1. The two $100K wins late in the season (Mike and Latoya; let’s not forget about the first tiebreaker in more than a decade for Latoya’s episode).

2. Sheri Blank’s epic $77K maingame. She also won $33K in the BR to end with over $110K.

3. Robert Santoli’s dominance on March 25 this year (his episode is re-airing tomorrow!).

4. Allison Croll’s nice BR solve of FUJI APPLE even without anything in the first word winning her $45K on Oct. 7.

5. Andrew Satriano on Halloween week rebounding after missing the first Tossup (“ALIEN VS. PREDATOR; he botched the pronunciation of the second word) and winning $45K in the BR to end w/ over $80K+.

6. Steven Cahill saved by the H’s on his BR puzzle of HIGH VELOCITY and winning $50K on Nov. 2.

7. Back-to-back $50K BR wins on March 15 and 16th.

8. One of the Jans giving me a compliment about my site. They were IN GOOD COMPANY of nailing their bonus puzzle with all their choices on the board. Wish their envelope had been more.


1. The sole $100K loss of the season that tarnished what was a great maingame on Dec. 23. Michael Taylor gets the DISHONORABLE MENTION yet again for declaring a technical win. Get out of my site, a-hole.

2. False $1M rumors.

3. Too many $33K envelopes. $34K will be just as bad.

4. Too many BR losses during the first 2/3rds this season.

5. So close to a perfect BR week on the third America’s Game week. It didn’t help that we had a low-scoring maingame.

6. Darnel on the Friday episode of Teachers Week at the start of the season. He blew $12K in the Express Round thinking the last letter is C instead of K for “IT’S MY TURN TO PLAY HOOKY”. He deserved to go home with $1K and gets an earful from his students.

7. John Jackson’s STUPID MW gamble on the Thursday episode of Big Money Week, costing him $11,900 cash & trip.

8. SOLAR POWER LUNCH fiasco from Oct. 2

9. Henry Ha’s unnecessary ride on the EXPRESS costing him $20,415 cash & Fiesta. Dumb, dumb move.

10. Tragic 11-second $50K loss by Aaron Chun on the Tuesday episode of Carnival Spin & Sail week.

10. “Clueless” Christine Kennard commits the cardinal sin of repeating an answer (HOMEMADE WAFFLES) that was already said in the Tossup on January 20. She called us out on my site but my point still stands.

11. On Nov. 12, David Yoder blowing his BR puzzle of “WARMING UP THE OVEN” and the C-MAX Hybrid to end up in one of the three bottom totals this season.

12. Roxann Russo on Nov. 3 commits two critical duds in R2 and R3. I gave her the award for WORST CONTESTANT OF THE SEASON.

13. Not much magic for that Disney theme week in February.

DISHONORABLE MENTION goes to that troll who created that stupid ripwof site and threatened to kill me. He needs to be arrested, period.


BREAKING NEWS: Orlando Shootings

Early this morning, a lone wolf named Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to the terror group ISIS and gunned down at least 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando. 53 others were wounded. It was declared the WORST MASS SHOOTING EVER ON AMERICAN SOIL. The gunman was mercifully killed by SWAT teams.

Also, “The Voice” alum Christina Grimmie was gunned down Friday night by Kevin James Loibl. He committed suicide afterwards.

Our hearts go out to the families of the victims.


Season finale week are usually not that great and that was true this week.

Total this Week: $232,322

Total for the Season: $9,456,133

BR Win Record: 64-131 (.328)

Car Wins

-Ford Fiestas: 11

-BR Car: 5 (MINI Cooper Hardtop, Ford Flex, Nissan Rogue, Lincoln MKC, FIAT 500x Trekking)

Prize Wedge Wins: 43

Gift Tag Wins: 52

Mystery Wedge Wins: 17

Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 72-18

MW Flip was $10K-Bankrupt: 35-37

$10K MW was next to LaT: 39

$10K MW was next to $650: 46

Express was Played-Passed: 39-10

-Successes: 17

-Crashes: 22

Wild Card Usages

-Maingame: 8 (1 on $500, 6 on $3,500, 1 on $5K)

-BR: 15

FP Vowels/Consonants: 160/46

5-Round Games: 74 (one went to a Tiebreaker on May 25)

