Week 37 Stats

Good thing that man w/ the same first name as me saved us from what has been a BORING week.

Total this Week: $199,278
Total for the Season: $10,894,284
BR Win Record: 66-119 (.357)
Total Car Wins: 28
-1/2 Car: 25 (13 Ford Fiestas, 11 Nissan Versa Note Ss, 1 Chevy Spark)
-BR Car: 3 (Chevy Camaro, BMW x3, VW Beetle Conv.)
Prize Wedge Wins: 48
Gift Tag Wins: 52
Mystery Wedge Wins: 16
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 66-21
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 33-33
$10K MW was next to LaT: 33
$10K MW was next to $800: 49
Express was Played-Passed: 36-4
-Successes: 20
-Crashes: 16
Wild Card Usages
-Maingame: 9 (7 on $3,500, 1 on $900, 1 on $5,000)
-BR: 22
FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 130/76/0
5-Round Games: 46
6-Round Games: 4
Gooseegg Victims: 42
Red Winners: 62
Yellow Winners: 69
Blue Winners: 54
This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $31,300* 
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $1,252,513 *
Biggest Bankrupt: $20,625* (Jan. 8), $20,600* (Sept. 16), $19,590 * (May 6)
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $49,175* (Jan 8.), $29,625* (April 3), $27,980* (March 10)
Top 3 Winning Totals: $1,017,490 (Sept. 17), $130,565 (Feb. 23), $100,623 (Jan. 29)
Bottom 3 Winning Totals: $12,400 (Feb. 16), $11,000 (Sept. 19), $10,950 (Apr. 29)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $93,892 (Dec. 26), $83,743 (Jan. 29), $77,978 (Jan. 27)
Season-High Week: $1,200,274 (Teachers Week)  
Season-Low Week: $171,789 (Disney Sand & Shore Wk.)

Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0
BR Shutouts: 3
$1M Bonus Rounds: 16

$32K: 49/134
$40K: 4/14
$45K: 7/17
$50K: 1/6
$100K (or $1M): 2/7 (one of each win, four $100K losses and one $1M loss) 
CAR: 3/7

* includes prizes


WoF Recap: May 29, 2015


$1K Tossup: PLACE

_ C E / C _ _ A M
_ _ _ N D

Lizzy scores first w/ an ICE CREAM STAND. We end the month w/ these players…

Lizzy Encarnacao: 1st Grade teacher at Kalihi-Kay ES and volunteer docent from Kailua-Kona (orig. from MA)

Josiah Trager: trial attorney from Southlake, TX (orig. from Brooklyn)

Kendra Dupree: call center supervisor from Tucson (orig. from Wilmington, DE)

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

_ O _ / _ O _ K
_ Y / W O _ L _

Lizzy says “YOU ROCK MY WORLD” to triple up.

FEATURED CARAVAN.COM TOUR: Canadian Rockies/Glacier Ntl. Park

Round 1: EVENT

Both her and Josiah instantly BANKRUPT (former on the MDW’s left side, latter near $650). Third in line, Kendra calls out two T’s for $1,400, two A’s, a FP E, and a $1,400 N double. But after her buy of two O’s, she strikes out w/ M. Lizzy then lights up two $900 G’s, and an F for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900…

G O _ N G / O N / A
F _ _ _ T / _ A T E

…she’ll be GOING ON A FIRST DATE w/ another $2,300 in her pockets.

SOLE DUD: M (Kendra)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Lizzy and Josiah)

Lizzy: $5,300 1/2 CAR/Others: $0 each


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Josiah leads off w/ three T’s while on the MW near $800 and finds under there…$$$! Next up are three N’s for the 1/2 CAR on the blue $550 (that’s the second Fri. in a row we’ve seen the crew make this mistake), the three good vowels that isn’t an O or a U, two $900 G’s, a $700 S…but then the same MDW BANKRUPT to burn up $15,250 and his plate. Moving on to Kendra who says three $900 R’s, but then C for crud. Lizzy then picks up a $1,600 H pair, a $700 F, and a P for the Canada tour…

D O N ‘ T / P _ A _
_ I T H / F I R E –
_ R E A T H I N G

…she wins another $8,800 cash & tour w/ “DON’T PLAY WITH FIRE-BREATHING DRAGONS”.

SOLE DUD: C (Kendra)

Lizzy: $14,100 cash & Canada 1/2 CAR/Others: $0 each


PP/Express Round: THING

Kendra first FPs two A’s, but then duds out w/ M. Second, Lizzy gets her second 1/2 CAR from the same spot, buys two O’s and E’s, but then says an unfortunate dud of S while on TD. Third, Josiah picks a $700 D, the other two vowels, and a $1K pair of R’s before he BANKRUPTs next to $650 to lose $1,200 that time. Kendra then finds an F while on EXPRESS and GOES ABOARD…

Next Choices: V…3 N’s…2 G’s

A / _ O N G I N G
F O R / A D V E N T U R E

…why she didn’t go for the last consonant is beyond me, but she has A LONGING FOR ADVENTURE to win a Funjet Vacation to the RIU Bambu in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC worth its cash equivalent ($7K).

