WoF Recap: June 4, 2015


This is the set where we most recently got a BR SHUTOUT — “Spin Into Summer”.

$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

M A D _ _ _ _
_ _ S C _ _ _ _ N

Charlie locates MADISON, WISCONSIN. In order, the Thursday panel…

Charlie Pevey: L.A. accountant for doctors and hospitals as well as an original co-host of “Net Match-Game Hollywood Squares Hour” from Alhambra, CA; he also has been trying to get on game shows like this one for 35 yrs.
Megan Winterberg: radiology co. mgr. who owns two muscle cars (’66 Pontiac GTO and ’71 Chevrolet Camaro) from Grover Beach, CA
Claire Anderson: teacher on special assignment from Alexandria, MN

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

A _ / L _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ D
_ A V _ / I _

AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT, Charlie triples up.

FEATURED TRIP: ASTON Lakeland Village in Lake Tahoe worth $6,650

Round 1: WAYD?

This guy is off and running w/ three N’s for $2,700, three I’s, the obvious $700 G, two A’s, two $550 C’s, two E’s, and two FP O’s to finish off the vowels. Next up are an $800 R, two $2,500 T’s, and a solve attempt…

_ I T I N G / O _ _
_ O R E / T _ A N
I / C A N / C _ E _

…he’s BITING OFF MORE THAN I CAN CHEW for $9,550 more and an overall total of $12,550.



Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Megan’s chance for greatness begins w/ two T’s for $1,100, an E, a $650 R, two I’s, and a $700 M, but she then buys the sole dud vowel of O. Second, Claire wastes a FP usage by repeating the O and loses a turn w/ an S request. Third, Charlie wants the first letter of his name while on the Lake Tahoe trip…that’s also a dud. Megan’s second turn sees her trying a $550 L, two A’s, a $900 Y, the last vowel of U, but then B for bad while on the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900. After Claire LaTs out, Charlie gets up there a $650 Q but then a critical dud on TD w/ the H. Following Megan’s FP dud of F and a P for the WC, here’s the board (and this is gonna bring bad memories)…

_ A R P

…she solves QUALITY TIME WARP (the first half triggered a $100K loss twice in Vegas; Sarah Baxley’s case in Sept. 2010 was a TOTAL TRAINWRECK) for her first $3,150.

DUDS: O (Megan; repeated by Claire), S (Claire), C (Charlie), B (Megan), H (Charlie), F (Megan)
SOLE LaT: Claire

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (’91): THINGS
This man chose CDMO…

_ _ N _
_ O N D S

…he nailed JUNK BONDS (I was wrong w/ BANK BONDS).


PP/Express Round: THINGS

Claire’s opening letters are three S’s for the All American Clothing gift tag, an E, a $900 T, and three A’s. But after a $1,600 pair of P’s is the BANKRUPT near TD to give back $4,500 cash & GT. Charlie then picks three R’s for $1,500 and the leftover vowels (I singleton and two O’s)…

P O S T _ A R _ S
_ R O _ / P A R A _ I S E

…he’s gonna be sending POSTCARDS FROM PARADISE, because he’s won $1K and a $6,700 trip to the Long Bay Beach Club on Tortola in the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS.


Charlie: $20,250 cash & BVI/Megan: $3,150 WC/Claire: ROTTEN LUCK



S _ _ _ _ _ / &
_ _ _ _ _ _ – _ _ O

Charlie confidently but incorrectly says SCOOBY & SCRAPPY-DOO, so no Tossup sweep for him.

S _ _ _ G Y / &
_ _ O _ B _ – _ O O

Megan capitalizes w/ SHAGGY & SCOOBY-DOO.

Round 4: PERSON

First up for this lady are three R’s for $1,650, three E’s, a $900 T, but then a bad purchase in I. Second for Claire are an $800 N, two $600 S’s, and two FP A’s, but here comes the bell for S-U mode…

A _ A R _ / S _ _ _
_ R E S E N T E R

…and the four remaining consonants are worth $1,500 each. She calls the D but still can’t solve for $3,500. Charlie then lights up the double W’s…

A W A R D / S _ _ W
_ R E S E N T E R

…he solves AWARD SHOW PRESENTER for another three grand.  

SOLE DUD: I (Megan)

Charlie: $23,250 cash & BVI/Megan: $6,150/Claire: $1K GOOSEEGG

GT: $30,400
BANKRUPT TRASH: $4,500 cash & spree


$100K Bonus Round
After we see his father Carl, Charlie takes the BW to the W.

Category: PHRASE
Looks pretty easy to me…

_ R _ _ E R
_ S _ _ E

He agrees and calls PGCU…

P R _ P E R 
U S _ G E

…sure enough, he shows us the PROPER USAGE on solving a bonus puzzle like this one to become the fourth straight $32K winner and leaves w/ $55,250. It also means that we have a chance at the first PERFECT BR WEEK in a little more than four years!  
: NA5758733


4 thoughts on “WoF Recap: June 4, 2015

  1. JP Mackey June 5, 2015 / 12:56 am

    OH. MY. FRIGGIN. GOSH. A chance at a PBRW…I am STOKED!

    Well, Charlie did very well for himself, that's for sure. Waiting 35 years to get on this show truly paid off!


  2. Jimmy Ruska June 5, 2015 / 2:24 pm

    I really hope there's a win tonight to secure the first perfect BR week in a little more than 4 years, but even if there's not, there hasn't been a winning BR week since the week of 2/23/2015. If there is a loss tonight, it better not be a puzzle that's obvious like from 4/16/2015 when Adam couldn't FIGURE OUT HOW to solve that puzzle despite only the W missing from the last word.


  3. Giraffe Boy November 5, 2015 / 5:21 am

    I think somebody has been following me for WAY too long!


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