6-Round Games: 9 (two went to a 7-round game on Oct. 9 and Dec. 23)


Gooseegg Victims: 47

Red Winners: 67

Yellow Winners: 66

Blue Winners: 62

This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $37,000*

Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $1100,555*

Biggest Bankrupt: $20,815 (Dec. 9), $20,415 (Dec. 21), $18,065 (April 29)

Season-Worst Bankrupt Trash for One Night: $32,515 (Dec. 21), $22,548 (Jan. 11), $22,315 (Dec. 9)

Top 3 Winning Totals: $125,000 (May 25), $117,550 (April 28), $110,100 (Oct. 21)

Lowest Winning Totals: $10,500 (Feb. 1), $10,050 (Nov. 12), $8,400 (Mar. 18)

Highest Maingame Winnings for One Night: $80,100 (Oct. 21), $68,678 (Nov. 18), $67,550 (Feb. 22)

Season-High Week: $376,260 (Desert Oasis)

Season-Low Week: $152,050 (Beaches Resorts Family Week)


Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0

BR Shutouts: 3

MDBRs: 8


$33K: 43/120

$40K: 4/15

$45K: 7/16

$50K: 3/12

$100K (or $1M): 2/3

CAR: 5/27

* includes prizes

WoF Recap: June 10, 2016 – SEASON 33 FINALE


$1K Tossup: THING

_ C I E _ _ _ _ _ C
S _ _ D Y

Rachel does a SCIENTIFIC STUDY to get on the board amongst this final panel of S33…

Rachel Brandstaedter: registered nurse at Mattel Children’s Hospital located in UCLA married to a German named Eric from L.A.

Edgar Ibay: deli clerk at supermarket who plays the viola from Lynnwood, WA

Cristina Galiano: full-time grad student at Grand Canyon Univ. & behavioral health agency worker from Tucson

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

E _ E _ _ _ _ E
I S / I _ _ _ T _ D

EVERYONE IS INVITED to solve, but Rachel has tripled up.

LAST TRIP WEDGE THIS SEASON: American Cruise Lines river cruise


She beings the letter-picking process with a $550 N, three A’s and two I’s, three $500 T’s, a couple E’s, but then the MDW’s left side to lose $1,300. Second, Edgar lights up a $1,300 pair of S’s, the other two vowels, and a $1,300 pair of H’s. Board…

T H E / _ A T E _ A _
A _ _ H / I N
S T . / _ O U I S

…he sees THE GATEWAY ARCH IN ST. LOUIS for $2,100.


Rachel: $3K/Edgar: $2,100/Cristina: $0


Mystery/Crossword Round: LOOK! UP IN THE SKY!

That man in the middle wastes a spin w/ the other MDW BANKRUPT. Second, Cristina picks up the river cruise w/ a P, buys an A, lights up a $600 T, and purchases two I’s, but next is N for negative. Third, Rachel comes up w/ an L while on the MW near LaT and obviously goes for it…$$$. Next up are a $700 S, three E’s, but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to throw away $10,450. Edgar follows w/ two $900 C’s, the last vowel of O, a $700 M, and $650 K, before saying D for dud. Cristina then completes the board w/ a $650 H and a $600 W…

–  (H)(A)(W)(K)
–    –   –   –  (I)
–    –     –    (E)(C)(L)(I)(P)(S)(E)

She reads HAWK, KITE, COMET (and) ECLIPSE for $1,850 plus the New Orleans river cruise worth $9,850.

DUDS: N (Cristina), D (Edgar)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Edgar, Rachel)

Rachel: $3K/Edgar: $2,100/Cristina: $11,700 cash & cruise


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

Current leader Cristina starts this answer w/ three $550 G’s, two I’s, but then the LaT. Second, Rachel runs into the other normal BANKRUPT. Third in line, Edgar lights up four N’s for $2,800, two O’s, three FP A’s, and three E’s. He follows w/ a $1,300 pair of T’s, a U, two H’s for that WC, a C for the gift tag, a FP R, a $1,300 pair of S’s, a $3,500 P, and a D courtesy of his WC before he tries to solve all of this…

H O U R S / G A _ I N G
A T / T H E / O C E A N

…unfortunately, he blows that third word w/ GAMING, so he’s gonna have to give back at least $14,650 cash & GT when this round’s over. Cristina then completes the board w/ the $600 Z…

H O U R S / G A Z I N G
A T / T H E / O C E A N

…and she’ll be doing said activity at The Verandah in ANTIGUA worth $6,960; she’s also won another $2K in spending money.