DUDS: M (Kendra), S (Lizzy)
SOLE BANKRUPT: Josiah (his third one of the game)

Lizzy: $14,100 cash & Canada/Josiah: ROTTEN LUCK/Kendra: $14K cash & D.R.



_ _ _ / _ O O _ I E S

Josiah’s finally off the gooseegg bench w/ “THE GOONIES” (FYI, a hit song by Cyndi Lauper is featured in that movie).

Speed-Up Round: SHOW BIZ 

$1,900 per consonant here. After two D’s show their faces…

_ _ N _ _ R _
_ N D / D _ N C _ R _

Josiah makes the $9,500 solve of SINGERS AND DANCERSbut if he he had chosen the S’s, he would’ve won by just a mere $300.

DUDS: T (Josiah), M (Kendra), L (Kendra)

Lizzy: $14,100 cash & Canada/Josiah: $12,500/Kendra: $14K cash & D.R.

You see Kendra? Not going all the way on EXPRESS just cost you the game.

GT: $40,600
BANKRUPT TRASH (plate not included): $16,450


$100K Bonus Round
Lizzy takes the BW to the I of WIN.

Category: THING
A pair of something to start…

_ L _ _ _ L
_ _ _

HDFU sounds like a bad idea to us (partly because of those last two picks)…and NONE of them are up there, so GAME OVER. The winning answer for $32K was GLOBAL MAP.

$5K SPIN ID: CB9341564


WoF Recap: May 28, 2015


$1K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

C H _ R _ _ E S
_ _ B I _ _ _

Florence has the right answer of CHERRIES JUBILEE, but it’s Maylin who beats her to the punch on that. Anyway, the lowdown on everybody this evening…

Maylin Falke: runner who has “WHEEL” toenails from Folsom, CA

Florence Warren: retired systems analyst & hospital volunteer who wants to use her winnings towards launching a product from Selden, NY

Andy Walsh: 8th Grade Math teacher at Westwood MS who plays woodwinds from Fridley, MN


_ R E A _ _ V E
D _ R E _ _ O _


FEATURED TRIP: that Chongwe Safari in Zambia worth $9K

Round 1: WAYD?

Off he goes w/ four N’s for $2,800, two G’s for the TravelSmith gift tag, two $600 D’s, but then the sole dud vowel of A. Second, both ladies BANKRUPT back-to-back (Maylin near TD, Florence near the other one), so we’re quickly back to Andy. He inserts an $1,800 pair of R’s, four E’s, an O and three I’s, and two FP T’s, then we see…

G I _ I N G / I T
O N E / _ _ N D R E D
_ E R _ E N T

…him GIVING IT ONE HUNDRED PERCENT for $7,800 cash & GT.

SOLE DUD: A (Andy)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Andy: $9,800 cash & GT/Maylin: $1K/Florence: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Maylin’s findings are a $900 T, an E, a $900 S, but the A proves to be the sole dud vowel for the second round in a row. Second, Florence gets the same BANKRUPT she got before. Third, Andy rattles off two $900 R’s, the leftover vowels, a FP F, and three H’s while on the MW near LaT before he risks $1,550…$$$

_ H O T O
F I _ I S H
_ O U R / H O _ E _ O R _

…and he says “PHOTO FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK” for $11,550.

SOLE DUD: A (Maylin)

Andy: $21,350 cash & GT/Maylin: $1K/Florence: ZERO


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

The scoreless Florence starts w/ a $1,300 pair of T’s and an N while on EXPRESS before she HOPS ABOARD…only to bomb out right away w/ an M call. Second, Andy strikes out on w/ S while he’s on the WC. Third, Maylin has the same fate w/ an R request. Florence restarts w/ three L’s for $2,400, two I’s and an O, but then the LaT. Andy follows w/ triple FP E’s, a $700 Y, a $650 F, the rest of the vowel shop (in pairs), a B for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to take away his plate and $1,350…

E _ _ E _ T I O N A L L Y

…and Maylin wins a trip to an EXCEPTIONALLY BEAUTIFUL resort — the St. James’s Club ANTIGUA worth $7,360.

NON-BANKRUPT DUDS: S (Andy), R (Maylin)

Andy: $21,350 cash & GT/Maylin: $8,360 cash & trip/Florence: TERRIBLE SHAPE


$3K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

_ _ _ K – _ N
P _ R _

Andy doesn’t know it.

_ A L K – O N
P _ R _

Maylin’s in five figure territory w/ a WALK-ON PART.

Speed-Up Round: THING

$1,600’s the consonant payoff. After a D is said late in this round…

R _ M A N T _ C
M _ L _ D _

Maylin stumbles a bit after saying ROMANTIC MALADY, but she then barely makes it in w/ ROMANTIC MELODY for another $6,400.

