WoF Recap: December 2, 2015 — FINALLY!!!

At long last, we have the full episode that got pre-empted uploaded on Dailymotion (click HERE)! Thank you JP Mackey!


$1K Tossup: SONG TITLE

Y _ _ / _ _ E / M Y
S _ _ _ _ _ N _

Steve & Jonathan solved “YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE”. These were your midweek teams…

Jonathan & Steve Sindler (bros. from Baltimore): Jonathan’s a Mount View MS band director while Steve’s a firefighter and was the donor of a liver transplant for a girl who was only one yr. old
Robin Dutile & Rachael Valle (sisters from Nashville, NH): the latt
Leema & Bre Mitchell (mom/daughter): Leema’s a legal assistant orig. from the Bronx; Bre attends Buffalo State College

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

_ E _ ‘ S / G _ T
_ _ _ _ I _ G

Rachael goofs w/ “LET’S GET GOING”, not counting her letters carefully.

_ E _ ‘ S / G _ T
_ _ O _ I _ G

The Sindler boys also flubbed w/ “LET’S GET MOVING”.

_ E T ‘ S / G E T
C O O K I _ G

Leema & Bre proudly exclaimed “LET’S GET COOKING”.

Round 1: SAME NAME

The Mitchells have gotten hold of two T’s for the gift tag, two $600 S’s, three $500 R’s and the good vowels of two A’s, an E and two I’s. Board…

_ R E _ I T / &
_ _ R I S T _ A S
_ A R _

…they solved CREDIT & CHRISTMAS CARD for $3,950 cash & sears GT.


Mitchells: $5,950/Sindlers: $1K/R & R: $0


Mystery Round: WAYD?

The Sindler boys got going w/ three $700 N’s, two I’s and A’s, and two T’s while on the MW near $650. They risked their $1,600 remainder…$$$. After they bought the leftover vowels (two E’s an an O), they chose $500 D and L singles, and two H’s for that MDW

O _ _ E _ I N G / A
H E L _ I N G

…no need for me to be OFFERING A HELPING HAND — they’ve scored another $12,100 on their own.

PR #2!
Mitchells: $5,950/Sindlers: $13,100 MDW/R & R: $0


PP/Express Round: FOOD & DRINK

Now that we finally got to hear from the R girls, they’ve come up w/ a $600 S, but then a dud of R. Second, the Mitchells lit up a $900 T, bought three E’s and A’s and I, picked off a $700 W, but then lost their turn w/ L. And we had a weird intact null cycle, because the other teams picked L and N, and those were said earlier null cycle that was cut out. The Mitchells then chose a $1,400 pair of P’s…

P A P A _ A / _ _ I _ E

…in addition to another $2,250, they were going to have some SWEET PAPAYA JUICE on their trip to the Outrigger Waikiki in HAWAII worth $12,200.

UNAIRED DUDS: L (repeated by Mitchells), N (same thing by Sindlers)
AIRED DUDS: R and D (R & R)

Mitchells: $20,400 cash & prizes/Sindlers: $13,100 MDW/R & R: ZIP



_ _ _ A W
B _ _ K _ T

R & R  are off the schneid w/ a STRAW BASKET.

Round 4: THING

Those girls have uncovered a $600 S, but then spun LaT. Second for the Mitchells were three $650 T’s, but then a dud of E. Third in the Sindlers‘ direction are a TD R, two A’s, three I’s, four $600 N’s and two $500 G’s, then they…

_ _ N G – S T A N _ I N G
T R A _ I T I _ N

…solved another puzzle in this LONG-STANDING TRADITION for $7,900 more.

SOLE DUD: E (Mitchells)

Mitchells: $20,400 cash & prizes/Sindlers: $21K MDW/R & R: $3K


After the Mitchells started w/ a $1,300 pair of N’s…

_ N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ N _

…the rest of the consonants were worth $1,500 each. We later got to this…

_ N _ _ _ R S _ T _
_ R _ S _ D _ N T

…this UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT paid the SIndler boys another $4,500.

Mitchells: $20,400 cash & prizes/Sindlers: $25,500 MDW/R & R: $3K

GT: $48,900

L & B: PT4903909 (Paul T.) 
R & R: KC0493778 (Kelly C.)

And this was indeed the first time in this program’s history that we had three MDBRs in a single week.


The boys have landed on the M in GAME.

Category: WAYD?
Starting board…

_ _ _ T _ N _
_ N _ _ _ _ S L _

GYCI guaranteed the G and I…

_ _ I T I N G
_ N _ I _ _ S L Y

the obvious I’s did it for them! And they were WAITING ANXIOUSLY on whether or not they’ve won the million…


























….it was in an M but it was the one in AMERICA’S instead. On the bright side, they’ve won the $40K for a final total of $65,500!

SPIN ID: IC6384498 (Irma C.)


One thought on “WoF Recap: December 2, 2015 — FINALLY!!!

  1. JP Mackey December 6, 2015 / 2:33 am

    WHEW! What a close game between the reds and the brothers! At least $40K was won.

    My rating: 8


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