SOLE LaT: Cristina
DQ: Edgar’s blown solve

Rachel: $3K/Edgar: $2,100/Cristina: $20,660 cash & prizes



_ A S T E _
_ A _ P E N T E R



The last FS of the season is $1,650. After two V’s are put up late in this round…

R E V _ L V _ N G
C _ _ E / S T _ N _

Edgar solves REVOLVING CAKE STAND for $6,600.

SOLE DUD: H (Cristina)

Rachel: $3K/Edgar: $11,700/Cristina: $20,660 cash & prizes

GT: $35,360


$100K Bonus Round
Cristina’s by her lonesome and she gets the I envelope of WIN.

Category: PHRASE
For the last time this season, Vanna, light up the RSTLNE…

_ _ T / _ _
_ _ R _ _ S _ T _

OUT OF CURIOSITY, did you get this one quickly like I did? Unfortunately for her, she wipes out of the game w/ GPHA and doesn’t win the Camaro.

$5K SPIN ID: RE1294745

-This not-so-hot season (only 64 BR wins, which is 10 down from last season) was starting to become the first since S21 to have no $100K winner at all. Thankfully, Mike Brannen on April 28 came through as well as Latoya Williams on May 25. Therefore, this season is the first since that awesome S30 to have more than one grand prize winner.

-Too  bad we’ve didn’t give away many cars in the BR, but at least it’s up from last season’s dubious record of 3.

-And let’s not forget about the epic maingame moments by Sheri Blank (Oct. 21) as well as Robert Santoli (March 25).

Have a great summer, people.


WoF Recap: June 9, 2016


$1K Tossup: WAYD?

_ A _ _ H I N G
F I _ E W _ _ K S

We’re gonna be WATCHING FIREWORKS next month, and Jennifer has solved that puzzle. The next-to-last panel this season…

Jennifer Baldwin: HS French teacher from Highland, CA
Tony Ambrozevicius: park ranger for 17 yrs. from L.A.
Leailia Bartelson : has personal assistant service & plays competitive pool (also has 101-yr.-old mom) from Lakewood, CO

$2K Tossup: PLACE

R _ _ _ _

Leailia takes control w/ CATTLE RANCH.

TRIP WEDGE: Washington D.C. from collette vacations

Round 1: ON THE MAP

She opens w/ three $550 T’s, two E’s, three H’s and four N’s at $650 a pop, and three O’s. After her next picks of two FP A’s, and three $2,500 R’s…

T H E / N O R T H
R _ _ / O _ / T H E
_ R A N _ / _ A N _ O N

…she locates THE NORTH RIM OF THE GRAND CANYON for $13,200.


Tony: $0/Leailia: $15,200/Jennifer: $1K


Mystery/Crossword Round: ALL THUMBS

Jennifer‘s first letters this evening are a $1,200 pair of T’s, three E’s, but then S for sorry. Second, Tony takes a $700 L, but then A for awful. Third, Leailia gets DQed for repeating the S while on TD. Jennifer‘s second turn and her remaining $950 is taken away by the BANKRUPT near $650. Tony next spots the X while he’s on the MW near LaT. His $450 gamble…doesn’t pay off. Leailia follows w/ two D’s for the Vermont Country Store gift tag, three I’s to clean out the vowels, a $700 W, but then a baddie of G while on the WC. After Jennifer BANKRUPTs the same way she did before, Tony uncovers a $10,500 H trio and a $700 K. The words are as follows…

–   – (T)(W)(I)(D)(D)(L)(E)
–  –  (E)
–   – (X)

He solves TWIDDLE, TEXT and HITCHHIKE for $11,200.

DUDS: S (Jennifer, repeated by Leailia), A (Tony), G (Leailia)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Jennifer 2x, Tony)

Tony: $11,200/Leailia: $15,200/Jennifer: $1K


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Tony’s off and running w/ a $7K pair of R’s, E and A singles, two $600 S’s, and two O’s. He follows w/ a $650 Y, a $700 H, the other two vowels, but then the MDW’s right side to flush away $8,300. Leailia then lights up a $650 D, three N’s for 4x that dollar amount, and two FP G’s. We have…

_ R I N G / Y O U R
D A N _ I N G / S H O E S

BRING YOUR DANCING SHOES, ma’am – you’ve won $3,600 and a trip to the IBEROSTAR Rose Hall in JAMAICA worth $6,688.