DUDS: S (Maylin), G (Florence)

Andy: $21,350 cash & GT/Maylin: $18,760 cash & trip/Florence: HL $1K GOOSEEGG

GT: $41,110
BANKRUPT TRASH (plate disregarded): $3,650


$100K Bonus Round
Mr. Walsh (not related to former “America’s Most Wanted” host John) spins up the S of AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
Almost 1/2 the answer already…

S T R _ _ E _
_ _ N _ N _

GDPI are all up there…

_ _ N I N G

the losing streak is finally over, because he nails STRIPED AWNING for the $32K (I understood Pat that the lack of the A might’ve tripped him up) and a final total of $53,350 cash & GT.

$5K SPIN ID: KS3131550


WoF Recap: May 27, 2015


$1K Tossup: EVENT

_ P O N _ A N E O _ S
R O _ _ / T R _ P

Danelle could soon be taking a SPONTANEOUS ROAD TRIP, and we go from left to right in interviewing them…

Danelle Christian: pharmacist from Lee’s Summit, MO

John Napotnik: YMCA worker who has NO sense of smell from Camarillo, CA

Jill Roseblatt: soccer mom and server from Farmingville, NY

$2K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

C A S _ / I _ / _ H E
L E A D / _ O _ E

John’s been CAST IN THE LEAD ROLE of spinning.

FEATURED TRIP: paris.BUZZ worth $7,550

We get a shot of Jim replying to Pat that he doesn’t have his very own website.

Round 1: PHRASE

The letter search begins w/ him calling two T’s for $1,400, two $600 R’s, two $550 S’s, two E’s and three O’s, then he…

T _ O ‘ S
_ O _ _ _ _ _
T _ R E E ‘ S
_ / _ R O _ _

…solves TWO’S COMPANY, THREE’S A CROWD for $3,200 and a new total of $5,200.



Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Jill first FPs an E, calls up a $900 T, but then buys a bad vowel in A. Second, Danelle picks up the BedandBreakfast.com gift tag w/ an S, buys three O’s, but then BANKRUPTs near TD to lose $1,250 cash & gift tag. Third, John strikes out w/ R while on the MW near $800. Jill resumes her play w/ two $800 C’s, two I’s to finish off the vowels, and three O’s for $2,100 before she…

P O P S I C _ E / &
P O _ O
S T I C _

…is off by a letter w/ POPSICLE & POLO STICK, likely costing her $4,100. Danelle then puts up the $700 L and FP G…

P O P S I C L E / &
S T I C _

…she solves POPSICLE & POGO STICK for the 12 Benjamins and is up to $2,200.

DUDS: A (Jill), R (John)
SOLE DQ: Jill’s one-letter missolve


PP/Express Round: THING

Danelle’s initial choices are an R for the WC, two E’s, two $550 N’s, and three A’s, before the L takes away her turn. Second, John fills in two C’s for $1,800, buys two O’s…

_ A N O R A _ _ C
O C E A N / _ _ E _

…and he makes the $1,550 solve and a trip to a place where he’ll get a PANORAMIC OCEAN VIEW — the Si Como No Resort in COSTA RICA worth $6,928.

SOLE DUD: L (Danelle)

Danelle: $2,200 WC/John: $13,678 cash & trip/Jill: BAD SHAPE


$3K Tossup: WAYD?

_ _ _ _ H _ N _ / F _ R
_ H _ / _ T A _ S

Jill doesn’t know it, while Danelle’s REACHING FOR THE STARS.


Her next letters are three $500 T’s, four E’s, three $700 H’s, and two $600 R’s…

T H E / T H E _ R _ / _ _
E _ E R _ T H _ _ _

…she coulv’e gone on for the Y’s, but she IDs “THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING” for $4,550.

PR #2

Danelle: $9,750 WC/John: $13,678 cash & trip/Jill: SCORELESS


Round 5: FOOD & DRINK

At the start, both J’s miss w/ T and R, respectively. Danelle thirdly lights up a $700 S, buys two A’s, but can’t find any N’s. After John says another baddie of L, Jill gets up there two $900 C’s, six E’s, and two $900 H’s before she…

H _ _ E _ A _ E
C H E E S E C A _ E

…finally wins her first $3,350 w/ some HOMEMADE CHEESECAKE.

DUDS: T (John), R (Jill), N (Danelle), L (John)

Danelle: $9,750 WC/John: $13,678 cash & trip/Jill: $3,350


Speed-Up Round: THING

$1,500 per consonant here. After Danelle calls the last remaining consonant of G…

_ D _ C _ T _ D
G _ _ S S

…she makes a good ($3K) EDUCATED GUESS, but that’s still not enough to win the game. 

DUDS: R (Danelle), L (Jill), N (John)

Danelle: $12,750/John: $13,678 cash & trip/Jill: $3,350

GT: $29,778
BANKRUPT TRASH: $1,250 cash & GT


$100K Bonus Round
That man lands on the second A of AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
1/3 of the answer to start…

_ N / _ L _
_ _ T _

I like his chances after he calls DMWO…

_ N / O L D
M _ T _

…but he still BLOWS IT w/ AN OLD MATE, AN OLD MATH and AN OLD MATCH. It was AN OLD MYTH, and he doesn’t win $32K. That means the losing streak is now in double-digit territory again. Also, we’ve gone 100 straight episodes without landing on a car envelope.

