Season 33 Schedule

According to my TV listings, we begin w/ Teachers Week for the second season in a row on Sept. 14. Also, a source has revealed the schedule for most of this coming season. Here you go:

9/14/15-9/18/15: Teachers Week (first taping of the season on July 16)
9/21/15-9/25/15: Home Sweet Home
9/28/15-10/2/15: Wheel Across America
10/5/15-10/9/15: Weekend Getaways (second taping of the season on July 17)
10/12/15-10/16/15: Great Escapes
10/19/15-10/23/15: Fall Fun (oh dear — this sounds like a bad omen given that Fall weeks don’t go that well)
10/26/15-10/30/15: the usual Halloween week
11/2/15-11/6/15: Take Me to Hawaii Sweepstakes
11/9/15-11/13/15: Veterans Week (these are members who’ve been serving in the Armed Forces for a long time or have retired from active duty)
11/16/15-11/20/15: Great Outdoors
11/23/15-11/27/15: America’s Game
11/30/15-12/4/15: Secret Santa Sweepstakes Family Week (sponsored by Sears)
12/7/15-12/11/15: Secret Santa Sweepstakes (single-player)
12/14/15-12/18/15: Home for the Holidays
12/21/15-12/25/15: Winter Break
12/28/15-1/1/16: America’s Game
1/4/16-1/8/16: TBA
1/11/16-1/15/16: European Vacation
1/18/16-1/22/16:  TBA
1/25/16-1/29/16: Teen Best Friends (first time since S28 we’re doing this team week; I’m not fond of that)
2/1/16-2/5/16: Beaches Resorts Family Week
2/8/16-2/12/16: Girlfriend Getaways (AARGH!!!)
2/15/16-2/19/16: Disneyland Sand and Shore (why add land in the title?!)
2/22/16-2/26/16: TBA
2/29/16-3/4/16: TBA
3/7/16-3/11/16: .BUZZ Week (I believe the trips offered will be provided by said company)
3/14/16-3/18/16: America’s Game
3/21/16-3/25/16: Pet Week (renamed from Pet Lovers Week)
3/28/16-4/1/16: Sandals Resorts Week
4/4/16-4/8/16 (my 29th birthday week): College Week (everybody flunked out in Wheel BR School two seasons ago; let’s hope we don’t have a Julian Batts on our hands)
4/11/16-4/15/16: America’s Game
4/18/16-4/22/16: Big Money Week (this is the first time since S29 we’re doing this; two women blew their $100K opportunities last time with $65K, $75K and $85K in play)
4/25/16-4/29/16: TBA
5/2/16-5/6/16: Great American Cities (Seattle)
5/9/16-5/13/16: Great American Cities (Denver)
5/16/16-5/20/16: Great American Cities (Philadelphia)
5/23/16-5/27/16: Wheel Around the World
5/30/16-6/3/16: America’s Game
6/6/16-6/10/16: TBA


9 thoughts on “Season 33 Schedule

  1. JP Mackey September 2, 2015 / 2:39 am

    Here's my take on the schedule.

    Teachers Week: Why do we always start with that nowadays? Because school's in session?

    Fall Fun: I KNOW it's gonna be another B&B Week. TOO relaxed. I like it, but we'll see how it pans out.

    Veterans Week: I really like this idea! Everyone in that week automatically gets a salute from me!

    Secret Santa: So they decided to go back to Sears…I wonder why?

    Home for the Holidays/Winter Break: This really should've been switched around, PERIOD. A winter week on the week of Christmas Day?!?!

    European Vacation: One question, is it sponsored by Collette?

    Teen Best Friends: YYYIIIPPPEEE!!! Only problem is that I'll have to MISS the tapings! UGH!!!

    Beaches Family Week: I'm guessing the theming of family will be stretched out between this week and Secret Santa Family Week.

    Girlfriend Getaways: [almost faints]

    .BUZZ Week: That company has really become an integral part of Wheel. I can imagine it being the main provider of most Prize Puzzle trips.

    Disney/Pet Week: Why the name changes?

    G.A. Cities: So THAT'S why they had the Denver shoots. But three different consecutive weeks with the same umbrella term? HUH?

    I think they'll go back to season 31 in terms of theming.


  2. Christian Martin September 2, 2015 / 3:59 pm

    Out of curiosity, why are you not fond of Teen Best Friends Week? Is it the theme, or is it because it was five years since the last one?


  3. PriceRight89 September 2, 2015 / 11:51 pm

    I have a bad feeling about Disneyland week. Judging by the name change, it sounds like they scaled back on the trips.

    The last Teen Best Friends week was four years ago? Has it really been that long?

    If I had to guess, the last week of the season is most likely Father's Day as it as been for at least the past couple of seasons.


  4. JP Mackey September 3, 2015 / 12:21 am

    Perhaps it's because Teen Best Friends hasn't had very good gameplay in the past few seasons it's aired.


  5. JP Mackey September 3, 2015 / 12:22 am

    Yeah, they're probably having Happy Mother's Day Week WAY too early.


  6. JP Mackey September 3, 2015 / 12:23 am

    Oh, and no Sweethearts/Romance Week?! Really?


  7. yohan sur September 5, 2015 / 1:37 am

    I'm surprised teacher's week wasn't rerun & sarah could've return from tecaher's week?

    since Season 29, happy holiday theme wasn't used from christmas week(excluded S30, maybe Christmas directions since they already used them for SSS week. but, why S30 is two christmas theme?)

    and third season in a row, your birthday week is skunked. I hope for this jinx will be ended.

    it's too bad, two memorable special aren't same date from S33(12/26/14 – maingame sweep and $91K+ won, 4/2/15 – after $32K landed, then first $1M loss happened. sorry, withney.)


  8. trond kråbøl September 26, 2015 / 8:21 am

    Shut up, for goodness sake! This trolling has gone too far now!


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