WoF Recap: June 2, 2016


We’re on the set where Mike won $100K – Desert Oasis, so the Ford Escape Titanium SE is back in play.


O _ _ _ I _ _

_ E _ _ _ _ _ _ Y

Tara knows about the OPENING CEREMONY for the upcoming Summer Olympics. These three are all from the South:

Tara Buck: operating room nurse who’s planning to adopt a child and works with the Special Olympics from Austin

Joe Mailloux Jr.: LLC freight agency owner from Middleburg, FL (near Jacksonville)

Maggie Lee: Hope Industrial Systems worker, tambourine player, & karaoke singer from Atlanta

NOTE: Joe goes by Joe Jr. on his name tag – I don’t think I’ve seen that before.


_ O M _ _ _ I T Y

C O L _ _ _ _

Many HS students will attend a COMMUNITY COLLEGE after graduation; Maggie solves this one for control.

FEATURED PRIZE: Aer Lingus tour of Ireland

Round 1: SAME NAME

She’s up first with three $700 R’s, E and A singles, but then S for sorry on the WC. Tara’s next with a $600 N but then L for loss of turn (Pat counted this as a repeat, so there may have been a null cycle). Third, Joe Jr. says P for phooey while Maggie lights up a $600 D, buys the O and U to clean out the vowels…

R O _ _ / &

R U _ _ E R

_ A N D

…and solves ROCK & RUBBER BAND for $1,700 (three B’s left behind).

AIRED DUDS: S (Maggie), L (Tara), P (Joe Jr.)

Joe Jr.: $0/Maggie: $3,700/Tara: $1K

Mystery Round: WAYD?

Tara begins with a $1,300 N pair, four E’s, two G’s for $1,200, and two I’s before lighting up three S’s on the MW near $650. She takes the $3K for them (it’s the $10K one), but then duds out with the first letter of her name on the other MW. Joe Jr. makes a $650 M appear and picks up the Furniture of America gift tag with a Y before calling a D on the other MW…but he flips it over to lose $2,150 cash and furniture. Maggie follows that up with a $600 P, an $1,100 R duo, an $800 F, and a C to pick up the WC this time. Board:

_ E E P I N G / M Y


C R _ S S E D

I’m KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED for everyone to win something; in the meantime, Maggie’s just earned another $3K.

SOLE DUD: T (Tara)


Joe Jr.: $0/Maggie: $6,700 + WC/Tara: $1K

Repeating Classic Bonus Puzzle: OIL & VINEGAR

Express/Prize Puzzle Round: PHRASE

Joe Jr. begins w/ two L’s for $1K before buying an O and the sole dud vowel of A. Maggie lights up four T’s for $3,200 and six E’s before uncovering a $1,300 S pair and…

T _ E _ E ’ S

_ O T _ _ _ _ / E L S E

_ _ _ T E / L _ _ E / _ T

…admitting “THERE’S NOTHING ELSE QUITE LIKE IT” – “it” being $4,250 and a $7,800 stay at the Sandals LaSource GRENADA (Vanna reads the copy).

SOLE DUD: A (Joe Jr.)

Joe Jr.: NOTHING/Maggie: $18,750 cash & Grenada + WC/Tara: $1K


_ I _ _ _ _ E

H E _ M E T

Maggie’s broken the $21K mark w/ BICYCLE HELMET.


Here she goes with a $600 R, A and I singles, a $1K pair of T’s, and the rest of the vowels (an O and three E’s). Next up are a $500 S, two L’s for $1,600, a $500 W, and a $900 Y, and another solve attempt…

S W E E T / L A _ _

O _ / L I _ E R T Y

…but “SWEET LADY OF LIBERTY” is sooo wrong, so goodbye $4,100. That means Tara doubles up with “SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY” (from “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”).

SOLE DQ: Maggie’s wrong answer (she was probably thinking of the Statue of Liberty)

Joe Jr.: BUPKIS/Maggie: $21,750 cash & Grenada + WC/Tara: $2K

Speed-Up Round: LANDMARK

It’s a $1,600 FS. Once Tara uncovers two D’s…

T H E / _ _ _ D E N

_ _ T E / _ R _ D _ E

…she sights my hometown favorite, THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, for $8K and a five-figure total on the nose.

SOLE DUD: S (Maggie)


Joe Jr.: $1K GOOSEEGG/Maggie: $21,750 cash & Grenada + WC/Tara: $10K


BANKRUPT TRASH: $2,150 cash & GT

$100,000 BONUS ROUND

Maggie hopes for a big prize in the N in WIN.

Category: PHRASE (and WAYD?)

Decent RSTLNE setup…

_ _ _ N _ N _

_ _ R _ E S

PGHO and D gives her some more help…

_ O _ N _ N G

_ O R _ E S

…but she still blanks out, so she won’t be JOINING FORCES with the Ford Escape.

$5K-WINNING ID: SV7060672



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