$5K SPIN ID: JA9705945


WoF Recap: May 26, 2015


$1K Tossup: PLACE

_ H _ / _ _ N N _ R ‘ S
C _ R _ L _

Andrew’s hoping to get to THE WINNER’S CIRCLE at the expense of these ladies…

Andrew Peden: paramedic and Krav Maga teacher from Goshen, NY

Shayla Pore: from Southfield, MI

April Moses: insurance broker who’s ran several half-marathons from Moorpark, CA


_ T H _ _ / _ A W _ E


FEATURED INTREPID TRIP: Southern Morocco worth $7,500
Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: TravelSmith

Round 1: PHRASE

She gets going w/ an $1,800 pair of T’s, an A, but then the BANKRUPT near TD. Second, Andrew calls out two R’s for his own $1,800, four E’s, and double S’s and three N’s at $700 a pop…

T _ E R E ‘ S / A
N E _ / S _ E R _ _ _
_ N / T _ _ N

…he replies “THERE’S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN” for $5,050 though he could’ve gone for the obvious H’s and/or F’s.


Shayla: $0/April: $2K/Andrew: $6,050


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Andrew first says three R’s while on the MW near $800 and that flip is worth…NOTHING. Shayla secondly uncovers two S’s for $1,400, three $1K N’s, three E’s and an I. But after a $2,700 trio of T’s is the other normal BANKRUPT to take away $6,600. April thirdly rattles off a $700 C, a FP G, and a $700 P…

C _ _ R T
S T E N _ G R _ P _ E R

…she solves TENNIS COURT STENOGRAPHER for $1,900.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Andrew and Shayla)

Shayla: NADA/April: $3,900/Andrew: $6,050

Repeating BP Flashback: THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX


PP/Express Round: THINGS

Shayla gets that MDW right away w/ four S’s, plugs in a $500 T, but then buys the sole dud vowel of E. Coming April’s way second are a $600 N, an A and three I’s, a $900 W, a $550 M, and the leftover vowels, then we have…

S W I M S U I T S / A N _
_ _ I _ – _ _ O _ S

…she needs to bring some SWIMSUITS AND FLIP-FLOPS, because she’s won $1,050 plus that $6K Costa CARIBBEAN CRUISE.

SOLE DUD: E (Shayla)

Shayla: NIL/April: $10,950 cash & cruise/Andrew: $6,050



_ A S T _ R
C _ _ _

This MASTER CHEF cooks up some more dough for April.

Round 4: SHOW BIZ

Her first call of T is no good. Second for Andrew are a $650 N, two A’s, a $650 D, but then the LaT. Down Shayla’s path third are three $900 S’s, five E’s and an I, a $700 R, but then C for crud. April then picks a $1K M pair, a $650 K, and an O…

M O _ I E / R E M A K E S
A N D / S E _ _ E _ S

…she solves  MOVIE REMAKES AND SEQUELS for $1,400

DUDS: T (April), C (Shayla)
SOLE LaT: Andrew

Shayla: NIL/April: $15,350 cash & cruise/Andrew: $6,050

Round 5: EVENT

Andrew lands on TD right away, but can’t cash in w/ a dud of R. Shayla has the same fate w/ an S call. Moving on to April who puts in $800 N and L singles, buys an A and three E’s, but we hear the S-U bells…

_ _ L _ _ A _
_ E E _ E N _

…and the remaining consonants are worth $1,600 apiece.

_ _ L _ D A _
_ E E _ E N D

…after we’ve spent our HOLIDAY WEEKEND, April has added another $4,300 worth of icing.

DUDS (before FS): R (Andrew), S (Shayla)

Shayla: $1K GOOSEEGG/April: $19,650 cash & cruise/Andrew: $6,050

GT: $26,700


$100K Bonus Round
The * space is where that BW stops this evening.

Category: PHRASE
Not much RSTLNE help…

_ _ _ T / _
_ _ S _ _ _ _ _

CDHA adds besides the obvious on the top line…

_ H A T / A
_ _ S _ _ _ D _

should’ve gone for BGHO — the right one for $32K was WHAT A BUSYBODY.

$5K SPIN ID: DN0694763


WoF Recap: May 25, 2015

On this Memorial Day, we begin “Wish You Were Here” week. And this was taped before last week’s BR SHUTOUT, so I think something big will happen. 


$1K Tossup: WAYD?

T _ I N G _ S / O F F

We’re KICKING THINGS OFF w/ Morgan making the solve and getting interviewed first…

Morgan Doria: speech language pathologist who enjoys collecting antiques (especially automobiles that they restore) and donating her hair from NY

Trent Lorenzen: mortgage consultant for a large bank from Brooklyn Park, MN

Michelle Ferrier: worker at a resort on Big Island from Kailua-Kona

$2K Tossup: THING

S _ _ _ _ / A _ M Y
_ N _ _ E

Trent gets out a SWISS ARMY KNIFE.

