WoF Recap: May 31, 2016


We end the month of May on the not-so Big Money set, so welcome back, Cadillac SRX.


_ _ _ _ _ _ W

W _ _ S O _

Doesn’t take long for Tony to ID the 28th President, WOODROW WILSON. And he’s got a designated spinner…

Tony Andrews: restaurant host involved in theater who recently donated hair to charity from Peru, NY (his DS is college buddy Karl)

Betty Hendergart: patient services rep at a local medical facility from East Wenatchee, WA

Becky Combs: child life specialist in pediatric oncology at a children’s hospital from York, PA

Also, Becky’s dad Bill Kepner and sister Alison Gregory were on this show on 6/5/13 and 12/10/15, respectively. Bill won $47,102 cash & Belize (inc. a $30K BR) while Alison took home $10,650 cash & Mexico. I don’t think I’ve seen three relatives appear on separate episodes before.


L _ F _

L _ _ S O N

Becky’s learned way more than one LIFE LESSON.


Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: Furniture of America

Round 1: PEOPLE

She hits the MDW’s right side while Tony lands on the BANKRUPT near $650. Betty kicks things off with an $800 T, four E’s, and an A, followed by a $2,100 R trio and the rest of the vowels (one each in alphabetical order). She then lights up two $600 L’s, a $500 M, and two C’s for the gift tag (she got pretty excited about that), and here’s the board…

R E C E _ T L _

M A R R I E _ / C O U _ L E

I wish Becky solved this one given she’s been married for a couple of years, but Betty solves RECENTLY MARRIED COUPLE for $5,350 cash and furniture.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Betty’s opponents)

Betty: $5,350 cash & furniture/Becky: $2K/Tony: $1K

Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Tony starts off with an N on the MW near $650 and Karl’s flip is worth…NADA. Betty calls two $600 T’s and the same number of E’s before buying the sole dud vowel of A. Becky’s next spins all land on $650 – two R’s, an I, an S, an O, two L’s, and a G…

R _ L E / O _

T _ _ _ _

_ R E S T L I N G

…and she obeys the $3,400 RULE OF THUMB WRESTLING to take a $50 lead over the other lady.

SOLE DUD: A (Betty)


Betty: $5,350 cash & furniture/Becky: $5,400/Tony: $1K

Repeating Classic Bonus Puzzle: FLY-FISHING

Express/Prize Puzzle Round: PHRASE

Betty instantly falls into a trap of T, while Becky lights up a $700 N and three E’s before hitting the BANKRUPT near TD to lose $450. Tony’s up next with a $600 L and two O’s before Karl nabs the MDW with an F. After lighting up four $600 R’s, an A, and a $600 C, Tony FPs the last vowel of two U’s…

_ U R R O U N _ E _ / _ _

C O R A L / R E E F _

…and with $3,100, he’ll visit a place that’s SURROUNDED BY CORAL REEFS – the Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina in the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS (a trip worth $7,254).

SOLE DUD: T (Betty)


Betty: $5,350 cash & furniture/Becky: $5,400/Tony: $11,354 cash & BVI + MDW


_ _ N O _ Y

B _ D

Becky creeps closer with CANOPY BED.

Round 4: WAYD?

Here she goes with a $1,500 trio of N’s, an I, four O’s, and the last vowel of two FP E’s. After she lights up a $900 G and a $500 T…

_ N O _ _ I N G / O N

T _ E / _ O O _

…we have a $1,550 FS to deal with. Her next picks are two K’s…

K N O _ K I N G / O N

T _ E / _ O O _

sorry, TonyBecky’s KNOCKING ON THE DOOR to $5,500 and the win.



Betty: $5,350 cash & furniture/Becky: $13,900/Tony: $11,354 cash & BVI


BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding the MW risk): $450

$100,000 BONUS ROUND

Besides her dad Bill, we see Becky’s husband Troy, mom Phyllis, and sister Kim in the audience. Hopefully, a big amount is in the M in GAME.

Category: THING

RSTLNE fills in half the puzzle…

_ _ N E S T

_ _ R _

FDPO only lights up the vowel…

_ O N E S T

_ O R _

…but it’s enough HONEST WORK for the minimum, so she departs with an all-cash total of $46,900. Nice work following in your family’s footsteps, ma’am!

$5K-WINNING ID: BK1979983


Also, LaToya’s big win was the first taped grand prize win this season. And once again, my recap for tomorrow’s episode will have to come Thursday.

One thought on “WoF Recap: May 31, 2016

  1. ant0824 June 1, 2016 / 2:22 pm

    My rating: 7 thanks to a Good episode and a BR win


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