Tony: $11,200/Leailia: $25,488 cash & Jamaica/Jennifer: $1K



_ _ _ _ _ M A _ / T _ E
_ A _ / _ F / _ _ _ _ _



First up are a $600 R, two E’s, a $500 T, but then A for awful, and we go into S-U mode…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ E _ T E R

…w/ a $1,600 FS. Three N’s are later said…

L _ N _ _ L N
_ E N T E R

Leailia spots the LINCOLN CENTER for $4,800.

DUDS AFTER FS: D (Leailia), S (Jennifer), M (Tony)

Tony: $11,200/Leailia: $30,288 cash & Jamaica/Jennifer: $4K

GT: $45,488


$100K Bonus Round
The *** is where Leailia stops on.

Category: EVENT
This one’s a biggie…

_ _ R _ _ _ L _ _ S
_ _ S _ _ _ E R _

YBPA doesn’t add much besides the obvious Y…

_ _ R A _ _ L _ _ S
_ _ S _ _ _ E R Y

…she doesn’t make a MIRACULOUS DISCOVERY of the answer, and she’s the second $40K loser this week.

$5K SPIN ID: LT5052945


WoF Recap: June 8, 2016


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ A _ _ _ N A H
_ _ _ _ _ _ A

Peter pinpoints the lovely city of SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. Next three panelists go by these names…

Peter Barrow: golf instructor and piano player like myself from Pasadena (grew up in Barbados)
Lesley Thompson: retired 4th Grade teacher & Elvis Presley fan who trains teachers in Hands-On Inquiry Science from Loveland, CO; also, her first grandson was born the day after she auditioned for the program
Jessica King: special Ed HS teacher and thrill-seeker from Petersburg, IL

$2K Tossup: EVENT

S _ _ D A Y
_ R _ N _ _

Peter’s won some more money towards going to a SUNDAY BRUNCH.

TRIP WEDGE: southwest tour


His first pickings tonight are an $1,800 N trio, three A’s, three L’s and two T’s at $700 a pop, and a P for the gift tag. Board…

_ _ L L _ _ _ T _ N _
N A T _ _ N A L / P A _ _

…we have a PR — he solves YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK for $6,550 cash & GT, bringing him up to $9,550.


Mystery/Crossword Round: MIXED UP

Lesley gets started w/ three T’s for the 1/2 CAR near $600, three E’s, and a single A, followed by a $1,300 pair of N’s, two I’s, a $650 P, two U’s, a FP U…an S for that WC…but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to forfeit $2,950 and her cardboard pieces. Jessica next picks off the twin M’s for the southwest tour and a $650 C. Let’s see that crossword board…

–   –    –     (U)
–   –   –      (S)(M)(O)(O)(T)(_)(I)(E)

She solves CEMENT, NUTS, PAINT and SMOOTHIE for $7,650 cash & trip.


Jessica: $7,650 cash & trip/Peter: $9,550 cash & GT/Lesley: ZILCH


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

The lady near Pat wastes a turn w/ the MDW’s right side. Second in line, Peter rattles off two FP A’s, four $800 N’s, five I’s, a G for the 1/2 CAR near $900, but then T for trouble. Third in Lesley‘s future are a FP O, a $500 S, two R’s to take the Fiesta out of play, two $900 M’s, a $600 Y, and the other two vowels. But here comes the other normal BANKRUPT to take away $3,400 and her plate (Peter gives his back too). Jessica then takes a $1,200 C pair, and we have…

C _ I M _ I N G
I N C R E _ I _ _ E
M A Y A N / R U I N S

…she’ll be CLIMBING INCREDIBLE MAYAN RUINS during her stay at the RIU Palace Peninsula in CANCUN worth $6,900.

DUDS: T (Peter), O (Lesley)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Jessica: $15,750 cash & trips/Peter: $9,550 cash & GT/Lesley: NO LUCK


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

_ F T E _
_ H E / _ _ _ T

Lesley will be spinning momentarily AFTER THE FACT that she finally gets off the schneid.