FEATURED $6K TRIP: Ireland from Aer Lingus
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: BedandBreakfast.com
1/2 CAR: Fiesta


His openers are a $1,400 pair of N’s, but then a bad O buy. Second, Michelle calls up a $900 T, two E’s, a TD H, four A’s, and two I’s to clean out the vowels. Following twin D’s for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900…

_ A _ _ / I N / T H E
_ A D D _ E / A _ A I N

…she’s “BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN” just like the late Gene Autry and she’s on the board w/ $3,650.

SOLE DUD: O (Trent)

Michelle: $3,650 1/2 CAR/Morgan: $1K/Trent: $2K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Michelle first shouts out two $600 N’s, two I’s, but then A for awful. Second, Morgan BANKRUPTs next to TD. Third, Trent takes two T’s for $1,800, an E, but then S for sorry. Michelle resumes her play w/ two P’s for $1,100, the last vowel of O, a $650 R, a K for the BaB gift tag, but then a critical LaT landing. Morgan then lights up the two Y’s for $1,400, and an L to go to $2,050…

P R E T T Y / I N
_ L O Y _

…she thinks she’s “PRETTY IN PINK” FLOYD.

DUDS: A (Michelle), S (Trent)
SOLE LaT: Michelle

Michelle: $3,650 1/2 CAR/Morgan: $3,050/Trent: $2K


PP/Express Round: FOOD & DRINK

Morgan starts this crucial round w/ two R’s for $1,800, two O’s and an A, as well as two T’s for the WC. But after her buys of two I’s and an E is the other normal BANKRUPT to take away the WC and the amount she started w/. Second, Trent LaTs out. Third, Michelle finds a $900 N, a U, and two F’s for the MDW after which she says a $500 Z, a $700 Y, but then a CRITICAL DUD of D. Morgan then SPINGLES for a $550 L…

F R O Z E N / F R U I T Y
_ O _ _ T A I L _

…she’ll enjoy these FROZEN FRUITY COCKTAILS at The Crane in BARBADOS worth $8,490.

SOLE DUD: D (Michelle)
SOLE LaT: Trent

Michelle: $3,650/Morgan: $12,040 cash & trip/Trent: $2K


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

_ I _ D / A N D
_ _ _ _ L Y

Morgan doesn’t know the last word.

_ I L D / A N D
_ O O L L Y

Michelle capitalizes w/ WILD AND WOOLLY.

Round 4: PLACE

The letter selections by this lady are a $1K pair of R’s, four E’s, a $700 L, two A’s to wipe out the vowel shop, and a $1,200 pair of C’s…

C _ E E R L E A _ E R
C A _ _

…she solves CHEERLEADER CAMP for $2,400.


Michelle: $9,050/Morgan: $12,040 cash & trip/Trent: $2K

Round 5: EVENT

First up for Morgan are a $500 T, two A’s, but then S for sorry and we go into S-U Mode…

A / _ _ _ _ _ _ T _
_ A _ _ _ _ _ _

…w/ the remaining consonants worth $1,500. Late in this round, Morgan gets the two M’s up there, but doesn’t know the last word. A dud of G and a K later…

A / C _ M P L _ T _
M A K _ _ _ _ R

Michelle could be getting A COMPLETE MAKEOVER, because she’s won the game w/ another $6K.

DUDS DURING S-U: N (Trent), H (Trent), D (Morgan), B (Trent), G (Trent)

Michelle: $15,050/Morgan: $12,040 cash & trip/Trent: $2K

(NOTE: They left out $500 off Michelle’s total.)

GT: $29,090
BANKRUPT TRASH (WC not included): $1,800


$100K Bonus Round
The next-to-last vehicle offered this season is a Nissan JUKE. Michelle doesn’t have anybody w/ her, but she spins the second A.

Category: PHRASE
The starter(s)…

S _ _ _ _ _ N _
_ _ _ N

DPMI guarantees at least a letter…

S _ _ _ P I N _
D _ _ N

…but she only gets the second word, and a near-quadrupler ($45K, that is) won’t be SWOOPING DOWN on her.

$5K SPIN ID: JR6312274


Week 36 Stats

The only good thing about this week is those 1/2 CAR wins on Monday and tonight, which helped us get over the $200K mark.

