WoF Recap: November 19, 2015



_ _ _ _ O M _ / T O
T _ E / J U _ G _ _

Renee solves Guns N’ Roses’ “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE”. Thursday’s contesti…

Renee Fozouni: school volunteer married to a man who works for a pharmaceutical co. (they move a lot) from Ridgefield, CT
Amanda O’Toole: infant/toddler teacher from Boston (orig. from Medfield, MA)
John Busby III: USCG commissioned Officer who’s big on tech. from Long Beach


_ R I _ Z L _ / B E _ R
_ _ _ _

Renee triples up w/ GRIZZLY BEAR CUBS.

TONIGHT’S TRIP: caravan.com American Southwest Tour

Round 1: SHOW BIZ

She first rattles off two $600 S’s, five T’s for that tour, an E, and five A’s, then she says two $650 R’s, a $600 H, two I’s, and three $500 M’s before we see…

M A T T / _ A M _ _
S T A R S / I _
T H E / M A R T I A _

…she knows that MATT DAMON STARS IN “THE MARTIAN” for a total of $12,350 cash & tour.


Amanda: $0/John: $0/Renee: $15,350


Mystery Round: WAYD?

Amanda is off and running w/ a $550 G, four obvious $900 N’s, a $550 T, and four E’s, but her next buy of O is no good. Second, John wastes a turn w/ the BANKRUPT near $650. Third, Renee tacks on a TD H, four I’s, two S’s for the MDW, and the last vowel of A before the LaT stops her. Amanda then takes a TD L and two $600 R’s, then we have…

_ A N _ E R I N G / I N
T H E / _ I L _ E R N E S S

…she solves WANDERING IN THE WILDERNESS for her first $8,900.

SOLE DUD: O (Amanda)
SOLE LaT: Renee

Amanda: $8,900/John: ZIP/Renee: $15,350

Repeating Classic Bonus Puzzle: SPICK AND SPAN

PP/Express Round: PLACES

John’s next chance for better luck begins w/ two $900 R’s, two E’s, a $900 T, two O’s and an I, after which he says four $900 S’s, the last vowel of A, and a $900 H (he’s been spinning that yellow $900 four straight times) before striking out w/ N while on EXPRESS. Renee then puts up three $650 C’s and a TD K…

R O C K _ / C O A S T S
& / S H E E R / C _ I _ _ S

…I wish she chose those F’s, but she’s won $5,450 and a trip to a place w/ ROCKY COASTS & SHEER CLIFFS — the Divi Little Bay in ST. MAARTEN worth $6,203.

SOLE DUD: N (John)

Amanda: $8,900/John: NO LUCK/Renee: $27,003 cash & trips


$3K Tossup: ON THE MAP

G L A C _ _ _ / _ A Y
A L _ S K _

Amanda locates GLACIER BAY, ALASKA.

Round 4: EVENT

She instantly duds out w/ T. Second, John spins up the same BANKRUPT. Third for Renee are a $500 S, but then a DQ for repeating the T. After Amanda says another baddie of H, John puts up a $1K pair of R’s, buys five E’s, but then purchases a non-existing I. After Renee gets caught by that same BANKRUPT to lose the 5 Benjamins…

_ E _ R – E _ _
_ _ E _ R _ _ _ E / S _ _ E

…we go into an $1,800 FS. Two N’s, two L’s and two C’s later…

_ E _ R – E N _
C L E _ R _ N C E / S _ L E

Renee solves YEAR-END CLEARANCE SALE for $3,600 worth of icing.

DUDS (all before S-U): T (Amanda; repeated by Renee), H (Amanda), I (John)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (John & Renee)

Amanda: $11,900/John: $1K GOOSEEGG/Renee: $30,603 cash & trips

GT: $43,503


$100K Bonus Round
Here comes the E in AMERICA’S for Renee.

Category: THINGS
We should know what the first word is already…

_ _ R N _ N _
_ E _ _ R _ _ S

MGCO pretty much gives her that first word…

M O R N _ N G
_ E _ _ R O _ S

…and little help in the bottom means she’s the third straight $33K loser; they were MORNING DEWDROPS.

$5K SPIN ID: OE2938052


BTW, I forgot to mention that Thursday Night Football has stopped airing on CBS a couple weeks ago, so I’m not pre-empted…at least right now.


One thought on “WoF Recap: November 19, 2015

  1. JP Mackey November 21, 2015 / 4:04 am

    Renee did a great job. The D's were necessary in the BR, though – wait, did she really SCOFF at said puzzle?!?! LOL!

    My rating: 7


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