Round 4: WAYD?

First up are a $600 T, an A, four I’s, but then her third BANKRUPT of the night (this one next to TD) to give back a Benjamin. Second for Jessica are $2,400 worth of four N’s, a couple O’s, and the S-U signal.

_ O I N _ / I N / A
N _ _ / _ I _ _ _ T I O N

We have yet another $1,500 FS. She then calls those G’s…

G O I N G / I N / A
N _ _ / _ I _ _ _ T I O N

…and she’s GOING IN A NEW DIRECTION for another $5,150.


Jessica: $20,900 cash & trips/Peter: $9,550 cash & GT/Lesley: $3K

GT: $33,450
BANKRUPT TRASH (disregarding cardboard): $6,450


$100K Bonus Round
Jessica also lands on an I — the one in WIN to be exact.

Category: THING
The next-to-last letters of each word are…

_ _ S _
_ _ _ R _

CDGO gives her the first and last letters of the answer…

C _ S _
_ _ _ R D

if only she went w/ CDMA — she doesn’t win the CASH AWARD of $33K.

$5K SPIN ID: DN3396115


WoF Recap: June 7, 2016


$1K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

H _ T T I _ G / A
_ O _ E / R U N

La Shaun was HITTING A HOME RUN. And she’s the only lady on this panel…

La Shaun Daniels: customer care consultant who served in the Army and has a daily driver camp which is put into car shows (she’s also won the Best Display award the past four yrs.) from Jacksonville, FL
Chris Canter: sales exec. for general agency from Highlands Ranch, CO
Daniel McNees: business mgmt. student from La Mirada, CA, by way of Seattle

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

_ H _ _ / I S / M Y
_ U C K Y / _ A _

Chris gets the first word wrong w/ THAT, but Daniel wisely says “THIS IS MY LUCKY DAY”.

TRIP WEDGE: Inn of the Patriots Bed and Breakfast Hotel in Grover, NC
Gift Tag: Vermont Country Store

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

His first letters are a $900 N, a $650 T, two E’s and five A’s, followed by a $1,600 pair of R’s, the rest of the non-U vowels, but then the LaT. Second, La Shaun digs up three $700 S’s, a $600 F, three $650 L’s, and a $1,200 pair of C’s. Here’s the board…

A / S T A C _ / O F
S I L _ E R / _ O L L A R
_ A N C A _ E S

…she orders A STACK OF SILVER DOLLAR PANCAKES worth $5,850.

SOLE LaT: Daniel

Chris: $0/Daniel: $2K/La Shaun: $6,850


Mystery/Crossword Round: NOW THAT’S HOT!

La Shaun’s initial picks are an $1,100 pair of S’s, an E, but then the sole dud vowel of I. Second, Chris gets the gift tag w/ an N, buys the O and U singles for $500, but then hits the MDW’s left side to give back the gift tag. Going down Daniel’s road third are an $1,100 pair of L’s, four A’s, a $1,200 pair of C’s, but then the same MDW BANKRUPT to lose $2,050. La Shaun follows w/ an $800 H, but then T for terrible. After Chris BANKRUPTs near TD, Daniel puts up three R’s and a K for $14K. Here are the words…

(U)              –   (A)
(N)               –  (_)
–  –    – (C)(H)(A)(R)(C)(O)(A)(L)

(This is probably the best I could think of for formatting.)

He solves SPARKLERS, SUN, LAVA (and) CHARCOAL to win that amount.

DUDS: I, T (both by La Shaun)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (both men including two by Chris)

Chris: ZIP/Daniel: $16K/La Shaun: $6,850



The scoreless Chris is off and running w/ two S’s for the 1/2 CAR near $900, a $650 R, two E’s, three $500 T’s and an I. Next up are $2K worth of four H’s, two O’s, a $900 G, the other two vowels, and a $1K pair of F’s. He then gives back to the plate to solve this…

H U _ _ _ A _ _
_ H A _ E S / R I G H T
O F F / T H E / _ O A S T

…he’s won his first $5,800 and will be seeing HUMPBACK WHALES RIGHT OFF THE COAST at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in MAUI worth $6,474.