Total this Week: $221,019
Total for the Season: $10,695,006
BR Win Record: 65-115 (.361)
Total Car Wins: 28
-1/2 Car: 25 (13 Ford Fiestas, 11 Nissa Versa Note Ss, 1 Chevy Spark)
-BR Car: 3 (Chevy Camaro, BMW x3, VW Beetle Conv.)
Prize Wedge Wins: 48
Gift Tag Wins: 51
Mystery Wedge Wins: 15
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 63-21
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 31-32
$10K MW was next to LaT: 31
$10K MW was next to $800: 48
Express was Played-Passed: 34-4
-Successes: 19
-Crashes: 15
Wild Card Usages
-Maingame: 9 (7 on $3,500, 1 on $900, 1 on $5,000)
-BR: 22
FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 126/72/0
5-Round Games: 44
6-Round Games: 3
Gooseegg Victims: 40
Red Winners: 59
Yellow Winners: 67
Blue Winners: 54
This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $51,450 
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $1,221,213 *
Biggest Bankrupt: $20,625* (Jan. 8), $20,600* (Sept. 16), $19,590 * (May 6)
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $49,175* (Jan 8.), $29,625* (April 3), $27,980* (March 10)
Top 3 Winning Totals: $1,017,490 (Sept. 17), $130,565 (Feb. 23), $100,623 (Jan. 29)
Bottom 3 Winning Totals: $12,400 (Feb. 16), $11,000 (Sept. 19), $10,950 (Apr. 29)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $93,892 (Dec. 26), $83,743 (Jan. 29), $77,978 (Jan. 27)
Season-High Week: $1,200,274 (Teachers Week)  
Season-Low Week: $171,789 (Disney Sand & Shore Wk.)


Bonus Round Stats

Perfect BR Weeks: 0
BR Shutouts: 3
$1M Bonus Rounds: 16

$32K: 48/130
$40K: 4/14
$45K: 7/16
$50K: 1/6
$100K (or $1M): 2/7 (one of each win, four $100K losses and one $1M loss) 
CAR: 3/7

* includes prizes

WoF Recap: May 22, 2015 — BR SHUTOUT ALERT #3


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ H E / _ _ R S T
T _ M _ / _ _ _ _

The studio audience is laughing when Sarah says on-air that she doesn’t know the last word.

_ H E / _ _ R S T
T _ M _ / E V _ _

Lizzette realizes that this is NOT THE FIRST TIME EVER that we’ve been shutout in Bonusland for a week of shows. Trying to stop this threat are…

Lizzette Colon: iSchool guidance counselor and Blue Hill Troupe member from Queens, NY

Sarah Walker: substitute teacher who’s planning to move to CA to get into TV/screenwriting from Lakeland, FL

Andrew Holick: pharmacy tech from Tucson, AZ

$2K Tossup: RHYME TIME

T _ E / _ _ _ _
_ _ T H / _ H _ / M O S T

Sarah knows that Pat is THE HOST WITH THE MOST. 

FEATURED TRIP: Costa Mediterranean Cruise worth $6,500

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK

She wastes a spin w/ the MDW’s right side. Second, Andrew calls out a $650 T, two E’s, a $650 H, but then a bad vowel in A. Third, Lizzette finds two N’s for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900, two TD L’s, an I and three O’s to clean out the vowels, but she’s been cleaned out herself to the tune of $5,500 and her plate by the BANKRUPT near $650. Sarah then picks up the cruise w/ two R’s…

_ R I L L E _
_ O R N / O N
T H E / _ O _

…she’s gonna be eating some GRILLED CORN ON THE COB while on that ship, so she’s won another $7,500 cash & cruise.

SOLE DUD: A (Andrew)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Sarah: $9,500 cash & cruise/Andrew: $0/Lizzette: $1K


Mystery Round: SHOW BIZ

Andrew’s first call of a T is a no-no. Second, Lizzette picks four N’s for $3,200, three E’s, and S for the Omaha Steaks gift tag, two I’s, three $800 R’s and three O’s…

O S _ _ R / _ I N N E R
_ _ _ I _ N N E / _ O O R E

…she IDs OSCAR WINNER JULIANNE MOORE for $6,350 cash & food.

SOLE DUD: T (Andrew)

Sarah: $9,500 cash & cruise/Andrew: ZERO/Lizzette: $7,350 cash & steaks


PP/Express Round: PLACES

Lizzette leads off w/ a $1,300 T double, five E’s, but then N for negative while on EXPRESS. Sarah secondly gets two R’s for the 1/2 CAR on the blue $550 (why was it placed there instead of that green $500 next door?), an A, an S for the other 1/2 CAR, and a U, then we look at…

_ _ _ T U R E –
_ E R _ E _ T
_ E A _ _ E S

…oh, that somebody on the crew just gave away a car to this lady — she just won $15,975 cash & Versa plus a trip to the PICTURE-PERFECT BEACHES of JAMAICA (The Oasis at Sunset) worth $9,394!

SOLE DUD: N (Lizzette)

Sarah: $34,869 cash & prizes/Andrew: ZIP/Lizzette: $7,350 cash & steaks


$3K Tossup: THING

_ _ R A T E / _ H _ P

Sarah thinks it’s a KARATE CHOPnope.

P _ R A T E / S H _ P

Lizzette’s in five figures w/ PIRATE SHIP.

Round 4: WAYD?

