WoF Recap: April 27, 2015

Their last Disney week wasn’t so magical, but maybe this one will — it’s “Show Your Disney Side”. Remember, there are NO cars used on these particular weeks.


Mickey’s doing the intro.

$1K Tossup: PLACE

_ R E _ _
_ _ A _ _ W

Nick & Lesley goof w/ FRESH MEADOW.

_ R E E _
M _ A _ O W

Carolina & Sergio solve GREEN MEADOW. Meeting the first three family teams this week…

Carolina & Sergio Felix (9 yrs.): he’s an Army Staff Sgt. for 13 yrs.; they recently moved to HI
Nick & Lesley Sharkey (4.5 yrs.): he works in sales for a Christian publishing co. while she’s an ES music teacher; they’re from Glen Ellyn, CA
Eric & Kristie Metler (12.5 yrs.): she ran the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon in Disneyland last yr.; they’re from Fresno

$5K SPIN ID: OH4107894

$2K Tossup: PEOPLE

_ A _ P Y
_ _ _ _ Y W _ D S

Nick rightly says they’re HAPPY NEWLYWEDS.

FIRST DISNEY TRIP OF THE WEEK: Disneyland worth $6,988
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: Zappos


Both the Sharkeys and Metlers strike out right away w/ T and R, respectively. Third in line, the Felixes call up a $550 N, two D’s for a grand, four E’s, and a $1K pair of Y’s, then we have… 

_ _ E Y
D E _ E Y
_ N D / _ _ _ _ E

…they ID HUEY, DEWEY AND LOUIE (Donald Duck’s nephews) for $2,300.

DUDS: T (Sharkeys), R (Metlers)

Felixes: $3,300/Sharkeys: $2K/Metlers: $0


Mystery Round: EVENT

Here go the Metlers w/ three R’s for $2,700, two S’s for the WC, an E, and an while on the MW near $800. They risk $3,450 and the WC to find…$$$! Next up are an A, two L’s for the Zappos gift tag, two O’s, a $700 H, a T for that MDW, three I’s to finish off the vowels, and two W’s for $1,200 more before we finally show you…

_ R I L L I A N T
_ I R E W O R _ S

…I’ve seen a BRILLIANT FIREWORKS SHOW on New Year’s Eve last year and they make the solve for $16,600 cash & GT!


Felixes: $3,300/Sharkeys: $2K/Metlers: $16,600 cash & GT MDW WC


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

The Felixes‘ first consonants here are a $1,950 trio of N’s, but then a dud of R. Second, the Sharkeys come up w/ an $1,800 trio of T’s, three E’s, two $900 H’s, and two I’s before BANKRUPTing near $650 to lose the $3,100 remainder. Third, the Metlers insert a $700 G, a FP O, a $650 L, and three S’s for $2,700 more…

L O _ I N G / T H E
S _ N S H I N E
S T _ T E

…in addition to another $4,050, they’ll be LOVING THE SUNSHINE STATE because they’ve won a trip to DISNEYWORLD worth $7,518!

SOLE DUD: R (Felixes)

Felixes: $3,300/Sharkeys: $2K/Metlers: $28,168 cash & prizes MDW WC



_ _ E
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ B _ _ S

Carolina doesn’t waste much time in coming up w/ “THE INCREDIBLES”.

Speed-Up Round: THINGS

It’s a $1,900 FS. Midway in the round, the Metlers light up an M but flub w/ WORDS OF ENDEARMENT. The Felixes then call out that C…

_ _ R _ S / _ _
_ N C _ _ R _ _ _ M _ N T

…they have some WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT to finish strong w/ another $7,600.

SOLE DUD: L (Metlers)
SOLE DQ: blown solve by that same team

Felixes: $13,900/Sharkeys: $2K/Metlers: $28,168 cash & prizes MDW WC

GT: $44,068


MILLION DOLLAR BONUS ROUND #14 (a new record for most MDBRs in a single season)
Enter each week’s bonus puzzle for your chance to win a trip to Disneyworld (I’m in on the contest, too). Kristie spins up the P.

Category: THINGS
I think you know what the first line is already…

_ / _ E _
_ _ _ _ _ E S

CDMA and H give them besides the obvious vowel…

A / _ E _
C H _ _ C E S

…they blow the second word w/ NEW, when they literally had A FEW CHOICES in mind, so they don’t win…





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