WoF Recap: October 1, 2015


$1K Tossup: PLACE

H _ S _ _ _ _ C
D _ S _ R I C _

Kerrie solves HISTORIC DISTRICT. In order, the Thursday trio…

Kerrie Zigler: registered dietician & school’s director of the food/nutrition dept. (she and hubby Bob visited all but two states, Alaska and Hawaii) from Phoenix
Margaret Occhiogrosso: wedding/event coord. from Baltimore
Mike Ejiogu: pursing Master’s in Public Health at the Univ. of Albany from Staten Island

$2K Tossup: THING

S _ _ I A L / _ E D I A

Mike knows that everybody’s into SOCIAL MEDIA these days.

TRIP WEDGE: Las Vegas from vegas.BUZZ


His list of letters is made up of three $600 T’s, two E’s and I’s, an S, five R’s and a V to throw in another $4,200, and a C as in the Cooper Tires gift tag (this is actually a $$$ GT). But his next call of D stands for dud, so he leaves $7K on the table. Over to Kerrie who fills in a $500 N, but she then wastes her turn by repeating the E. Margaret next rounds up a $650 L, U and A singles, and a $600 W, but the MDW’s left side takes away $750…

T A _ L _ R
S W I _ T
R I V E R / C U R R E N T

…and Mike solves TAYLOR SWIFT RIVER CURRENT to keep the 7 G’s.

SOLE DUD: D (Mike)
SOLE DQ: Kerrie’s E repeat

Kerrie: $1K/Margaret: $0/Mike: $9K


Mystery Round: ON THE MAP

Kerrie calls up five T’s while on the MW near $650 and tries to double the $5K offer…success. Her next choices are two H’s for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $600, six E’s, two $800 R’s, two O’s and A’s, double S’s for $1,200 more, and a $550 F. But after she buys the rest of the vowels, she painfully LaTs out to leave $13,100 and her plate sitting there. Margaret then picks up the WC w/ two G’s and an $1,100 pair of C’s before we see this… 

G E O G R A _ H I C
C E _ T E R / O F / T H E
U _ I T E _ / S T A T E S

…I’ve learned from a “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” episode that the GEOGRAPHIC CENTER OF THE UNITED STATES is located near the Kansas-Nebraska border; she solves it for the 21 Benjamins in her bank

SOLE LaT: Kerrie

Kerrie: $1K/Margaret: $2,100 WC/Mike: $9K

Repeating Classic Bonus Puzzle: MOZART



Margaret’s off to a slow start w/ S. Mike secondly FPs a T, buys two E’s and an A, but the latter isn’t there. Kerrie thirdly also misses w/ R. Margaret tries again w/ a $1,200 L pair, the last vowels of three I’s and an O, but then M for mistake. Mike then puts up a $650 X and a $600 C…

_ I L _ L I _ E

…another $1,250 is his plus a trip to see the some EXOTIC WILDLIFE at the Peace Lodge in COSTA RICA.

DUDS: S (Margaret), A (Mike), R (Kerrie), M (Margaret)

Kerrie: $1K/Margaret: $2,100 WC/Mike: $16,350 cash & C.R. 


$3K Tossup: ON THE MAP

M E _ P _ _ S
_ _ N N _ _ _ _ E



$1,600 is the consonant payoff. The lady in the middle spots a D late in the round…

H _ _ D / _ _ T / _ N
T H _ / H _ G H _ _ Y

…she recites “HEAD OUT ON THE HIGHWAY” from Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild”.

AIRED DUDS: S (Kerrie), L (Margaret), M (Kerrie)

Kerrie: $1K/Margaret: $5,300/Mike: $19,350 cash & C.R. 

GT: $25,650


$100K Bonus Round
Mike lands on that W.

Category: THINGS
Not much to start this fairly big one…

_ _ _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _ E _
_ _ _ S

DCHA does some good…

_ A C _ _ _ – _ A C _ E D
_ A _ S

…but he doesn’t know the first part of the hyphenated word, so the $33K gets sucked up into these VACUUM-PACKED BAGS.

$5K SPIN ID: RB5381457



3 thoughts on “WoF Recap: October 1, 2015

  1. yohan sur October 2, 2015 / 3:03 am

    nothing too speical, and BR is CDMA helped, but tough one thanks to double U.
    ep.rating : 5

    I hope for last episode from this week is better…..


  2. JP Mackey October 2, 2015 / 4:06 am

    This episode was pretty…eh. And that BR puzzle was rather tricky.

    My rating: 6


  3. An English Village for Robert October 2, 2015 / 7:13 am

    Status so far after the Bonus Rounds in 10/1
    -Envelopes landed
    $33,000 : 4 / 9 (44%)
    $40,000 : 0 / 1 (0%)
    $45,000 : None
    $50,000 : None
    Cars & SUVs : 0 / 4 (0%)
    $100K / $1 Million : None
    Total Bonus Round Win-Loses : 4-10
    Total Bonus Round Money Given Away : $132,000
    Car Wins : 1 (1/2 Car : 1, BR Cars : 0)
    This Week's Total Winnings : $153,670
    Total Winnings This Season : $637,815
    Bonus Round Comments:
    I agree yohan. C, D, and A was good. But not the H! M would have been nice.
    Although, V and P also met the goal for the damned minimum!
    Anyways, This ep. rating is not high because maingame has low winnings!
    So far, $157,000+ given away this week. Looks like really it is budget saving mode this season!


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