Here she goes w/ a FP I, a $700 N, two E’s, the obvious $700 G, two $500 T’s, and two O’s, followed by an $800 R, a $600 S, but then the S-U signal…

S _ _ R O _ _ E T I N G
T O / _ _ _ E

…and the leftover consonants are worth $1,500. Following an intact null cycle, Vanna puts up the M but Lizzette blows the solve w/ SKYROCKETING TO HOME, not realizing the H was a dud. Sarah then buys the A for free instead of picking the K’s…

S _ _ R O _ _ E T I N G
T O / _ A M E

…she’s SKYROCKETING TO FAME for the house minimum.

DUDS (after final bells): L (Lizzette), D (Sarah), H (Andrew)
SOLE DQ: Lizzette’s blown solve

Sarah: $35,869 cash & prizes/Andrew: $1K GOOSEEGG/Lizzette: $10,350 cash & steaks

GT: $47,219
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding plate): $5,500


$100K Bonus Round
Sarah spins up that P.

Category: THING
She needs some help in the top word…

_ _ E R _ E _ _
L _ _ _ T

GPBI adds besides the obvious two on the bottom…

_ _ E R _ E _ _
L I G _ T

nothing at all, so she doesn’t turn on this OVERHEAD LIGHT for $32K and we have our third (and hopefully final) BR shutout of the season.

$5K SPIN ID: VN8484631


WoF Recap: May 21, 2015


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

B R _ _ H T
A _ _ / _ _ _ _ Y

Bridget is BRIGHT AND SUNNY, so let’s meet her first…

Bridget Barry: international nonprofit worker from Brooklyn (orig. from Grayslake, IL)

Quikton Sloan: barber stylist an American Legion Post 211 volunteer from Lompoc, CA

Sarah Wilson: Harvest Home exec. director from L.A. (orig. from Denver)

$2K Tossup: SONG TITLE

M A G _ _ / C _ R _ E T
_ I _ E

Sarah IDs the Steppenwolf hit “MAGIC CARPET RIDE”.

FEATURED TRIP: sydney.BUZZ worth $8,500

Round 1: SHOW BIZ

Her first letter selections are three T’s for the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900, an E, two R’s for that WC, a FP N, and a single A, followed by a C for the LUGGAGEPOINT gift tag, two O’s, two $800 S’s, a $600 B, and two $900 P’s. We now have…

S _ P P O R T _ N _

…she solves the OSCAR category of BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for $7,750 cash & luggage.


Quikton: $0/Sarah: $9,950 cash & luggage WC 1/2 CAR/Bridget: $1K


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Bridget leads off w/ a $500 T, two $900 N’s, two A’s, two D’s for the other 1/2 CAR, double I’s, and the last vowel of O. She follows w/ a $700 S, two C’s for that Australia trip, two $700 P’s, but then a PAINFUL LaT to leave $14,150 cash & trip on the table. Quikton then SPINGLES for the $500 L…

P I C N I C / A N D
_ A L D

…and doubles his money w/ PICNIC AND BALD SPOT.


Quikton: $1K/Sarah: $9,950 cash & luggage WC 1/2 CAR/Bridget: $1K

Repeating BP Flashback of the Night: DOORKNOB


PP/Express Round: EVENT

First up for that man next to Pat are two T’s for $1,800, five A’s, two $500 N’s, a $600 L, and a single E, but an M call takes away his turn. Sarah then takes double H’s while on EXPRESS and HOPS ON.

Next Choices: 3 U’s…C…and the last consonant of W

A U T H E N T _ C
H A W A _ _ A N / L U A U

She’s won another $3,750 and will enjoy an AUTHENTIC HAWAIIAN LUAU on her trip to the Napili Kai Beach Resort in MAUI worth $6,600.


Quikton: $1K/Sarah: $20,300 cash & prizes WC/Bridget: $1K



_ _ _ _ _
K N I _ _ _ _ E Y


Round 4: THING

Her choices in this go-around are a $500 T, four E’s, three TD N’s (Pat didn’t prompt her), and an A before the BANKRUPT near $650 forces her to give up $15K and her WC. Bridget secondly says a dud of R. Third for Quikton are two $900 L’s, an $800 C, a $700 X, but then a bad O buy. Sarah restarts w/ a $500 S, but then buys the other bad vowel of this board (U). After Bridget misses again w/ a D, Quikton lights up double P’s for a grand…

P E N _ A N S _ _ P

…I dunno if he has EXCELLENT PENMANSHIP, but he’s won another $4,050.

DUDS: R (Bridget), O (Quikton), U (Sarah), D (Bridget)

Quikton: $5,050/Sarah: $23,300 cash & prizes/Bridget: $1K


Speed-Up Round: FUN & GAMES

$1,900 per consonant here. After a D pops up late in this round, Quikton blows the first word w/ STARTING SECOND BASE. Sarah then requests the B…

S T E _ _ _ N G
S E _ _ N D / B _ S E


DUDS: P (Quikton), R (Sarah), M (Quikton), J (Quikton), H (Sarah)

Very odd calls by that man, that’s for sure.

