WoF Recap: March 30, 2016



B _ _ _ _ _
_ E _ _ _ _ _ _ S

Abby solves BUYING TEXTBOOKS. Meeting Wednesday’s classmates from left to right…

Abby Chapin: Univ. of TX Jr. studying Marketing who’s a Young Life leader in Austin
Matthew Velasquez: Temple sophomore majoring in tourism & hospitality mgmt. from Bethlehem, PA
Michelle Jacoby: Rowan Univ. Sr. & ES student-teacher from Hamilton, NJ

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

I _ _ _ O U D C I _ G
_ M _ S E L F

I already did the honors of INTRODUCING MYSELF to you, and Abby has tripled up.



She says an automatic dud of N while on the ticketmaster gift tag. Second, Matthew calls up a $1,400 pair of S’s, but then A for awful (and it’s the sole dud vowel of the board). Third, Michelle has chosen a $1,300 pair of T’s, a $700 H, two E’s, three $600 R’s, but then P for phooey. Back to Abby who fills in an $800 D, an I, three O’s, and a $600 L, but the MDW’s right side forces her to give back $900. Matthew then spins once for an $800 W…

T H E / W O R L D / I S
_ O _ R / O _ S T E R

…he says “THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER” for $1,950 when he could’ve gone for the Y’s.

DUDS: N (Abby), A (Matthew), P (Michelle)

Abby: $3K/Matthew: $1,950/Michelle: $0


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

It’s all Matthew — he picks a $1,400 pair of S’s, an A, three $650 R’s, two E’s, four O’s, and a $650 P…

S O R O R _ _ _ / &
_ O _ S E

SORORITY & OPERA HOUSE is right for $3,250.


Abby: $3K/Matthew: $5,200/Michelle: ZIP


PP/Express Round: THINGS

Michelle insta-BANKRUPTs near $650. Second for Abby are a $1,300 pair of R’s, three E’s, a $500 T, an O, and three A’s, followed by H for the WC, two I’s to finish off the vowels, a $600 F, but then the LaT. Matthew next spins up a $900 N, but then the other MDW BANKRUPT. Michelle then just solves…

A _ A _ I N _ / _ I E _ S
O F / T H E / S E A

…she’ll have AMAZING VIEWS OF THE SEA at the Divi Carina Bay in ST. CROIX worth $6,028.

SOLE LaT: Abby
BANKRUPTS: 2 (other students)

Abby: $3K WC/Matthew: $5,200/Michelle: $6,028 St. Croix trip



_ H _ M I C _ L
_ _ _ _ _ E E R

Abby sweeps ’em w/ CHEMICAL ENGINEER and technically ties the other girl.

Round 4: EVENT

Next from her mouth are a $700 S, but then F for flunk. Second for Matthew are a $900 N, two $650 R’s, two I’s and O’s, and three $550 T’s…

R _ _ I S T _ R I N _
T O / _ O T _

…we should REGISTERING TO VOTE this year, and he’s added another $3,250 to his total (two G’s left behind, unfortunately).

SOLE DUD: F (Abby)

Abby: $6K WC/Matthew: $8,450/Michelle: $6,028 cash St. Croix trip


Round 5: ON THE MAP

That man leads off w/ a $700 T, a $900 S, four A’s, but then a bad E buy. Michelle secondly takes a $600 L, but then a baddie of K while on TD. Abby then says a $600 N and the remaining vowels of I and O…

_ L A _ S T A _ _
A _ I _ O N A

..she pinpoints FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA to take second place (but she should’ve gone for the F’s).

DUDS: E (Matthew), K (Michelle)

Abby: $7K WC/Matthew: $8,450/Michelle: $6,028 cash St. Croix trip



$1,600 per consonant here. After Abby lights up the F’s to leave vowels remaining…

L _ F _ / _ N / T H _
F _ S T / L _ N _

…she IDs the Eagles’ “LIFE IN THE FAST LANE” for $8K and the win (and that band has called it quits this year following the death of Glen Frey).

DUDS (both by Michelle): R & B

Abby: $15K WC/Matthew: $8,450/Michelle: $6,028 cash St. Croix trip

GT: $29,478


$100K Bonus Round:
The E in AMERICA’S is where Abby stops on.

Category: PHRASE
I’ve got this already…

_ R _ _
_ T / _ _

MHDO and B…causes a GAME OVER, so she doesn’t WRAP IT UP w/ a $33K win.

$5K SPIN ID: RW1336474



5 thoughts on “WoF Recap: March 30, 2016

  1. JP Genius March 31, 2016 / 4:24 am

    This episode was pretty lackluster, with so many multiples left behind.

    My rating: High 5


    • ant0824 March 31, 2016 / 4:38 am

      I agree. That was a rough show thanks to many multiples left behind. No BR win on College week? We better pick it up tomorrow and Friday or we could be in for the worst week ever.

      Rating: Low 4


  2. Phi Ly March 31, 2016 / 7:05 pm

    I know no win on bonus round on college road trip week. If no win on bonus round for 5 days and could be shut up. I know no perfect week this year.


    • JP Genius April 1, 2016 / 4:01 am

      Um…how do you know this? Or are you just spoiling stuff?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. tjdygks57 April 2, 2016 / 3:32 am

    2016 WOF college week is tight match, but BR isn’t luck from this week.(she needed the P)

    ep.rating : 5


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