WoF Recap: June 12, 2015 — SEASON 32 FINALE



I / _ M / _ O _ R
_ A _ _ _ _

David says Darth Vader’s famous line “I AM YOUR FATHER”. Here are the final three players of S32…

David Hubbard: painting contractor from Tucson
Nick Noard: salesman for a major snack co. from Castro Valley, CA
Christopher Armstead: retired from Army after 21 yrs. from San Antonio (he kinda looks like President Obama)

$2K Tossup: WAYD?

G O _ _ _ / _ _ _
_ X T _ A / _ I L E



The letter search begins w/ him calling two $900 T’s, three E’s, a $900 H, but then A for awful. Second, Christopher calls up two $900 S’s, two L’s for the 1/2 CAR near that orange wedge he last spun,  two O’s, two $650 R’s, but then C for critical dud while on the SS. After David BANKRUPTs near $650, Nick spins once for a $650 D…

S L _ D E
R _ L E
T H E / R O O S T

…and solves SLIDE RULE THE ROOST for $2,850, giving him a new total of $4,850.

DUDS: A (Nick), C (Christopher)


Mystery Round: PEOPLE

While in the lead-off spot, Christopher takes twin D’s for seven grand, a single O, three $900 S’s, but then a dud of G while on that same 1/2 CAR. Second, David spins his way to a $650 L, three N’s for the other 1/2 CAR, but the sole dud vowel of I stops him in his tracks. Third, Nick captures a $3,600 D quartet, buys two A’s and five E’s…

_ L O N D E S
_ _ _ N E T T E S
A N D / _ E D _ E A D S

…and solves BLONDES, BRUNETTES AND REDHEADS for the $3,100 remainder.

DUDS: G (Christopher), I (David)

David: $1K/Nick: $7,950/Christopher: ZIPPO


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES

David’s first call of S stands for sorry. Nick secondly LaTs out. Third, Christopher gets the exact same fate as the guy before him after finding a $2,400 T trio. Back to David who picks up the Shop Your Way gift tag w/ three H’s, buys three E’s, lights up a $2,700 N trio, and buys the O, two A’s and twin I’s. Following a $1,950 trio of G’s…

H I T T I N G / T H E
 _ E A _ H / O N / A
_ _ N E / _ _ G G _

…he wins another $5,150 and will be HITTING THE BEACH ON A DUNE BUGGY on a Funjet Vacation to the RIU Bambu in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC worth $8K.

SOLE DUD: S (David)
LaTs: 2 (other men)
David: $14,150 cash & prizes/Nick: $7,950/Christopher: NO LUCK



B O _ _ L E / O F
C O _ O G _ E


Round 4: PHRASE

He can’t cash in on TD w/ a dud of N. Second, Christopher hits the neighboring BANKRUPT. Third for David are a $1,300 T trio, a $550 H, but then the bells for S-U…

_ _ _ / T H _
_ _ _ _ _ T

…and the last FS of S32 is $1,800. After the man in the middle picks the last consonant of P…

_ S K / T H _
_ X P _ R T

…he didn’t need to ASK THE EXPERT, because he makes the $3,600 solve and wins the game by just $400.

DUDS: N (Nick before FS) and L (David during S-U)

David: $14,150 cash & prizes/Nick: $14,550/Christopher: LAST $1K GOOSEEGG OF SEASON

GT: $29,700


Final Bonus Round of S32
Nick lands on the second A of AMERICA’S.

Category: PHRASE
The first and last letters of this answer are…

T _ _ / _ _ _ _
_ _ _ E

HGPO is a great combination, because we now have…

T O O / _ _ _ H
H _ P E

…let’s not put TOO MUCH HYPE in this playing — he falls for the TOO MUCH HOPE trap, goes off course w/ “TOO SUCH…”, and gets the right answer in time

...but the $32K has swept a week for the fifth and final time this season, so he leaves w/ $46,550.

$5K SPIN ID: DJ1812453

Well, that’s all she wrote for S32. It sure had its up and down moments. Let’s take a look back at what we saw…

-Following a very dull season that nearly took the whole season for the BW to land on either grand prize, Sarah Manchester became the third-ever millionaire on the program on the very first week of this season w/ $1,017,490 (Whitney Shields, however, got the dubious honor as the first-ever $1M loser on April 2) while Rick Galten became a $100K winner (and the only such winner this season like Molly from last season) at the start of “Wheel Around the World” in February.

-The producers started the tradition of replacing the $30K envelopes and dropping the $35K ones (very bad move, IMO) w/ the new minimum cash envelopes that matches the season number. Next season’s minimum is $33K.

-The cash bonus for the BR cars was thankfully raised back to $5K (though the envelopes for ’em eliminated the manufacturer’s logo and name), but it’s such a shame that an ALL-TIME LOW of three cars were given away in the BR this season (the most expensive one was the BMW x3 given away on Dec. 29). IMO, the producers should have added a few more car envelopes to replace the $35K ones.

-We saw two epic maingame wins by Chad Ruter ($68,623 on the Thurs. episode of California Coast Week that set a new RECORD-HIGH WEEKLY TOTALw/o landing on either grand prize) and Matt DeSantos ($91,892 on Boxing Day; he was one of two people to sweep the maingame).

-This year has got to be the year of the 1/2 CAR. A record of 26 was given away (you’ll see my stat count coming soon). 

-A grand total of over $11M in cash & prizes was awarded this season. The final BR win count is 74 (down from 78 last season) and let’s not forget about the PERFECT BR WEEK we got for the first time since the New Orleans road trip in May ’11. The number of BR shutouts this season (3) is the same as last season.

As usual, thanks so much for reading these recaps I’ve provided and we’ll meet again in about three months from now. Have a great summer, people!



4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: June 12, 2015 — SEASON 32 FINALE

  1. PriceRight89 June 13, 2015 / 2:20 am

    Boggles the mind how a show that offers $1,000,000 on a regular basis can be so cheap. What, they couldn't afford an even an extra $8,000 per envelope on the last show?


  2. JP Mackey June 13, 2015 / 3:55 am


    I thought this season was fun. See everyone at WoF Recaps in September! (Or later.)


  3. whatever 111 June 13, 2015 / 4:00 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  4. Bryan Graham June 16, 2015 / 10:45 pm

    The season started of really strong and had a few positives, like so many 1/2 Car prizes… but it also had some very dreadful times. A few contestants made fools out of themselves, but nothing as bad as Mr. Achilles I think.

    This is probably the first time I've watched an entire season of Wheel, and it was really fun. Til next season. Andy, this site has become a favorite of mine because I have to watch episodes after the fact, and it is good to see the stats for the show. You should audition and show them how dedicated you are to Wheel!


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