Quikton: $5,050/Sarah: $30,900 cash & prizes/Bridget: $1K

GT: $36,950
BANKRUPT TRASH: Sarah’s $15K and WC


$100K Bonus Round
The S in SPIN is where Sarah stops on.

Category: PHRASE
The last letter of this one-liner is…

_ _ _ _ / _ _ T

PHGO gives her nothing but three of the hot vowel…

_ O O _ / O _ T

…she BLOWS IT w/ LOOK OUT and BOOK OUT. She will not ZOOM OUT of SPS w/ the $32K.

$5K SPIN ID: PC0629497


WoF Recap: May 20, 2015


$1K Tossup: THING

_ _ _ / _ O N _ H
_ _ / _ U _ _

Dana takes a stab w/ THE MONTH OF JULYbut that’s wrong.

_ H E / M O N T H
_ F / J U _ _

We’re almost into THE MONTH OF JUNE, and Matthew has the right answer. Time to meet ’em now…

Matthew Goldman: buyer for an insurance co. from Portland, OR (he’s had a secret desire to be a GS host)

Pam Baker: litigation assistant at a law firm in Century City (she also does taekwondo) from Inglewood, CA

Dana Wenturine: MRI tech and ballroom dancer from Chesterfield, MI

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

T _ A _ ‘ S / _
_ R E A _ / _ _ _ A

Dana, THAT’S A GREAT IDEA, and you’re on the board this time.

FEATURED COLLETTE TRIP: French Riviera and Paris worth $11,396

Round 1: WAYD?

She starts us off w/ four N’s for $2,600, three I’s, a $900 G, two E’s and a pair of A’s, followed by three $700 R’s, the other two vowels, double D’s for $1,400 more, a $900 W, but then a possibly fatal dud of T to likely cost her $6,650. Matthew doesn’t capitalize on that error because of a LaT landing. Over to Pam who puts in a $600 S, a $900 L, but then a baddie of M. That gives Dana another chance…but NOT for long, because she squanders her turn w/ the H. Matthew then inserts the last consonant of two C’s for the French trip…

A R O U N D / I N

…and he’ll be doing said puzzle solution to win $12,396 cash & tour that round.

DUDS: T (Dana), M (Pam), H (Dana)
SOLE LaT: Matthew

Matthew: $13,396 cash & tour/Pam: $0/Dana: $2K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Matthew first learns that this puzzle also doesn’t have any T’s while he’s on the Omaha Steaks gift tag. Pam secondly also misses w/ N while on the MW near LaT. Dana thirdly tries three S’s for $2,400, four E’s and A’s, but then repeats the T. After Matthew gets his second LaT of the game, Pam calls up five R’s for $3,500, two I’s and O’s, three $550 F’s, and an $800 H before we turn to the board…

_ _ E _ _ E R ‘ S / _ A _
H I S / R O _ _ E R

…I doubt they’re gonna make a movie titled “FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF HIS ROCKER”, but she’s won her first $5,450.

DUDS: T (Matthew, repeated by Dana), N (Pam)
2ND LaT: Matthew

Matthew: $13,396 cash & tour/Pam: $5,450/Dana: $2K


PP/Express Round: FOOD & DRINK

Pam instantly hits the MDW’s left side. Second, Dana picks three N’s for the 1/2 CAR near the orange $900 (Pam wanted to choose that), three A’s, two $650 T’s and two I’s. But after a $600 L is a bad E buy. Third, Matthew runs inso the same MDW BANKRUPT. Pam next takes a $700 G but then the other bad vowel of this puzzle (O). Dana then lights up the two leftover U’s, a $600 P, and H for that WC, and a FP M. Now we have…

A / T A N T A L I _ I N G
_ U M / P U N _ H

…she’s won another four grand and will sample A TANTALIZING RUM PUNCH at St. James’s Club MORGAN BAY in ST. LUCIA worth $7,150.

DUDS: E (Dana), O (Pam)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Matthew and Pam)

Matthew: $13,396 cash & tour/Pam: $5,450/Dana: $13,150 cash & trip WC


$3K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ / R O U N D
O _ / _ _ _ F

Dana has taken the lead w/ A ROUND OF GOLF.

Speed-Up Round: PEOPLE

This round will decide whether Matthew or Dana wins this game, as every consonant is worth $1,800. After a C appears…

_ _ G _ – _ _ _ _ N G
_ C R _ _ _ T _

Matthew has won $5,400 and the victory w/ HIGH-FLYING ACROBATS.

Matthew: $18,796 cash & France/Pam: $5,450/Dana: $16,150 cash & St. Lucia

GT: $40,396


$100K Bonus Round
He lands on the N in SPIN.

Category: PHRASE
Looks easy to me…

_ _ _ E
R _ _ _ T / _ N

CDMO adds a key letter at the top…

D _ _ E
R _ _ _ T / _ N

…he’s NOT gonna DIVE RIGHT IN to another $32K, because he said DICE under his breath. That’s three episodes in a row where somebody forgets about what letters they’ve called here.

$5K SPIN ID: RP6591742