WoF Recap: September 28, 2015


$1K Tossup: WAYD?

_ _ _ _ _ G / _ H _
_ M E _ _ _ _ _ / D R _ _ M

Kenny’s LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM like many of us. Leading the week off are…

Kenny Lander: litigation attorney for a small firm from St. Louis
Tammy Wong-Bigelow: independent business owner & College Bound Dorchester humanities instructor from Waltham, MA
Alessandra Fedorka: cellphone-provider co. sales rep from San Diego


C A C _ _ S
F _ O _ _ R S

Alessandra solves CACTUS FLOWERS.

TRIP WEDGE: The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: Sierra Trading Post (new logo for it)


She kicks off w/ a $700 T, an A, a $700 N, a $600 S, and two E’s. But after a FP I, she says the first dud of the week in B. Second, Kenny calls up three R’s for $2,100, but LOSES A TURN just as quick. Third, Tammy inserts a $500 M, two O’s to finish off the vowels, but her turn’s done w/ an H call. After Alessandra says another baddie in L…

_ A R _ I N _
S _ O T
R E M O _ E R

…Kenny solves PARKING SPOT REMOVER for the 21 Benjamins.

DUDS: B (Alessandra), H (Tammy), L (Alessandra)
SOLE LaT: Kenny

Tammy: $0/Alessandra: $2K/Kenny: $3,100


Mystery Round: LANDMARK

1/2 CAR: ’16 Ford Fiesta S

Kenny’s up first w/ four T’s for $2,400, three E’s, but then the LaT. Coming Tammy’s way second are a $900 H, a $600 N, three O’s, three $800 M’s, and a $650 S, then we have…

M E T _ O _ O _ _ T _ N
M _ S E _ M / O _ / _ _ T

…she solves THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART for her first $4,300.

2ND LaT: Kenny

Tammy: $4,300/Alessandra: $2K/Kenny: $3,100


PP/Express Round: THING

Tammy gets going w/ two N’s for the Sierra gift tag, an E, but then A for awful. Second, Alessandra wastes a turn w/ the BANKRUPT near $650. Third, Kenny’s got a $650 M, three O’s, a W for that MDW, but then the other dud vowel of the board (I). Tammy tries again w/ a FP U, but then B for bad while on the WC. Alessandra next finds a $500 Y, but no S’s while she’s on the 1/2 CAR near the pink $600. Kenny then fills in two L’s for the WC, a $650 G, and two $500 P’s to complete the board…

M Y / O W N
P L U N G E / P O O L

…I have this thing in my backyard, and Kenny will have one when he’s off to the Galley Bay Resort in ANTIGUA; he’s also picked up another $2,800.

DUDS: A (Tammy), I (Kenny), B (Tammy), S (Alessandra)

Tammy: $4,300/Alessandra: $2K/Kenny: $14,720 cash & Antigua WC MDW



_ _ _ T _ _ _ A N T
H _ _ _ E _ S

Kenny’s padded his lead w/ RESTAURANT HOSTESS.


His first call of R is no good. Second for Tammy are a $600 T, two E’s, two $900 N’s, a $500 L, and two O’s, then come two D’s and an H at $500 apiece before the S-U bell sounds…

O L D – _ _ _ H _ O N E D
_ _ _ N _ _ / _ _ _ _ E T

…we pay them $1,550 for each consonant. After Kenny catches the C’s…

O L D – F _ S H _ O N E D
_ _ C N _ C / _ _ S _ E T

…he finds another $3,100 in an OLD-FASHIONED PICNIC BASKET.

SOLE DUD (before final bell): R (Kenny)

Tammy: $4,300/Alessandra: $2K/Kenny: $20,820 cash & Antigua WC MDW

GT: $27,120


In addition to the in-studio vehicle of a ’16 Ford C-MAX Hybrid SEL, they’re also offering the Winnebago Travato. Kenny lands on the first A of AMERICA’S.

Just two letters in the top to start…

_ _ _ T _ _ _ L
_ _ _

HCDA and P gives him…

_ A _ T H _ _ L
D _ _

…I may not have a FAITHFUL DOG, but he nails it! Now, do we finally have the first-ever male millionaire on this program?…

…NO; AS IT TURNS OUT, THE OTHER A OF THAT SAME WORD HAD THE SUPER BIG ONE. He’ll have to settle w/ the damned $33K for a final total of $53,820 cash & trip.

$5K SPIN ID: CC8511489


4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: September 28, 2015

  1. JP Mackey September 29, 2015 / 4:37 am

    Wow…if only Kenny landed on that other A…he still did great!

    My rating: 8


  2. yohan sur September 29, 2015 / 6:55 am

    nothing too special, but kenny nice playing & don't needed WC.

    ep.rating : 7


  3. An English Village for Robert September 30, 2015 / 12:17 am

    Status so far after the Bonus Rounds in 9/28
    -Envelopes landed
    $33,000 : 4 / 7 (57%)
    $40,000 : 0 / 1 (0%)
    $45,000 : None
    $50,000 : None
    Cars & SUVs : 0 / 3 (0%)
    $100K / $1 Million : None
    Total Bonus Round Win-Loses : 4-7
    Total Bonus Round Money Given Away : $132,000
    Car Wins : 1 (1/2 Car : 1, BR Cars : 0)
    This Week's Total Winnings : $60,120
    Total Winnings This Season : $544,265
    Bonus Round Comments:
    Thankfully he just saved from 5-losing streak day is over!
    Unfortunately, it's the minimum! Ouch.. And the location of the million dollar envelope was… oh dear! right letter, wrong position!
    He landed on first A of AMERICA's, But the other A has got it for you!
    Well, he still did great!
    I think the Winnebago will be available tomorrow!, I can dream..


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