Chris: $12,274 cash & HI/Daniel: $16K/La Shaun: $6,850


$3K Tossup: EVENT

_ A _ D S L I D E
_ _ _ _ O R _

There won’t be a LANDSLIDE VICTORY for either man, but Chris is just less than a thousand bucks behind the other man.


After he starts w/ a $900 R and two E’s, it’s S-U time…

_ E _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ E R
_ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _

…w/ another $1,500 FS. After somebody puts up the frontloading D…

D E _ _ L S / T _ _ E R
_ N / _ _ _ _ _ N _

Chris locates DEVILS TOWER IN WYOMING for $5,150.

DUDS (after FS): C (Daniel), H (La Shaun)

Chris: $20,424 cash & HI/Daniel: $16K/La Shaun: $6,850

GT: $43,274
BANKRUPT TRASH: $3,050 cash & GT


$100K Bonus Round
Chris lands on the I of AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
The second word’s important…

R E _ S _ _ L E
_ _ _

PGHO doesn’t add too much more…

R E _ S _ _ L E
_ _ G

…he gets that bottom word wrong w/ MUG and BUG, so he won’t be taking the $40K from Harry’s REUSABLE BAG.

$5K SPIN ID: LC9667157


WoF Recap: June 6, 2016

-Many thanks to JP Genius for filling in for me while I was away. I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get get to see a really big episode from May 25, but I’m so happy that I got to see the clip of that first Tiebreaker in over 10 yrs and that $100K win by Latoya. Anyway, I’m back to finish up the season in a week that’s about “America the Beautiful”.


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

B I _ / S U _
C A _ _ F _ _ N I A

Margaret locates BIG SUR, CALIFORNIA. Leading off the season finale week…

Margaret Scofield: dir. of marketing for a family-owned wholesale office furniture co. from Tucson (orig. from MN)
Brandon Williams: assistant mgr. for a retail store who’s also aspiring to be an actor/singer/songwriter from L.A. (orig. from Beech Island, SC)
Jenan Eses: Sr. training developer at the corporate HQ of a grocery chain who shares her birthday w/ Pat from Winter Springs, FL

$2K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ R A _ G E
S _ I _ E _

Brandon gets some ORANGE SLICES.

TRIP WEDGE: San Francisco from collette vacations worth $6K
Gift Tag:

Round 1: WAYD?

He starts on the wrong foot w/ the BANKRUPT near $2,500. Second, Jenan calls up three $550 N’s, a G for the S.F. trip, five A’s, and two I’s. She follows w/ $1,200 pairs of T’s and M’s, a $500 K, and two E’s to clean out the vowels before we see…

M A K I N G / A
_ _ A M A T I _
E N T _ A N _ E

…after Pat and Vanna were MAKING A DRAMATIC ENTRANCE, this lady’s on the board w/ $10,300 cash & trip.


Brandon: $2K/Jenan: $10,300 cash & S.F./Margaret: $1K


Mystery Round

Tonight marks the debut of a new round called the Crossword round. Three or four interlocking words are provided and a clue is shown in place of the category. And I think you need to say each word from top to bottom.

CLUE: Seeing Red

Jenan gets both 1/2 CARs right away w/ T and N, respectively (she got the one near $600 first), but she makes the one bad purchase of A for awful. Second, Margaret finds two S’s for $1,400 and buys the other four good vowels in one fell swoop (the U was said via FP). But after a $3,500 R is the MDW’s right side to toss away $4,150. Brandon next fills in a $1,400 pair of L’s and an $1,100 B pair. Here are the words as you see ’em…

–    –     –   –    –  (O)
–  –  –   (B)(L)(U)(S)(_)(I)(N)(_)
–   –  –     –     –  (E)

He solves LOBSTER, ROSE, BLUSHING for $2,500.

SOLE DUD: A (Jenan)

Brandon: $4,500/Jenan: $10,300 cash & S.F./Margaret: $1K


PP/Express Round: EVENT

Margaret gets the 1/2 CAR near $600 right away w/ three T’s, then she goes vowel buying for three A’s, an E, and the sole baddie of I. Brandon secondly comes up w/ a $600 N, three L’s to x4 his total and buys the other other two vowels, but here comes the other normal BANKRUPT to take away his $1,900. Jenan thirdly takes a $3,500 S and four R’s to add $2,200 more…

A / S T R O L L
T _ R O U _ _
_ E N T R A L / _ A R _

…she’ll also be taking A STROLL THROUGH CENTRAL PARK, because she’s won a $6K trip to NYC courtesy of the rebooted “Ghostbusters” movie.

