WoF Recap: Memorial Day 2016


As we salute our troops tonight, we’re on the Seattle set.


_ A _ _ _ F _ C T _ _ N

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Phil (who’s in the Navy) nails this puzzle, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. And he’s not the only man on this panel:

Phil Shaffer: Navy nuclear machinist mate stationed on the USS Nimitz from Bremerton, WA (orig. from West Palm Beach)

Ravina Kullar: infectious disease researcher from Santa Monica (orig. from England)

Justin Robinson : producer and on-air talent for a local rock radio station who has a beard from Seattle (orig. from Tacoma)


_ N C _ E _ T

H _ S _ O R _

Phil knows a thing or two about ANCIENT HISTORY.

FEATURED SS: likely Sierra Trading Post (I hear they mixed up the prize info for this episode and the one on April 15)

Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: Maui Jim

Category wipe: Statue of Liberty

Round 1: TV QUOTE

It’s all Phil here – an $1,800 T trio, an E, three $550 H’s, two I’s, three O’s, a $1,400 pair of N’s, an A, a $1K duo of S’s…

T H E / S H O _

I S / A _ O _ T

N O T H I N _

…and a $4,850 recital of the “Seinfeld” quote “THE SHOW IS ABOUT NOTHING”, so he’s up to $7,850.


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Ravina’s up first with a $650 T but she repeats it right away on the WILD CARD (got a little too excited there). Justin lights up a $600 H and two E’s but can’t pick up the MDW with an N. After Phil FPs 2 I’s and says S for sorry, Ravina duds out with the R on the ½-CAR near $600. Justin calls a $1,200 L pair and picks up the SS with two F’s before buying two O’s. But after an M for the WC and the last vowel of A, he hits the MDW’s right side to kiss $8,550 cash and SS as well as the WC goodbye. Phil uncovers two Y’s for $1,300…

T H E / M I L _ Y

_ A Y

O F / L I F E

…and follows THE MILKY WAY OF LIFE for said amount.

DUDS: N (Justin), S (Phil), R (Ravina)


SOLE DQ: Ravina’s T repeat

Phil: $9,150/Others: $0

Express/Prize Puzzle Round: PLACE

The N fails Justin again, while Phil lights up a $700 R, four E’s, two I’s, four $650 S’s, and two A’s before buying the sole dud vowel of O. Ravina calls a $650 D and the last vowel of U, but she and Justin hit LaT back-to-back…

_ U _ _ – S E R _ I _ E

S E A S I D E / S _ A

…and Phil might go to a FULL-SERVICE SEASIDE SPA on his $6,900 getaway to the Breezes BAHAMAS Resort & Spa; he’s also won $2,300.

DUDS: N (Justin), O (Phil) – also the title of a Meghan Trainor song

LaT: 2 (Phil’s opponents)

Phil: $18,350 cash & Bahamas/Others: ZIP


T H E / _ _ A Y

O _ / _ H _ / D A Y

It might not be THE PLAY OF THE DAY, but Phil’s still perfect.

Round 4: WAYD?

His first letters are three $600 N’s, an I, and three A’s, but then T for terrible. Ravina lights up a $500 G and three E’s before FPing two O’s and saying S for sorry. Justin lights up a $1,300 pair of R’s but then BANKRUPTS that amount near $650. Phil’s up next with a $650 D, a $600 M, and a $500 C, but then he hits the same BANKRUPT to lose $3,050…and his bid for a sweep because Ravina fills in the board with an L and a V (both $700 each)…

R E A D I N G / A

R O M A N C E / N O V E L

…and she does the above for $1,650.

DUDS: T (Phil), S (Ravina)

BANKRUPTS: 2 (men)

Justin: BAD LUCK/Phil: $21,350 cash & Bahamas/Ravina: $1,650


It’s a $1,500 FS. Phil lights up three R’s midway but misses with ELECTRIC ROADER. After a dud of S and a Z are called…

_ _ _ _ T R _ _

R _ Z _ R

…I wish Justin said the C’s instead, but he ironically breaks through with ELECTRIC RAZOR.

DUDS: N (Justin), S (Ravina)

DQ: Phil’s missolve


Justin: $1,500/Phil: $21,350 cash & Bahamas/Ravina: $1,650


BANKRUPT TRASH (WC excluded): $12,900 cash & SS

$100,000 BONUS ROUND

The BMW X1 is back in play tonight. After we see his wife Catherine and sister Tara Reid (probably the actress), I like Phil‘s chances here as he lands on the W in WIN. (Also, Kevin Slattery from the Mar. 28 episode is in the audience.)

Category: PHRASE

I know it already (the second word was used on Jan. 12, 2011)…

_ _ / N _ _ _ T _ _ L L

Phil’s got a shot with CHBA (the C was a precaution again)…

B _ / N _ _ H T _ A L L

…and he solves this puzzle BY NIGHTFALL, so he’s sent back to base with $54,350 cash & Bahamas.

$5K-WINNING ID: SN7809305



2 thoughts on “WoF Recap: Memorial Day 2016

  1. Sharon N. May 31, 2016 / 3:26 pm

    Phil is from the USS Nimitz (not Nivens). I served with him and he’s such a great guy!


    • jpgenius June 3, 2016 / 4:42 pm

      I fixed it. Thanks to you and Phil for your service! He did a great job.


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