WoF Recap: April 12, 2016

Sorry for the delay of this recap — circumstances were beyond my control for all of yesterday.


Shopping Spree is our next stop.

$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ E N _
_ _ V A _ A

Sheri scores first w/ RENO, NEVADA. Tuesday’s trio…

Sheri Bone: works at an environmental education center & writes children’s books from Bushkill, PA
Steven Lemos: Air traffic controller at Atlanta Center from Peachtree City
Melissa Diamond: ESL teacher at Stony Brook Univ. from Holbrook, NY


M A R _ _ _ I _ G
M _ N A _ _ R

Sheri triples up w/ MARKETING MANAGER.

TRIP WEDGE: Abbeymoore Manor in Victoria, BC
Tues./Thurs. $$$ Gift Tag: Lawry’s (restaurant chain specializing in prime rib)

Round 1: PHRASE

Her first moves are three FP E’s, but then R for roadblock. Second, Steven calls up a $1,400 pair of T’s, buys two O’s, but then recalls the R. Third, Melissa cashes in a $5K pair of S’s, and buys the other three vowels. But after a $650 J is a baddie of Y. Sheri next picks up the Canada wedge w/ L, only to lose $7,250 cash & trip right back to the MDW’s right side. Steven follows w/ a $500 D, but then the LaT. Melissa then takes a $1,200 pair of K’s and a $7,500 M trio to complete the board…

J U S T / L I K E / M O M
U S E D / T O / M A K E

…she reads it correctly to win $13,600.

DUDS: R (Sheri; duplicated by Steven), Y (Melissa)
SOLE LaT: Steven

Steven: $0/Melissa: $13,600/Sheri: $3K


Mystery Round: LIVING THINGS

Here goes Steven w/ the calling of three S’s for $1,800, five E’s, two $700 T’s, two A’s, O, three I’s, and a $1,200 pair of R’s before he takes the money for four D’s via the MW near LaT (that was the $10K, however). Next up are a $1K pair of L’s, a $3,500 V, the last vowel of U, two $700 B’s…but then P for PAINFUL DUD to likely throw away $13,050. Melissa then puts up a $7K pair of W’s, and twin H’s for $1,300 more….

R E D – T A I L E D
H A W _ S
W H I T E / D O V E S / &

…she catches these RED-TAILED HAWKS, WHITE DOVES & BLUEBIRDS for $8,300.


Steven: ZIP/Melissa: $21,900/Sheri: $3K


PP/Express Round: PLACE

Big leader Melissa gets going w/ a $1,300 T pair, two A’s, three I’s, two S’s for another $1,300, but the sole dud vowel of O stops her. Sheri secondly finds four N’s for two grand, but the other MDW BANKRUPT nails her. Steven next chooses the G for the MDW, but then duds out w/ M while on the 1/2 CAR near $600. After Melissa says another baddie of L, Sheri spins up a $700 P, a $600 R, but then the LaT. Once Steven strikes out again w/ D, Melissa uncovers the $600 B…

A / S T U N N I N G
P R I S T I N _ / B A _

…she’s won $2,450 and a trip to a STUNNING PRISTINE BAY — the Hotel RIU Palace ST. MAARTEN worth $6,286.

DUDS: O (Melissa), M (Steven), L (Melissa), D (Steven)
SOLE LaT: Sheri

Steven: ZILCH/Melissa: $30,636 cash & trip/Sheri: $3K



_ _ B / L _ W E

Sheri IDs ROB LOWE for the Tossup sweep.

Speed-Up: WAYD?

$1,500’s the consonant value. Three N’s, a G, two T’s, and an M in…

T _ _ N _ _ N G
_ N / M _ / _ _ _ T

…I was THINKING ON MY FEET, and so was Sheri as she doubles her winnings w/ that solve.

Steven: $1K GOOSEEGG/Melissa: $30,636 cash & trip/Sheri: $12K

GT: $43,636
BANKRUPT TRASH: $9,250 cash & Canada


$100K Bonus Round
Melissa lands on the I of SPIN.

Category: PERSON
I got the second word already…

_ _ _ _
_ _ T _ _ _ R S _ _ N

CDPO gives her at least the second word…

_ _ _ D
O _ T _ O O R S _ _ N

…but she falls for the first word trap of GOOD; the $33K answer was AVID OUTDOORSMAN.

$5K SPIN ID: CH4598418



One thought on “WoF Recap: April 12, 2016

  1. jpgenius April 14, 2016 / 3:04 am

    Long rounds? Great luck for Melissa.

    My rating: 7


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