WoF Recap: June 8, 2016


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ A _ _ _ N A H
_ _ _ _ _ _ A

Peter pinpoints the lovely city of SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. Next three panelists go by these names…

Peter Barrow: golf instructor and piano player like myself from Pasadena (grew up in Barbados)
Lesley Thompson: retired 4th Grade teacher & Elvis Presley fan who trains teachers in Hands-On Inquiry Science from Loveland, CO; also, her first grandson was born the day after she auditioned for the program
Jessica King: special Ed HS teacher and thrill-seeker from Petersburg, IL

$2K Tossup: EVENT

S _ _ D A Y
_ R _ N _ _

Peter’s won some more money towards going to a SUNDAY BRUNCH.

TRIP WEDGE: caravan.com southwest tour


His first pickings tonight are an $1,800 N trio, three A’s, three L’s and two T’s at $700 a pop, and a P for the bedandbreakfast.com gift tag. Board…

_ _ L L _ _ _ T _ N _
N A T _ _ N A L / P A _ _

…we have a PR — he solves YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK for $6,550 cash & GT, bringing him up to $9,550.


Mystery/Crossword Round: MIXED UP

Lesley gets started w/ three T’s for the 1/2 CAR near $600, three E’s, and a single A, followed by a $1,300 pair of N’s, two I’s, a $650 P, two U’s, a FP U…an S for that WC…but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to forfeit $2,950 and her cardboard pieces. Jessica next picks off the twin M’s for the southwest tour and a $650 C. Let’s see that crossword board…

–   –    –     (U)
–   –   –      (S)(M)(O)(O)(T)(_)(I)(E)

She solves CEMENT, NUTS, PAINT and SMOOTHIE for $7,650 cash & trip.


Jessica: $7,650 cash & trip/Peter: $9,550 cash & GT/Lesley: ZILCH


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

The lady near Pat wastes a turn w/ the MDW’s right side. Second in line, Peter rattles off two FP A’s, four $800 N’s, five I’s, a G for the 1/2 CAR near $900, but then T for trouble. Third in Lesley‘s future are a FP O, a $500 S, two R’s to take the Fiesta out of play, two $900 M’s, a $600 Y, and the other two vowels. But here comes the other normal BANKRUPT to take away $3,400 and her plate (Peter gives his back too). Jessica then takes a $1,200 C pair, and we have…

C _ I M _ I N G
I N C R E _ I _ _ E
M A Y A N / R U I N S

…she’ll be CLIMBING INCREDIBLE MAYAN RUINS during her stay at the RIU Palace Peninsula in CANCUN worth $6,900.

DUDS: T (Peter), O (Lesley)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Jessica: $15,750 cash & trips/Peter: $9,550 cash & GT/Lesley: NO LUCK


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

_ F T E _
_ H E / _ _ _ T

Lesley will be spinning momentarily AFTER THE FACT that she finally gets off the schneid.

Round 4: WAYD?

First up are a $600 T, an A, four I’s, but then her third BANKRUPT of the night (this one next to TD) to give back a Benjamin. Second for Jessica are $2,400 worth of four N’s, a couple O’s, and the S-U signal.

_ O I N _ / I N / A
N _ _ / _ I _ _ _ T I O N

We have yet another $1,500 FS. She then calls those G’s…

G O I N G / I N / A
N _ _ / _ I _ _ _ T I O N

…and she’s GOING IN A NEW DIRECTION for another $5,150.


Jessica: $20,900 cash & trips/Peter: $9,550 cash & GT/Lesley: $3K

GT: $33,450
BANKRUPT TRASH (disregarding cardboard): $6,450


$100K Bonus Round
Jessica also lands on an I — the one in WIN to be exact.

Category: THING
The next-to-last letters of each word are…

_ _ S _
_ _ _ R _

CDGO gives her the first and last letters of the answer…

C _ S _
_ _ _ R D

if only she went w/ CDMA — she doesn’t win the CASH AWARD of $33K.

$5K SPIN ID: DN3396115



4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: June 8, 2016

  1. phikane June 8, 2016 / 10:22 pm

    I know Jessica King not win $33K envelope on bonus round because she not solved Cash Award. I look Bonus round puzzle: Cash Award for easy. America the beautiful have no perfect week on bonus round and no shutout week on bonus round for final week. Bonus round: 0 perfect week and 3 shutout week at Wheel of Fortune 33rd season.


  2. jpgenius June 8, 2016 / 10:25 pm

    Just glad Lesley got that 3rd Toss-Up.

    My rating: 6


  3. ant0824 June 8, 2016 / 11:16 pm

    It was disappointing for the BR and the show. If only had Jessica home with CDMA combo.

    Speaking of 2, there are 2 more shows this week.

    My rating: Low 6


    • colin roley August 20, 2016 / 9:46 am

      ANT0824 I Know But I Want To Have A Chance To Win $1,000,000 For America The Beautiful Week On Wheel of Fortune Wednesday March 8th 2017


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