SOLE DUD: I (Margaret)

Brandon: $4,500/Jenan: $22K cash & U.S. trips/Margaret: $1K


$3K Tossup: THING

W I N N I _ G
C _ M _ _ _ A T I _ N

Margaret has the WINNING COMBINATION to improve her total.

Round 4: PHRASE

All Margaret here — she picks three $550 T’s, three E’s, two $800 N’s, teo A’s, a $600 R, a $550 S, the last vowel of I, and two $800 H’s.

H O N E S T / A N _
H E A R T _ E _ T

…she gives an HONEST AND HEARTFELT answer for $5,250.


Brandon: $4,500/Jenan: $22K cash & U.S. trips/Margaret: $9,250


Speed-Up: PLACE

We pay them $1,500 each time a consonant appears. After somebody puts up the frontloading D…

D _ _ A R T M _ N T
S T _ R _

Jenan gets out of the DEPARTMENT STORE for $6K more.

SOLE DUD: L (Brandon)

: $4,500/Jenan: $28K cash & trips/Margaret: $9,250

GT: $41,750


$100K Bonus Round
The final car offered this season is a true American classic — it’s a Chevrolet Camaro 2LT. Jenan lands on the M in AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
Do you know this already like I do?…

_ _ _ _ _ _ N E
_ _

BDMO doesn’t add much more…

M _ _ _ _ _ N E
_ D

…even without the A’s, she’s got the winning MAGAZINE AD to leave w/ $61K cash & trips.

$5K SPIN ID: JW4719571


Penultimate Week Stats

Pretty decent week leading up to this season’s final five episodes.

Total this Week: $276,202

Total for the Season: $9,223,811

BR Win Record: 63-127 (.323)

Car Wins

-Ford Fiestas: 11

-BR Car: 5 (MINI Cooper Hardtop, Ford Flex, Nissan Rogue, Lincoln MKC, FIAT 500x Trekking)

Prize Wedge Wins: 40

Gift Tag Wins: 51

Mystery Wedge Wins: 17

Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 70-18

MW Flip was $10K-Bankrupt: 34-36

$10K MW was next to LaT: 37

$10K MW was next to $650: 46

Express was Played-Passed: 39-10

-Successes: 17

-Crashes: 22

Wild Card Usages

-Maingame: 7 (1 on $500, 5 on $3,500, 1 on $5K)

-BR: 15

FP Vowels/Consonants: 154/44

5-Round Games: 73 (one went to a Tiebreaker on May 25)

6-Round Games: 9 (two went to a 7-round game on Oct. 9 and Dec. 23)


Gooseegg Victims: 47

Red Winners: 65

Yellow Winners: 64

Blue Winners: 61

This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $24,250*

Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $1,063,555*

Biggest Bankrupt: $20,815 (Dec. 9), $20,415 (Dec. 21), $18,065 (April 29)

Season-Worst Bankrupt Trash for One Night: $32,515 (Dec. 21), $22,548 (Jan. 11), $22,315 (Dec. 9)

Top 3 Winning Totals: $125,000 (May 25), $117,550 (April 28), $110,100 (Oct. 21)

Lowest Winning Totals: $10,500 (Feb. 1), $10,050 (Nov. 12), $8,400 (Mar. 18)

Highest Maingame Winnings for One Night: $80,100 (Oct. 21), $68,678 (Nov. 18), $67,550 (Feb. 22)

Season-High Week: $376,260 (Desert Oasis)

Season-Low Week: $152,050 (Beaches Resorts Family Week)


Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0

BR Shutouts: 3

MDBRs: 8


$33K: 42/118

$40K: 4/13

$45K: 7/16

$50K: 3/12

$100K (or $1M): 2/3

CAR: 5/26

* includes prizes


Well, that’s it for me, folks – I enjoyed providing recaps to you. Until next time…welcome back, Andy.

WoF Recap: June 3, 2016


Our final extra episode this season takes place on what appears to be the Philly set.


