WoF Recap: June 3, 2016


Our final extra episode this season takes place on what appears to be the Philly set.


L _ K E / _ A _ _ E

Candyce locates LAKE TAHOE to strike first blood amongst:

Candyce Thompson: sole dentist in her family from Memphis

Phil Mortell: account manager for a financial company, avid golfer, & sports fan from Philly

Asia Reed: bartender who enjoys singing classic rock from L.A. (orig. from Birmingham, AL; Pat mistakenly said Louisiana…LOL)


S _ M _ L Y

I R _ E _ I _ T _ _ _ E

Asia the music lover knows about the ‘88 song “SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE” (by Robert Palmer).

FEATURED TRIP: Collette tour of London/Paris worth $10,598 (the label says LONDON instead of Europe)

Round 1: EVENT

She’s up and running w/ three T’s for $1,500 and four E’s before collecting a $2,400 H trio and the WC w/ an L. Following a purchase of two I’s and two G’s for $1,100…

_ E E I _ G / T H E

_ _ _ T H E _ _

L I G H T _

…she’s SEEING THE NORTHERN LIGHTS for this round’s top dollar amount x2 – $5K.


Candyce: $1K/Phil: $0/Asia: $7K + WC

Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Here goes Candyce w/ two T’s for $1,100 and an A, but the BANKRUPT near TD stops her in her tracks (and she loses $850). Second, Phil can’t capitalize on TD w/ a dud of S. Third, Asia picks up the ½-CAR near $600 w/ an R pair and buys five O’s and three E’s. Afterwards, she picks up the European tour w/ an L and $700 w/ an F before buying the last vowel of I. After lighting up a $600 B and a $900 H…

R O O T / B E E R / &

H O _ E _ O _ I _ _


…I would’ve gone on for the M’s, but the H helped her figure out ROOT BEER & HOMECOMING FLOAT – give her another $13,598 cash & tour (although she mistakenly thought it was the Prize Puzzle!).

SOLE DUD: S (Phil)


Candyce: $1K/Phil: NOTHIN’/Asia: $20,598 cash & tour + WC + ½-CAR

Express/Prize Puzzle Round: PHRASE

Phil leads off w/ two H’s for the same ½-CAR, six E’s, and three A’s before calling a $1K pair of R’s and an $800 T. After buying an I, he gets $2,400 from three N’s and another $1K from a D pair before purchasing the last vowel of three O’s…but then the same BANKRUPT costs him $5,200 and his shot at the Fiesta…

T H E / _ E R _ I _ E

A N D / _ O O D / A R E

_ H E N O _ E N A _

…and Asia might just admit “THE SERVICE AND FOOD ARE PHENOMENAL” on her $7,150 trip to the St. James’s Club, Morgan Bay in ST. LUCIA.


Candyce: $1K/Phil: BAD NIGHT/Asia: $27,748 cash & trips + WC


_ U _ M _ R

_ _ M _

Asia guesses SUMMER CAMPshe’s close to $31K now. (It could’ve been SUMMER HOME.)


She strikes paydirt w/ a $1K N duo, an E, a pair of T’s for another grand, and an I, but she’s then stopped by the sole dud vowel of O…

_ _ _ _ _ T I _ N _ / &

_ _ _ _ T _ _ E _ N _

…and this isn’t good news for her – we’re closing out the week w/ a $6K Final Spin! After an L is lit up by someone…

_ _ L _ _ T I _ N S / &

C R _ S T _ C E _ N S

Candyce isn’t entirely sure about her guess of DALMATIANS & CRUSTACEANS (because they don’t go together), but it’s correct for $12K (Phil left $18K behind).

DUDS: O (Asia, before the bell), R (Candyce, after the bell)


Candyce: $13K/Phil: $1K WORTH OF HARD LUCK/Asia: $30,748 cash & trips + WC



$100,000 BONUS ROUND

Asia’s probably hoping the single star holds the Jeep Grand Cherokee that will appear on the finale week (she had to restart her spin after her jacket got stuck on a peg).

Category: PHRASE

RSTLNE gives her…

_ / _ _ _ L E

_ _ N _ _

She’s got a shot w/ DHCI and P

A / _ H _ L E

_ _ N C H

…and here’s A WHOLE BUNCH of dough for her – $45K and a final total of $75,748 cash & trips!

$5K-WINNING ID: JC8413973


We wrap things up w/ the hosts visiting the Bing Bing Dim Sum restaurant in Philly.


5 thoughts on “WoF Recap: June 3, 2016

  1. colin roley June 4, 2016 / 8:24 am

    I Think It’s Time For One To Win $1,MILLION Next Week On Wheel of Fortune Called America The Beautiful Week


  2. adamnugraha569 June 6, 2016 / 4:57 am

    For season 34, the 24 spaces BW will feature four $45K envelopes, four $40K, three $50K envelopes, three $100K envelopes and the rest of those are $34K (for the episode offering cars, one of $40K envelope and one of $45K envelope are removed by two envelopes containing a car), and for MDBR, there are two $1M envelopes which for this season are no longer removing $100K envelope, so will be a first contestant to win $100K on the Million Dollar Bonus Round which still remains the confetti, however one of audience holds the MDW. The first one is the first graphic of $1M envelope won by Michelle Lowenstein and the second one was a current one. Two $1M envelopes are removing a $40K envelope and a $45K envelope, only if a contestant make it to bonus round and take his/her MDW without any Bankrupt hits.


    • Aaae99 August 12, 2016 / 4:46 pm

      This is just complete nonsense…..


  3. mcclellandryan184 February 26, 2018 / 6:32 pm

    It sucks to see a yellow contestant named Phil who is an avid golfer win nothing on the show but hey, it sure does happen sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. mcclellandryan184 February 26, 2018 / 6:39 pm

    Btw, this episode got re-aired on July 8, 2016 but was pre-empted in some markets due to coverage of the Dallas shootings so when did it air on that day?


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