WoF Recap: June 9, 2015


$1K Tossup: SONG TITLE

L E A D E R / O F
T H E / P A _ K

Just when you thought we finally have a Triple Stumper all season long, James somehow gets “LEADER OF THE PACK”  by the Shangri-Las. Meeting the men from left to right now…

James Ramey: from Cypress, TX  
Amir Durrani: HR worker from Cerritos, CA
Jerry Mrozek: retired A.F. pilot and astronautical engineer from Orcutt, CA


_ U _ T A C H E
_ _ _ _ M E R

James takes out the MUSTACHE TRIMMER for the tripler.


He opens up w/ two R’s for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, buys five E’s and three A’s, calls up an S and two N’s at $650 apiece, and buys and O before saying B for bad while on the Shop Your Way shopping spree. Second, Amir picks a $700 T, but the MDW’s right side gets him just as quick. Third, Jerry uncovers three F’s for $2,400, a $900 C, and two M’s for the other 1/2 CAR. After he buys the leftover O and U…

M A _ E / _ I M / A N
O F F E R / _ E
C A N ‘ T / R E F U S E

…he exactly recites “MAKE HIM AN OFFER HE CAN’T REFUSE” (from “The Godfather”) for $3,800.

SOLE DUD: B (James)

James: $3K/Amir: $0/Jerry: $3,800 1/2 CAR


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Amir kicks off w/ a $1,400 pair of T’s, but the BANKRUPT near $650 strikes. Second, Jerry can’t capitalize on $3,500 w/ a dud of N. Third, James has the same fate w/ an S call. Amir restarts w/ a $900 R, A and E singles, two $600 B’s, and an H while on the MW near LaT. He risks the $1,600 to find…$$$! But after he buys two U’s, he repeats the B to likely throw away $11,350. After Jerry runs into the other MDW BANKRUPT to hand over his plate, James spingles for a $1K G…

_ / G _ T / _ _ U

…and solves “I GOT YOU BABE” RUTH.

DUDS: N (Jerry), S (James)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Amir & Jerry)
SOLE DQ: Amir’s B repeat

James: $4K/Amir: ZERO/Jerry: $3,800

Repeating BP Flashback: WHY ME


PP/Express Round: LANDMARKS

Coming Jerry’s way first are a $1,200 pair of T’s, three $650 S’s, two E’s and the same number of A’s, followed by a $1,500 N trio, a $900 D, a $550 L…but then the LaT. James then calls up a $1K pair of M’s while on the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900…

_ A S T L E S / A N D
M _ N _ M E N T S

…he’ll be seeing CASTLES AND MONUMENTS on a $6K trip to IRELAND.

SOLE LaT: Jerry

James: $11K cash & Ireland/Amir: ZILCH/Jerry: $3,800 


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

_ _ _ I _ G
I _ / B U _ K

James is certainly BUYING IN BULK for the Tossup sweep.

Speed-Up Round: FUN & GAMES

$1,500 is the consonant payoff. Jerry inserts a W midway in the round, but he blows the solve w/ ALL-STAR WRESTLING when there was no punctuation mark on the board. James then requests the double G’s…

_ L L _ G _ T _ R
W R _ S T L _ N G

…he solves ALLIGATOR WRESTLING for another $10,500.


James: $24,500 cash & Ireland/Amir: $1K GOOSEEGG/Jerry: $3,800  

GT: $29,300
BANKRUPT TRASH (excl. plate): $2,100


$100K Bonus Round
The P is James’ potential reward.

Category: FUN & GAMES
The ending letter(s) of each word is/are…

_ _ _ _ E R
_ _ _ L

DFMO is his combination…

_ _ M _ E R
_ O O L

…he successfully sinks a ball in this game of BUMPER POOL and leaves w/ $56,500 cash & trip.

$5K SPIN ID: RH7740044



One thought on “WoF Recap: June 9, 2015

  1. Bryan Graham June 10, 2015 / 3:00 pm

    So much dreadful play. I would honestly give it a 6. Red contestant had good moments, especially solving the BR… but the B call in round 1 was very questionable. I feel like luck was unkind to him the least more than anything else.


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