L _ K E / _ A _ _ E

Candyce locates LAKE TAHOE to strike first blood amongst:

Candyce Thompson: sole dentist in her family from Memphis

Phil Mortell: account manager for a financial company, avid golfer, & sports fan from Philly

Asia Reed: bartender who enjoys singing classic rock from L.A. (orig. from Birmingham, AL; Pat mistakenly said Louisiana…LOL)


S _ M _ L Y

I R _ E _ I _ T _ _ _ E

Asia the music lover knows about the ‘88 song “SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE” (by Robert Palmer).

FEATURED TRIP: Collette tour of London/Paris worth $10,598 (the label says LONDON instead of Europe)

Round 1: EVENT

She’s up and running w/ three T’s for $1,500 and four E’s before collecting a $2,400 H trio and the WC w/ an L. Following a purchase of two I’s and two G’s for $1,100…

_ E E I _ G / T H E

_ _ _ T H E _ _

L I G H T _

…she’s SEEING THE NORTHERN LIGHTS for this round’s top dollar amount x2 – $5K.


Candyce: $1K/Phil: $0/Asia: $7K + WC

Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Here goes Candyce w/ two T’s for $1,100 and an A, but the BANKRUPT near TD stops her in her tracks (and she loses $850). Second, Phil can’t capitalize on TD w/ a dud of S. Third, Asia picks up the ½-CAR near $600 w/ an R pair and buys five O’s and three E’s. Afterwards, she picks up the European tour w/ an L and $700 w/ an F before buying the last vowel of I. After lighting up a $600 B and a $900 H…

R O O T / B E E R / &

H O _ E _ O _ I _ _


…I would’ve gone on for the M’s, but the H helped her figure out ROOT BEER & HOMECOMING FLOAT – give her another $13,598 cash & tour (although she mistakenly thought it was the Prize Puzzle!).

SOLE DUD: S (Phil)


Candyce: $1K/Phil: NOTHIN’/Asia: $20,598 cash & tour + WC + ½-CAR

Express/Prize Puzzle Round: PHRASE

Phil leads off w/ two H’s for the same ½-CAR, six E’s, and three A’s before calling a $1K pair of R’s and an $800 T. After buying an I, he gets $2,400 from three N’s and another $1K from a D pair before purchasing the last vowel of three O’s…but then the same BANKRUPT costs him $5,200 and his shot at the Fiesta…

T H E / _ E R _ I _ E

A N D / _ O O D / A R E

_ H E N O _ E N A _

…and Asia might just admit “THE SERVICE AND FOOD ARE PHENOMENAL” on her $7,150 trip to the St. James’s Club, Morgan Bay in ST. LUCIA.


Candyce: $1K/Phil: BAD NIGHT/Asia: $27,748 cash & trips + WC


_ U _ M _ R

_ _ M _

Asia guesses SUMMER CAMPshe’s close to $31K now. (It could’ve been SUMMER HOME.)


She strikes paydirt w/ a $1K N duo, an E, a pair of T’s for another grand, and an I, but she’s then stopped by the sole dud vowel of O…

_ _ _ _ _ T I _ N _ / &

_ _ _ _ T _ _ E _ N _

…and this isn’t good news for her – we’re closing out the week w/ a $6K Final Spin! After an L is lit up by someone…

_ _ L _ _ T I _ N S / &

C R _ S T _ C E _ N S

Candyce isn’t entirely sure about her guess of DALMATIANS & CRUSTACEANS (because they don’t go together), but it’s correct for $12K (Phil left $18K behind).

DUDS: O (Asia, before the bell), R (Candyce, after the bell)


Candyce: $13K/Phil: $1K WORTH OF HARD LUCK/Asia: $30,748 cash & trips + WC



$100,000 BONUS ROUND

Asia’s probably hoping the single star holds the Jeep Grand Cherokee that will appear on the finale week (she had to restart her spin after her jacket got stuck on a peg).

Category: PHRASE

RSTLNE gives her…

_ / _ _ _ L E

_ _ N _ _

She’s got a shot w/ DHCI and P

A / _ H _ L E

_ _ N C H

…and here’s A WHOLE BUNCH of dough for her – $45K and a final total of $75,748 cash & trips!

$5K-WINNING ID: JC8413973


We wrap things up w/ the hosts visiting the Bing Bing Dim Sum restaurant in Philly.