WoF Recap: April 15, 2015


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

G _ _ E N _ I _ H
_ _ _ L _ G E

Diana locates GREENWICH VILLAGE. In order, here are…

Diana Selwyn: Karen Wagner HS Spanish teacher and softball right fielder from San Antonio 
Sean Farrell: flight attendant for 23 yrs. from Costa Mesa, CA  
Kim Wagner: retail manager and wine collector who was prev. a entertainment host on a cruise ship from Portland, OR

$2K Tossup: PHRASE

P A Y _ N G
_ _ V I _ _ N D S


Round 1: WAYD?

He calls the obvious first (two G’s for the WC, three I’s, and four $800 N’s), but then buys a bad vowel in O. Second, Kim FPs four A’s, picks up a $5K pair of L’s, and captures the 1/2 CAR near pink $900 w/ three T’s. After she then buys three E’s to clean out the vowels…

E A T I N G / A T
A N / A L L – N I G _ T
_ I N E _

…she’s won her first $6,250 towards EATING AT AN ALL-NIGHT DINER.

SOLE DUD: O (Sean)

Diana: $1K/Sean: $2K WC/Kim: $6,250 1/2 CAR


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

The early leader’s first pick of T is no good. Second, Diana FPs two E’s, finds a TD R, but then buys A for awful. Third, Sean tacks on a $700 L, two O’s, the SL bonus of three $550 C’s, and a U to finish off the vowels. He follows w/ a $650 B, an $800 M, and three D’s for the other 1/2 CAR before looking at…

C R O _ D E D
C O M E D _

…I’ve visited a CROWDED COMEDY CLUB on my most recent cruise, and this guy’s got it for another $5,800.

DUDS: T (Kim), A (Diana)

Diana: $1K/Sean: $7,800 WC 1/2 CAR/Kim: $6,250 1/2 CAR


PP/Express Round: THINGS 

Diana gets that MDW right away w/ two R’s, but then says S for sorry. Down Sean’s path second are a TD T, four A’s, a $900 L, two E’s, three N’s for the new york.BUZZ gift tag, a $600 D, and the remaining good vowels of I and two O’s. Now, the board…

R O _ A N _ E / A N D
R E L A _ A T I O N

…but he decides to spin again…and he shouldn’t have — he’s BANKRUPTed near $650 to give up $6,500 and his cardboard pieces. Afterwards, Kim will enjoy some ROMANCE AND RELAXATION on her trip to the Coconut Bay Resort & Spa in ST. LUCIA worth $7,545. 

SOLE DUD: S (Diana)

Diana: $1K/Sean: $7,800/Kim: $13,795 cash & St. Lucia



P _ T _ I _ I A
_ _ Q _ _ _ _ E

She’s one of the stars on the new hit drama “CSI: CYBER”, and Kim knows that’s PATRICIA ARQUETTE.

Round 4: FOOD & DRINK

She instantly strikes out like in the second round, this time w/ the N. Second for Diana are two FP E’s, two TD R’s, but the A lets her down again. Following Sean’s $1,200 pair of S’s, it’s S-U time…

S _ _ R _ _ _ _ _
_ R E _ _ E _ S

…w/ a $1,500 FS. He then puts up the G…

S _ _ R _ _ _ G _
_ R E _ _ E _ S

…and eats up some SOURDOUGH PRETZELS for $2,700.

DUDS (before FS): N (Kim), A (Diana)

Diana: $1K/Sean: $10,500/Kim: $16,795 cash & St. Lucia 

GT: $28,295
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding Sean’s extras): $6,500


$100K Bonus Round
Kim spins her way to the R.

Category: THING
This is also the title of a song by Lady GaGa…

_ _ _ E R
_ _ _ E

GMDI is no good at all, and she’s NOT even close w/ PAPER CAKE, PAPER PLATE and PAPER DATE. She doesn’t have a good POKER FACE to win $32K; not very well played by her (and she’s the featured blogger of the week).

$5K SPIN ID: EF0881898



3 thoughts on “WoF Recap: April 15, 2015

  1. Antwan Rice-McKinley April 16, 2015 / 3:11 am

    Very disappointing show. No car win plus no extra letters in BR and a BR loss really bought down my ratings.

    My rating: 3 (had she called and F and a P, she would had got it) (folks it happens once in a while, we get a BR loss and I hate to see it. What you gonna do)


  2. JP Mackey April 16, 2015 / 4:11 am

    Whoa! Antwan! Is that a challenge right there?! LOL.

    Anyway, this was a pretty “average” show. Nothing too special. My rating is a high 5. If only Sean didn't spin again… (Kim's the featured blogger? Maybe because of her enthusiasm. It should've been Katie, IMO.)


  3. yohan sur April 16, 2015 / 11:17 am

    nothing too special,IMO.
    and champ winning $30K+ streak is over, 1/2 car streaks ended.
    (so far, 37 straight episode wasn't $40K+ BR won.)
    ep.rating : 6


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