WoF Recap: March 25, 2016


$1K Tossup: PLACES

_ _ _ _ / &
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ D

The ladies really need to step up their game, because Robert has nailed PORT & STARBOARD and gets to be interviewed first…

Robert Santoli: Fordham Univ. grad who’s interested in classic cars (his father owns a ’67 Corvette Stingray) from Yorktown Heights, NY (orig. from Brooklyn)
Bonnie Dredla: works at a nonprofit agriculture demonstration farm from Lulling, TX
Noelle Richardson: assistant to the CEO at Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta who likes going out to concerts from Atlanta

Robert happens to be the admin MarioGS on the Buy a Vowel Message boards. I had absolutely NO IDEA he would be playing this game for real.


O H / _ _ _ T
_ / _ _ _ _ _

Robert’s done it again w/ “OH WHAT A NIGHT” (from “December 1963” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons).

Round 1: PHRASE

He calls out six T’s for a $4,200 start, buys three E’s, and picks up the Caribbean Cruise w/ two H’s, then he goes for another quick solve…

_ _ _ ‘ T / _ E T
T H E / _ _ T / _ _ T
_ _ / T H E / _ _ _

DON’T LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG now, people — he’s nailed this puzzle for $10,959 cash & Caribbean.


Ladies: $0 each/Robert: $13,959 cash & cruise


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Bonnie first calls up a $700 T, but that amount’s taken right back by the MDW’s left side. Second, Noelle takes two H’s for a grand, buys five E’s, but duds out w/ R. Third, Robert spins his way to a $1,600 pair of M’s, two O’s, a $700 S, an A to clean out the vowels, a $600 W and a FP dud of L before saying C for crud. Bonnie then puts up the $600 P and $700 G singles to complete the board…

H O M E / S W E E T

…and get on the board w/ 13 Benjamins.

DUDS: R (Noelle), L (Robert), C (Robert)

Bonnie: $1,300/Noelle: ZERO/Robert: $13,959 cash & cruise


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

The scoreless Noelle leads off w/ a $600 N, buys three E’s and A’s, but says B for bad. Robert secondly spots a $1,300 pair of T’s and buys three I’s to clean out the vowels…

E _ _ I _ A _ A T I N _
_ A T E _ / _ _ I _ E

…he’ll be enjoying an EXHILARATING WATER SLIDE on the Carnival Victory cruise to BERMUDA worth $6,077.

SOLE DUD: B (Noelle)

Bonnie: $1,300/Noelle: ZILCH/Robert: $21,086 cash & cruises


$3K Tossup: RHYME TIME

E _ S _
_ R E _ _ Y

These are the first two words in a slogan of a brand of cosmetics, and Robert knows that’s “EASY, BREEZY, beautiful — CoverGirl”.

Round 4: WAYD?

He’s off and running w/ an $1,800 N trio, three I’s, two E’s, a $1K pair of T’s, but then the BANKRUPT near $5K to lose $2,300. Second for Bonnie are a $500 H, a $700 G, the last vowel of O, but then the other normal BANKRUPT to give back $950. After Noelle strikes out w/ R, Robert plugs in a $700 L, an $800 V and a $1K pair of M’s to complete the board. He definitely is…

L I V I N G / I N
T H E / M O M E N T

…and has earned another $2,500.

SOLE DUD: R (Noelle)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (everybody else)

Bonnie: $1,300/Noelle: HARD LUCK/Robert: $26,586 cash & cruises


Speed-Up: THINGS

$1,500 per consonant this time. After that big leader’s chosen two H’s..

T H R _ _
_ _ S H _ S

…he didn’t need THREE WISHES to finish the maingame strong  w/ another $4,500.

DUDS: N (Bonnie), C (Noelle)

Bonnie: $1,300/Noelle: $1K GOOSEEGG/Robert: $31,086 cash & cruises

GT: $33,386


$100K Bonus Round
In addition to his parents (Sandy and Robert Sr.), he also brought along…of all people…THAT Emil! His envelope’s the ‘.

Category: THINGS
He needs some first word help…

_ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ T _ R E S

YGHO looks like a clear winner (and it’s not FUZZY as we originally thought)…

G O O _ Y
_ _ _ T _ R E S

…this guy will be taking GOOFY PICTURES of himself and his gang on his $45K win (Emil won that exact same amount), making him the biggest winner this year w/ $76,086 cash & cruises! You are REALLY GOOD, man…REALLY GOOD.

$5K SPIN ID: SG0619921

They had an outtake reel of Pat and Vanna doing the closed captioning plugs.



4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: March 25, 2016

  1. JP Genius March 26, 2016 / 3:07 am

    Robert on Wheel? What an AWESOME surprise!

    Emil in the audience? Icing on the cake!

    My rating: 9


  2. thegiraffeboy April 11, 2016 / 5:01 am

    He’d have beaten me. First time since my appearance that I’ve said that about anybody.


  3. Ryan McClelland April 21, 2017 / 5:34 pm

    Poor Noelle, she just couldn’t get things going but that’s what happens when someome dominates the game for sure


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