WoF Recap: March 30, 2015

“Spring Break” is back for another go-round this season, but there aren’t any College Week students competing at all for the second time in three seasons — sorry, Wheel fans.


$1K Tossup: LANDMARK

O _ _
_ A _ _ H F _ L

Amanda solves OLD FAITHFUL, and here’s the opening panel…

Amanda Tracy: Willis D. Shaw ES 2nd Grade teacher from Fayetteville, AR
Kelly Hackney: from Lincoln, CA
John Meagher: seeking Bachelor’s in culinary school and was in the A.F. for abouteight yrs. from Tucson, AZ

$2K Tossup: EVENT

_ E _ _ _ – _ _ – H _ A _ T
T _ L _

John doesn’t need any HEART-TO-HEART TALK, because he’s won the right to spin first.

FEATURED PRIZE (sponsored by “Interstellar”, now available on Blu-Ray/DVD): $6,040 in cash (really?! what’s with that oddball figure?)
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: Maui Jim
1/2 CAR: Versa Note

Round 1: THINGS

Here he goes w/ an N for the WC, a $900 D, four A’s, but then the first dud of the week in S. Second, Amanda FPs a dud in E, but then BANKRUPTs near TD. Third, Kelly calls up two R’s for $1,800, buys the last vowel of I to clean out the vowels already, but can’t pick up the 1/2 CAR near the pink $900 w/ a T. John then lights up a $1,300 M pairing, and a FP C…

M A R C _
A _ R I _
A N D / M A _

…this should’ve been under Events or Proper Names, but he gets MARCH, APRIL AND MAY for $2,950.

DUDS: S (John), E (Amanda), T (Kelly)

Kelly: $0/John: $4,950 WC/Amanda: $1K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Amanda quickly gets both 1/2 CARs w/ an R and three N’s, respectively (she picked up the one near the pink $900 first), buys two E’s, and lights up an $800 M before the sole dud vowel of I stops her. Second, Kelly discovers that this puzzle doesn’t have any S’s either. Third, John wastes a spin w/ the other normal BANKRUPT. Amanda then picks off a TD T and buys the rest of the good vowels…

M E / T A R _ A N
_ O U
_ A N E
_ O N _ A

…she says “ME TARZAN, YOU JANE FONDA” for a total of $20,025 cash & Versa!

DUDS: I (Amanda), S (Kelly)

Kelly: NOTHING/John: $4,950 WC/Amanda: $21,025 cash & Versa 


PP/Express Round: PLACE

Kelly opens up w/ three S’s for the Maui Jim gift tag, and buys the I, triple A’s and two E’s to wipe out the vowels already. She follows w/ a FP B, a TD C, a $550 H, but then a possibly fatal dud in R to likely cost her $6,300 cash & shades. John next spots a $1,500 trio of L’s but then gives it right back along w/ the WC to his second BANKRUPT courtesy of the one near TD. After Amanda’s non-existing N, Kelly FPs the F and lights up a $500 M…

A / S I M _ L _
F L A W L E S S / B E A C H

…she’s won $7,300 cash & shades plus a visit to A SIMPLY FLAWLESS BEACH at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in MAUI.

DUDS: R (Kelly), N (Amanda)

Kelly: $13,574 cash & prizes/John: $4,950/Amanda: $21,025 cash & Versa  


$3K Tossup: PHRASE

T _ _ / _ _ _ L _
N I N E / _ _ _ D S



Next from her mouth are three $500 N’s, three A’s, but then a baddie of E. John secondly strikes out w/ G. Third for Amanda are a $900 D, a $700 R, but then another bad purchase of I. Down Kelly’s path next are two $500 S’s, two $900 C’s, and four O’s…

_ A _ O O N S
A N D / R A C C O O N S

…she catches these BABOONS AND RACOONS for another $3,550.

DUDS: E (Kelly), G (John), I (Amanda)

Kelly: $20,124 cash & prizes/John: $4,950/Amanda: $21,025 cash & Versa


Speed-Up Round: WAYD?

This will determine whether either lady will be moving on, because the FS is set at $1,800. As soon as the twin W’s show their faces…

_ _ W _ N G / T _ _
_ _ W N

Amanda seals the deal w/ MOWING THE LAWN.


Kelly: $20,124 cash & prizes/John: $4,950/Amanda: $26,425 cash & Versa

GT: $51,499
BANKRUPT TRASH: $1,500 and the WC


$100K Bonus Round
Amanda’s potential second car could come in the form of a convertible — a ’15 Volkswagen EOS to be exact. Her envelope’s the *** one.

Category: PHRASE
This RSTLNE setup isn’t gonna help much…

_ _ _ _ / _ N
T _ E / _ _ _ _

HCGO doesn’t do any better…

_ _ _ _ / _ N
T H E / _ _ C _

…at least one of her friends will JUMP IN THE BACK of her new car, but she’s stumped on the first word and the $32K streak stays intact. 

$5K SPIN ID: SS1623121



One thought on “WoF Recap: March 30, 2015

  1. JP Mackey March 31, 2015 / 3:43 pm

    Nice start to hopefully a nice week! As for the cash bonus…that's VERY odd. Why add $40?


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