WoF Recap: September 21, 2015


$1K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ _ _ M
A _ _ L _ / _ I E

Sarah tastes some WARM APPLE PIE. Opening panel of the week…

Sarah Larson: has known her hubby of six years (Stephen) since 4th Grade from Houston
David Lucas: acct. & runner married to Navy officer Erin for 10 yrs. from Escondido, CA
Alice Yu: litigation attorney who attended Duke from Boston (orig. from Chapel Hill, NC)


_ E _
_ _ _ _ U A _ U A

Alice solves PET CHIHUAHUA.

Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: Yankee Candle

Round 1: PHRASE

She wastes a spin w/ the MDW’s left side. Second, Sarah calls up four T’s for $2,600, buys five E’s, calls out quad H’s for $3,200, but then buys a bad vowel in I. Third, David LaTs out. Alice’s second turn ends quickly w/ S for sorry while on TD. Sarah and David then both BANKRUPT on the MDW (her on the left, him on the right), costing that lady $5,300, so we’re quickly back to Alice…but she says another baddie of R. Sarah then takes two N’s for $1,300, the last vowel of A, and a $1,400 pair of M’s before she…

T H E / M A N
T H E / M _ T H
T H E / _ E _ E N _

…solves “THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND” for $2,450.

DUDS: I (Sarah), S (Alice), R (Alice)
SOLE LaT: David
BANKRUPTS: 3 (everybody)

Alice: $2K/Sarah: $3,450/David: $0


Mystery Round: PHRASE

1/2 CAR: ’16 Fiesta S

Sarah’s starters here are a $1,400 T pairing, four E’s, and two A’s, but next is N for no. David secondly hits the MDW’s left side. Third, Alice inserts a $650 S, two R’s for that WC, the last vowel of I, but then the BANKRUPT next to where she first spun to lose $1,400 and the WC. Sarah then gets the SS w/ two P’s…

P R A _ T I _ E
_ A _ E S / P E R _ E _ T

…she says “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT” to add $7,900 in cash & SS to her total.

SOLE DUD: N (Sarah)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (everyone else)

Alice: $2K/Sarah: $11,350 cash & SS/David: BAD LUCK


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

David’s next chance for greatness begins w/ a $10,500 T trio, an E, two $650 H’s, an A, but then the LaT to leave $11,300 on the table. Second, Alice finds a $900 S, but the MDW’s left side gets her for the second time tonight. Third in Sarah’s favor are a $700 L, the last vowels of two I’s and three O’s, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to give back two Benjamins. David then gets the exact same fate as the lady before him, so his $11,300 is gone for good (he and Sarah now have three of those apiece). Alice then takes out a $600 C, but the BANKRUPT near $650 strikes (and that’s her FOURTH one overall). Sarah then lights up an $1,800 N double and three G’s for the candle gift tag…

G O L _ I N G / _ I G H T
O N / T H E / C O A S T

…she adds another $4,300 in cash & candle plus she may be GOLFING RIGHT ON THE COAST in BARBADOS at the Divi Southwinds Beach Resort worth $6,250

SOLE LaT: David
BANKRUPTS: 4 (two by Alice)

Alice: $2K/Sarah: $21,900 cash & gifts/David: ROTTEN LUCK



C _ A S _ I C
_ _ E N _ H / C O _ T

Alice gets some more money from a CLASSIC TRENCH COAT.

Round 4: WAYD?

She opens up w/ a $1,500 G trio, two I’s, double A’s, two FP E’s, and the obvious twin N’s for $10K. But her next call of S is no good, and it’s time for S-U mode…

G E _ _ I N G / A / G _ _ _
E _ _ _ A _ I _ N

…w/ the consonant value at $1,600. Three T’s and two D’s in…

G E T T I N G / A / G _ _ D
E D _ _ A T I _ N

David’s GETTING A GOOD EDUCATION to finally avoid being gooseegged.

SOLE DUD (before FS): S (Alice)

Alice: $5K/Sarah: $21,900 cash & gifts/David: $3,200

GT: $30,100
BANKRUPT TRASH (excl. WC): $19,700


$100K Bonus Round
I’m rooting for my hometown girl real hard as she has a chance to hopefully break the drought on landing on the envelopes that say “CAR & $5000”. For this week, it’s a Jeep Cherokee (the envelopes should say “SUV & $5000”). The envelope she needs to take out is the C.

Category: PHRASE
Not much to begin w/…

_ / _ _ _ _ E _
_ _ R / _ _ _

CDFA is also of limited help…

_ / _ _ _ _ E D 
F _ R / _ _ _

…she doesn’t admit “I JUMPED FOR JOY”, so she loses the Cherokee (this season, the envelopes don’t include “& $5000”).

: JM1759747

EP. RATING: 5 (thanks to those no good BANKRUPTS)


3 thoughts on “WoF Recap: September 21, 2015

  1. An English Village for Robert September 22, 2015 / 4:45 am

    Status so far after the Bonus Rounds in 9/21
    -Envelopes landed
    $33,000 : 3 / 5 (60%)
    $40,000 : None
    $45,000 : None
    $50,000 : None
    Cars & SUVs : 0 / 1 (0%)
    $100K / $1 Million : None
    Total Bonus Round Win-Loses : 3-3
    Total Bonus Round Money Given Away : $99,000
    Car Wins : 0 (1/2 Car : 0, BR Cars : 0)
    This Week's Total Winnings : $30,100
    Total Winnings This Season : $333,087
    Bonus Round Comments:
    J, M, P, O would had been helpful. But so many bankrupts today!
    This episode was not so good. Because So Many Bankrupts And BR Loss to the SUV (The envelope says “SUV”, not “SUV & $5000”) We have finally found the car envelope after 118 episodes that Car is not hit, but i'm sad about the loss.


  2. JP Mackey September 22, 2015 / 5:00 am

    The wheel was very mean to all 3 players, and the BR didn't make it any better. Glad they got some good dough. No disrespect.

    My rating: High 5


  3. yohan sur September 22, 2015 / 5:01 am

    nothing too speical, thanks to many bankrupt & speed-up puzzle could've used teacher's week.
    oh well, both drought is ended.(minimum streak & BR car drought – even though loss)
    ep.rating : 5.5(thanks to too many bankrupt, at least champ winning is $20K+)


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