    Kendall actually got the second Toss-Up with WAY more letters than that.


    • andynwof January 7, 2017 / 8:44 am

      Fixed. I actually forgot the exact setup on the second toss up when I watched this episode so sorry about that.


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